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  1. Just wanted to start out saying that I have never posted on here before but I really respect this site and have read it many times in the past to get me through or help me feel better. I am 24 years old and have been dealing with terrible anxiety for the last 3 years. It hit me at a point in my life that everyone says will be the best years you have.... think not. When i was 21 I went through a few traumatic situations all at once including my sister going to prison, my boyfriend at the time knee deep in drug addiction, and a miscarriage to tip the boat. I broke, started suffering from panic attacks and anxiety that turned my once sunny happy life into misery. I was started on Zoloft shortly after that and it changed my world, made me back to the person i used to be and gave me hope that this was a one time occurrence and wouldnt afflict me ever again. Fast forward to today, the last year has been hellish at times. Im not on the Zoloft anymore because i wanted to go the more alternative way with exercise diet and St. John's wort. Dealing with someone elses drug addiction has given me a really negative taste in my mouth about medications, its something im working on. The anxiety seems to have been coming in waves, very often tho. About every 3 months it hits and it hits hard. The last 2 weeks have been a hell that i cannot describe, im sure most of you know what i mean. Not only did the anxiety hit hard, but a feeling of depression that I have never felt accompanied with it before. Ive cried almost everyday, its unbearable. My appetite is starting to change for the worse. No interest in food. I wake up at the crack of dawn feeling like my nerves are already shot for the day. The thought of dragging myself to school everyday has been torture. ( Im in nursing school). Ive been trying to talk with my mom a lot, spend time with friends. I know im not alone, but feeling this low is absolutely something I never imagined. I cant say it enough, its unbearable. My mind will not shut off from telling me this is never going to get better. ( I think thats the anxiety speaking) Ive been trying hard to shake this with exercise breathing techniques and positive thinking with no results. Im going to see my Pdoc tomorrow thank god and hopefully he can get me back on something that will lift this. If anyone could offer me some advice, or even just a kind word it would be greatly appreciated. I need hope that this will get better... ps, i was switched to prozac (fluoxetine) for a short time and absolutley hated it. I have ativan that i can use but like i mentioned above, i try to stay away from meds like that.
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