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  1. That reminds me. There was a study on sighs. (when aren't there studies on anything) Apparently most people interpret a person sighing as depressed. When more commonly the person sighing is not sad--- but instead frustrated. Half the time people don't realize when they sigh either. It resets the lungs into a normal breathing pattern. ...Misinterpretation sucks. D:
  2. If you enjoy reading, There are books you can get on how to socialize with others better. (Though I don't know if they work or not) Some of them seem to have some pretty good tips! The change in moods and inactive lifestyle are completely relate-able, for me at least. (I find I do feel loads better when I've got a workout routine going. ...Keeping it going is the hard part.) Best wishes and good luck with your goals.
  3. I used to get picked on a lot too (I tried changing schools, but then it started happening again, so I dropped out) Personal pasts aside; Fear of rejection is perfectly logical. Because we're a social species, in our ancestors pasts, being alone or rejected would often mean we would not survive long. (So it seems like we're setting ourselves up, once we start isolating ourselves, I guess.) If people eventually overcome arachnophobia, or other phobias, one would think we would get over our anxieties of not fitting in. Anyway, 'good to see you (in a manner of speaking).
  4. So talk to me. What are your hobbies? If you don't have any of those tell me what interests you. If you hate everything, tell me what you do all the time. If you do nothing... tell me what you want to do OTHER than nothing. I actually wrote up a bunch of intros. But I deleted those and didn't submit them. So this will have to be the last time/submission/charm. I'm not sure *** I'm doing here, or what I'm doing with my life. But in the mean time, I should probably try and connect with others. In a more productive way than complaining that I've sat in bed all day, starved myself, and harassed google 24/7 on the nature of various poisons. My hobbies are video games mostly. I love stories. And violence. So I watch a lot of cartoons from the 90's. Those were the best, seeing as how I grew up on them. (So cheesy, violent, and dramatic. Not as violent as the 80's 'toons could be though! Now days you only get the drama. Which doesn't have the same impact with out the consequence of violence.) Recently I've tried to pick up costume making. So I can cosplay some of the characters I adore so much. Which means cross dressing a lot but it doesn't really matter that much. But it can be difficult to keep up with doing anything I enjoy when the motivation runs out. What kind of foods do you like? I'm about 100lbs. When I'm not starving myself, I love eating fruits, anything sweet. I also have a taste for the spicy flavors. (I love just chewing up cinnamon sticks) I hear hemlock and antifreeze are both poisons that tastes sweet, but the problem with those would be the time spent feeling ill. ... And on an unrelated note Watermelon is like natures Viagra. And Broccoli helps boost testosterone. I was working out for a while, and eating really healthy, and regularly. But now I'm back in my rut. I'm a dropout by the way. Also don't have much in the line of family or friends. No job. Just plenty of time to ****. Which I kind of want to end, this month, this November. I'm still considering 'the way' though. One last thing; I don't do drugs. I do drink some times though. My muscles tend to ache from the catabolic behavior of not eating ...and pushing my body to do things from time to time. It makes it all that much more harder to put on a fake smile in public and pretend everything is fine. So I drink to help myself limber up now and then. The way I see it, it's just like popping an Advil--- cowboy style. Besides. People already pegged me as the drinking type before I ever started drinking. Racial stigmas and all. I guess I'm only helping to enforce that stigma by not presuming my education. But meh. I say; Give the Eskimo/Inuit/Yup--Whatever population a few hundred years more or so and we should be all cleared out. Lol, Considering the statistics.
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