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  1. P.S. All that stuff said up above about eating enough calories, eating raw veggies and fruits verses oreos, the B12 and vitamin D3 are all good tips! I have been vegan for three years and it's important to surround yourself with helpful advice and routines. I weight 150 lbs and I aim to consume about 3,000 calories a day. I eat less healthy ow than I used two a year ago so I have actually gained weight. I've been eating more microwaveable foods, breads and pastas, white sugars and flours, fake meats, etc... gained me a good 15 lbs just because of eating those kinds of foods. When I weighed below 140lbs it was because I was eating mostly raw and mostly fruitarian. When I cooked food it was for veggie soups, and oven-baked potatoes and only in the evening!! The bigger parts of the day I ate lots of fruit, and mostly bananas bc they were cheaper and contained the most calories(100cals per each banana get it!) The sugars and carbs I took in from all the fruits kept me from EVER craving salty or sugary things. I was a big chocolate and caffeine consumer before I was vegan but once I started eating all those fruits I never even wanted that stuff! It was like magic I swear! ANYWAYS what I am getting at is that the way you choose to manage your diet, even if you are vegan is important if you want to feel GOOD. Like I said I am up to 150lbs now and that's after a year+ of not eating as healthy as I was before. I still don't weigh the whopping 165+ I used to be before going vegan, but if I added some exercise and ate less processed foods again I could drop back down to 135 easy, plus my mood ad energy would be better. I will tell ya, when you normally eat healthy, your body reacts pretty fast to things that aren't so good for you. Simplifying my diet was the best way for me to figure out what foods made me tired, sad, or moody... OKAY I AM GOING TO SHUT UP NOW. I hope this rant helped someone maybe even just a little.
  2. I'm a big believer in what we eat every day affects our moods, energies, hormonal balances, etc... Not only does eating healthy give you good vibes, but regular physical activity also helps release the good juices your body needs to thrive. Sitting around for too long is no good for our physical or mental health! Healthy diets and exercise not only replenish our bodies but it also uplifts our confidence and happiness. Having a bad day? That's okay just go for a run. It's not gonna fix your problems but it will help rejuvenate your energies to deal with the storm ahead! So I say Eat Happy, Move your Butt, and do not let worries consume you. Life will always be ever changing and is made up of ever-fleeting moments. It's what you take from those moments that make you who you are, so take the strength and knowledge to grow, leave behind the regrets and guilt... better yourself everyday, and little steps count!
  3. I have got to take it easy all week and try to get through this flu that I caught from the boyfriend! Bawh! He had it for about 4-5 days and I was taking care of him the whole time... felt fine and thought I wasn't going to catch the thing... until lastnight it settled in and woke me with cold chills so bad I couldn't sleep until I took some flu medicine. All day today has been a sick day... been resting, watching tv, drinking hot teas, and eating lentils soup! Yum! I hope to get better by this weekend...
  4. Good luck on the finals!! And what kinda short story are you working on? --->loves to read.
  5. My goal today was to get the grocery shopping done for the week and to get gas for my car... I managed to get everything, but I still couldn't avoid the anxiety. Bawh! Plus it doesn't help that nobody knows how to drive around here, lol... I was nearly in an accident twice and IT WASN'T MY FAULT- it was literally people not paying attention... and this is why I hate driving in town. You'd think that people would be less reckless IN TOWN just because there is more traffic! I know I am... Anyways... time for me to get some research done and then time to start dinner... NOT looking forward to shopping next week.
  6. Welcome Lano, Not sure if this helps at all, because I am totally DUMB when it comes to the medications and such... but I like that you are taking the fish oil, and I hope that your GP is leading you in the right direction-make sure to do your research about the bipolar thing because depression and bipolarism are two different things, with different medications (like I've heard cases where someone was taking meds for depression and they just couldn't get better! They kept trying different meds until someone said they could be bipolar, and when they started the bipolar meds it helped them a lot more! But I also think it could work the other way around too so be careful!) ... in my case I am trying an approach of natural healing- I'm basically working to stay on a healthy diet(of which I do lots of research on what's healthy for the body to consume), physical exercise (getting outside into the sun and the wild is so therapeutic for me), taking my vitamins, and then forcing myself to do things I normally enjoy even though my "dark mood" has taken over. Like with you, if that black dog is making it hard for you to want to go on that hike- do it anyway!! It's kinda like that idea that if you smile even when you aren't happy your mood will lift anyway! You seem like you have a lot of activities in your day and I think that's good. If work or the home is getting to be too overwhelming then that's where daily meditation comes in for a good dose of mental and emotional reinforcement. Any time you get a bad thought towards yourself or your past, etc... replace it with a good thought, like acknowledgment for something you're good at, or a happy memory. I am sorry that you've struggled with the black dog for so long- I myself have suffered since the age of 14 and I am now 25. I am in a pleasant place now, without any real hardships in my life, but issues from my past just don't want to leave me alone I guess and so even though I have a "happy life", that darkness is still just right there on my shoulders. I guess it's just a part of us, but that doesn't mean it IS us... Don't let it get you feeling so low as to take your own life! I love the saying that taysmom mentioned, "think of those you would die for, and LIVE for them." Not only that but you've had this struggle for so long you only owe it to yourself to live for YOU. Good luck Lano, and if you find something that works could you let us know? Thanks! Tatta for now!
  7. Hey there Hades- I agree with everything Lauryn said, and also want to add that maybe the psychiatrist or detox programs can help you figure out how to take all that energy/happiness you have towards a relationship and actually figure out how to focus it on something else that might be more beneficial... I know exactly how you feel when you say you are only happy when in a relationship because that is how I often feel too, except what happens when you only focus all your attentions and worries and thoughts on one person, it takes away from who YOU are and you don't allow yourself to grow. You end up losing personality and your strength of individuality. How is someone going to like you or I for who we are when we haven't even worked on ourselves, discovered what makes us who we are, or put ourselves into a cause that represents who we are? Do you even know who you are yet? This is what I myself am focusing on this year because I've had to ask myself the same questions. I do have a lot of passion and heart towards my significant other and what we have, but the thing is I've also gotta be my own person, who can take care of herself if need be, and I've got to put some of these passions and energies into something for ME, else I'll become some boring drone, ya know?? ANYHOOOOZ... GOOOD LUCK friend, because you need it, and I know just me saying this isn't really going to help, but hopefully it can give you some inspiration or courage to look at yourself and who you are now... who you want to be and what you want to accomplish... find yourself a group or a proffessional who can help you too, because they can probably make it all a lot easier. Take care, and welcome to the forum! - - ri - -
  8. Welcome Jackie! You know I kinda feel like you a lot. I have a few people that I hold a constant relationship with, like my bf of 2+ years, my two best friends FROM HIGH SCHOOL, and my mum... but other than THEM, I have a lot of "friends" who are more-so aquaintences because sure, we might talk on facebook, but when we see each other in public it's always an awkward sort of thing... OR I've had MANY fleeting friendships... like where you'll talk a LOT to someone for about a week, or even a month, but then they're always just too busy with other friends or their lives, etc... I am also one of those people. Okay, so some days I'm just more sociable than others, and so I'll stir up old friendships or make new friends, but to be honest we never fully hold a constant friendly bond. I am also a person who likes her alone time- not always the most social gal, though because of this I also can get lonely. SO MAYBE you're just befriending people who are kinda like you? Maybe they also like to cocoon themselves at home, or they might be people who constantly need the acceptances of new people- like they crave change? Anyways, I doubt the problem is just you, if that's what you're thinking. I've often thought myself to be a bad friend too, because later I'll think of questions I should have asked them, or I feel guilty because I don't ever call them but then expect them to call me... I've always been a good listener, but never very good with asking them the questions, though I think that's kind of part of being shy, no? Since being with my boyfriend he has literally TAUGHT me how to better TALK to people... lol... But even that's funny because he's the social bird and yet for some reason, he doesn't have very many friends- and the ones he has aren't very nice to him. I don't know why this happens to nice people. I'm kind of a negative person and yet I have more friendly bonds with people than he does... so again, like I said, it's probably not you- I just think everyone is wierd or crazy in their own ways, and some of that wierdness and craziness clashes just perfectly with someone else, while others are still looking for that perfect friendship... Just keep being the friendly lady that you are when you can, and be strong when you feel you have nobody because that's when you've gotta' be the best to yourself! Talk to ya laterrrr. - - ri - -
  9. Hey there Gamers- I also came here looking for a place... maybe somewhere I could talk about the internal struggles that never seem to go away. I wasn't sure that anyone here could "help" me, but then as I read through the forums I was able to discover a lot more people related to me than I thought! I'm 25 now, but I was a depressed kid from the age of about 14 and alllllll through high school! It was NOT just something I could easily "get over" and it was NOT "just a phase". It was a real, horrible thing, and it happened to ME. Even now I struggle with depression and anxiety- I call my depressive moments my "dark moods". I just want you to know it doesn't matter how "little" your problems may be compared to someone else, because it's something happening to YOU and YOU have to live with it. Do not be afraid or nervous about posting your concerns or issues or thoughts here because I guarantee there is someone who will be grateful to hear your side because maybe they can relate. And sometimes just listening to someone else and knowing there are others who have similar problems or thoughts, etc can help. Sorry if I sound confusing I'm up typing wayyyy past my bed time lol. Message me anytime if ya need someone to talk to about anything. Cheers and happy new year! - - ri - -
  10. My bf and I used to play the boardgame SEQUENCE almost every day for a year straight. We still love the game, and you can even play it with more than two players. Another boardgame I picked up that we enjoy is called STRATEGO- very fun!
  11. My boyfriend (should be my husband my now, lol), even though as of late I try to hide my bad days... if I ever bring it up he always says the right things to calm, inspire, or distract me from my "moods" or anxieties. No one else who knows me REALLY knows just how bad my anxiety and depression and self-hate can get... I always thought that finding someone like him, who has shown me nothing but devotion, kindness, protection and love and companionship would cure my depression... Unfortunately on that aspect I was wrong. HOWEVER, he has made it a heck of a LOT easier... despite being depressed I know I am not alone. He may not always be able to chase away these blues (and besides we're both still young and I only just heard of these things called "triggers" that I think if I look into I can find a way for us both to help manage the causes of the moods) but even if he can't keep them away from me every hour of every day, he is a shoulder I can cry on later, and each day he guides me to being the independant, beautiful, artistic and creative, inspirational woman that I can be... I am so lucky to have him by my side. (Though he'd say it's the opposite way around!)
  12. Hey there aloneandunhappy, I'm sorry you were having such a horrible time for the holidays. I don't know what your current situation is or anything, but no one should ever feel THAT alone. I'm guessing you probably felt even more alone because it was a holiday? Though really, each day is just the same as the other... it's what we all make of it ourselves. In my case I am lucky to have people that want to be with me on the holidays, despite my oddities. =P My main focus for thanksgiving and christmas alike, is the idea of family and togetherness. My biggest fear has always been loneliness, and it is a constant struggle, so I feel for you and what you went through this holiday. I am so sorry you felt as if there was no where for you to go, no one to come see you, and no one for you to go see... Maybe this next year you can work on making some friends, change up some habits, etc... I have lost and been missing some dear friends to me this year, which zapped a lot of my "holiday spirit" away, but I was just lucky enough to have people to pull along this steep rocky climb. And so in spirit I'm reaching out a hand to you as well... Feel free to message me on here any time. And if ever again you feel so lonely you could just curl up in bed and cry- DON'T... instead, maybe take that time you have to yourself and use it to learn a new hobby, or seek out inspiration...create something beautiful or work on a project that could help others... etc... I hope New Years is better for you. I don't think I'll be doing much to celebrate but I AM going to make a list of new year resolutions for 2014. I think a lot of my focus is going to have to be on ME, because I've been so "lost" these last few months I don't know what I'm doing or what I want from life... so I gotta sit down and really think about the person I want to be. Good luck to you and like I said message me anytime. - - riah - -
  13. This Christmas I was missing a few faces, but I had them all with me in spirit. This Christmas has been harder for me to enjoy, but I made special effort to make it ahppen, because I always used to LOVE it... had to keep it special for those I am missing. And for me it's still a time to make memories with the loves who are still in my life. The sun was shining bright today, and my mum actually prepared me a couple of vegetarian dishes for dinner, so it was nice not having to be stuck eating oranges all day haha... I got to see my 3-yr-old nephew happily open up his gifts with the excitement I remember having as a child too. Overall it's been a very NICE DAY for me... how was it for everyone else? What did you guys do this holiday? Anything special or was it just a day? Cheers.
  14. Firstly, Your pic wasn't bad- first things I noticed were: the sideways smile, your eye brows, and your eyes... haha, don't think I'm creepy or wierd (though I am) but you have really NICE eyebrows. And like many before me said, LOTS of guys go around with their hair shaved off, and many for a completely bald look (which personally creeps ME out, but that's only MY opinion) but the way you have yours is nice. Beards can be okay too but I always like seeing a guys chin too, not that anyone here really cares. Secondly, many people are ugly jerks. That's just what you're gonna' get in a world ever-growing in population. I'm sure he only made himself look bad- showes his immaturity and lack of respect for his fellow man. I'm sorry you're having hard times at work- some companies just don't treat their employees right. Escapism... oh yeah, gotta LOVE IT... it's all I do everyday! Yay! (cause I'm an anti-social) I've been playing Heroes of Might and Magic for hourssss at a time for the past three days haha. I haven't played WoW yet though... I like Skyrim too. OR I will watch hours of k-dramas all day, orrrrr animes, orrrr I do more productive things, like polishing my wooden cabinets... heh-heh... I also agree with somethin said above, that you could go out to more "public" or "social" routes of your hobbies. Like libraries... or conventions... a bar will most-likely just get you a party-girl... uuuhhhh... maybe find yourself a different job... if you're not already in school you could try to find yourself a class to join focused on a hobby of yours, like the drawing of cartoons- maybe a cute chika would be taking the class too! It's really good that you work out at the gym- keep at it! Exercise is just good for ya! ANYHOOOZ... you were right not to just sleep with that girl because she happened to come along first. Trust me when I say this- the best ones are WORTH THE WAIT. TRUST ME. And if you're really looking for something to be lasting then you gotta make sure to work on yourself too- like, make sure you know who you are. Don't play a part you are not. Just be yourself, but be nice haha... I don't know if any of this was any help to you at all, but we're here whenever you need a good chat! Oh and no worries, I have a guy friend who hasn't had a gf in like... uhhh... 3+ years, and not really by choice- he just kinda has your issue where all the girls he meets are like, into partying and that's it- nothing serious, and that's what HE wants... so he's just waiting and working until that perfect gal comes along I guess!! I hope he gets a good one, as I know you will but you gotta' be patient and don't get down on yourself.
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