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  1. In Australia you can get 3B cream which is pretty good. My husband runs marathons and also swears by Vaseline.
  2. Dear usernameDK, Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear of your predicament. You are in a hard place. I too have a daughter who has had depression, but always wanted to take her meds. Life still isn't easy but I cannot imagine the angst you are feeling. On the other side, I am a teacher and your daughter is an adult who is responsible for herself, even if she doesn't appear to be. As a mother, you are responsible for the mental and physical well being of you and your youngest. As tough as it must be ( and I don't pretend to understand), I think you have every right to give your daughter an ultimatum of sorts. You cannot look after yourself and your son and I think that should be your current priority. I knew a lady whose middle son was using drugs, not taking his meds and intimidating his ynger sister to the point that friends wouldn't come over. She gave him an ultimatum, kicked him out and changed the locks. He was younger than your daughter. She wasn't happy, but had to think of the safety of her, her husband and her youngest daughter. At one point he was squatting, and she hadn't heard from him. Our kids have grown up and I don't see her anymore to know how it progressed, but she was not in a hurry to have him back unless HE sought help. She was pushed to the brink, and took action. I don't know how close you are to the edge, but I wish you luck in whatever you do. Your daughter may come around, she may not, but ultimately it is her choice and her life. Keep us posted and look after yourself Stressed mum xx
  3. Thanks for sharing about your wedding. My husband and I celebrate our first date, as it is the most important date to both of us. The wedding was nice to share with others. It is funny how we all love and celebrate different moments in our lives. I am going along, trying not to worry about my young adult daughter. She is a great kid, just on her own path, and I still find it hard to not see her as my little girl, but a grown up who is quite capable of living her life and learning from it. We get on quite well and for that I am extremely grateful. It hasn't always been so. Am busy planning a holiday to New Zealand later this year with my hubby, so that is exciting. My good news story, is for those who suffer with anxiety. I was browsing Facebook, and apparently there is an app( I think it is free, but I am not sure). It is about anxiety. It uses the camera on your phone and measures your breathing, I think, and then y use the app to try and calm your breathing down. While not a substitute for a good therapist, what a helpful tool. It may have been an apple app. It is attached to the website - Reach out Asustralia.com Technology is not my strong point. Hope that helps someone. Take care all Lesley
  4. Dear Curtis, . So sorry for your loss. We lost our old cat a whilst ago and it broke my heart. I am glad she didn't suffer. Time will eventually let you remember the good times you had with her. Sending you all my thoughts at this most difficult of times lots of love Lesley (stressedmum)
  5. This is all great advice. It is so hard to know where to turn to or even what to do. I think it can be hard for parents. We are often told that teenagers all go through this dark place and rebellion etc. while some do, others have different reasons for their actions. As an educator, we need to be on the alert for the signs y have posted, and take the initiative in talking to the child or the parent. Sometimes it is easier for an outsider to see things. Finally, I would also like to say that these observations are very valuable, but please be aware, that there are kids who never show anything, don't let their grades drop and slowly descend into the void. Please look out for them as well. Sometimes being an adult and listening may be enough to hear what they are not saying. Stressedmum
  6. Evening All, Things that made me happy today: Listening to my daughter play the piano. I never get tired of it. Listening to a parent say how happy she was that her little one had made some progress. Her joy gave us all goosebumps. Knowing that you are in the right job and it gives you much joy and pleasure ( most of the time). I love when children come and give you random hugs, or that special smile that says 'thank you' . Sending positive thoughts to you all Stressedmum x
  7. I am glad that you are able to talk to us and express your feelings. I can't imagine what you are feeling right now. It must be so scary for you all. Let's hope they keep your daughter as an in patient until they can settle her and get her mess right. I hope that you and your daughter are able to start on the long slow road to recovery. Sending you hugs. Stressedmum
  8. I think that you may be best served by talking to your college counsellor. As hard as it may be, you need to tell them your history and issues with your mother now. They may be able to provide y with emergency accomodation, or suggest another option for you. Are you on therapy or on medication? If you are, perhaps talking to your therapists may give you some other ideas. I am not sure how family therapy would work, but maybe that is an option. At the moment, it sounds like you need to look after you. I am so sorry that your mother is treating you this way. take care. Stressedmum xx
  9. Hey, As tough as this is, you need to keep advocating for yourself. You are not your brother, and your depression can't and shouldn't be compared with anyone else. I feel that you are right on wanting to see a Psychiatrist and get a diagnosis. I hope that you are able to continue therapy. I hope that yr parents come around and try to help you more. If you can't get to therapy, try looking I mindfulness exercises on Google. That may give y some relief. Best wishes and sending you hugs. Stressedmum
  10. Hi freckledface, I think you are doing a great job with your son. You are there for him; listening, supporting, researching., offering professional help for him. It is hard when you feel helpless and can' see the progress that they are making. The fact that your son felt able to speak to you about these issues, and is willing to go back to his Dr, is a great step. I feel you may have to ask does he want to see his therapist, and if he says no, you may have to wear that decision until he decides it is right for him. It is hard being 15, without having these other issues. My daughter was originally diagnosed with severe depression at 15 1/2, so I know how you feel.(My story is elsewhere in this forum) Sending you plenty of hugs and a virtual box of Kleenex, because I know that I needed them both. stressedmum xx
  11. Hi Ruth 4K, I, too am sorry that your parents do not understand depression. If hat is the case, then there is the real possibility that they will never understand your illness. You will just have to try and find support elsewhere. Here is a great forum. People are really friendly and everyone has a story. You are coping the best you can at the moment, and you have an incredibly busy life. Keep the lines of communication open with your therapist, keep taking your mess, and I hope that you start to feel better soon. Sending you hugs Stressedmum
  12. Hey Wrenn, You might as well see about the job. Things tend to happen for s reason, so this job may have come up for a reason. If it is not the job for you, then at least it might give you an idea about what you want to do. I so get how you feel about your dog. Over the years, I have had many pets, and wouldn't have left them for the world. They are always there for you. Best wishes on the job. Stressedmum x
  13. Autumn here is lovely. Cool, but not cold. Night gets down to about 57 degrees and days about 75 degrees. We are 3 hrs North of Sydney. We have had a reasonably wet summer, so grass is still green. We don't get snow where we are, too far north and near the coast. Congrats on your daughter graduating. A very exciting time for you all. Stressedmum
  14. Hi All Haven't been on in a while, but am always hoping you are having a good day. It is the small things that make me happy I have decided. My hubby an daughter gave me a family photo shoot for my birthday. I don't care what the pictures turn out . I t was so much fun spending time with them and being outdoors in the autumn weather. Hoping this finds you all in a positive place, or at least keeping your heads above water. stressedmum
  15. Thank you both. I am working on it, and seem to be coping a little better. I let her come to me when she wants to talk. Whatever happens, happens. Life doesn't always go the way we would like, but is always gives us what we need. hugs to you both. stressedmum
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