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  1. i havent cried in many years..i can get angry but thats usually the result of too much caffeine..i never feel sad really, just blank..going to funerals is awkward as i have to put on an act of sorts.
  2. same here, ive felt this way for too many years..medication, exercise, therapy hasnt helped so i dunno what next step is.. socializing is very tiring to me..not only do i not have much to say but i hate small talk..i have recently gotten back in touch with 2 old friends but its pointless as i dont enjoy talking to them or doing much with them..
  3. garbage time, dont want your money
  4. some euphoric drugs can eliminate anhedonia for a few hours but then it comes back, sometimes worse than it was before..welbutrin felt like it was going to work but just made me anxious
  5. there are those that are anhedonic without depression symptoms though..not everyone with anhedonia is depressed.. the USA doesnt have meds to treat anhedonia either..they will likely give you welbutrin which is only mildly effective at best..
  6. honestly adderal at first improved my anhedonia but only for a short while..maybe the first few weeks but then i just started to feel even more anhedonic on it, even less energy and more anxious.. welbutrin kicked in immediately and i noticed an increased interest in life but it only lasted a few days, maybe a week and during this time my anxiety got much worse.. ive had no luck with supplements..waste of money when it comes to anhedonia... the only drugs that have helped anhedonia for me are Ghb but its only 1-2 hours of relief. you are at 1 year, just wait until the years pile on each other and u still havent found a cure..thats when the true test comes..
  7. ehh i highly doubt anhedonia has much to do with GABA levels..tbh, most medications i have taken that raised gaba levels(gabapentin, alcohol, benzos) actually worsened my anhedonia..
  8. your doctor is an *****, plain and simple..all he thinks that matters is if you can go to work and eat and talk?he actually got a medican degree somewhere?there is so much more to life than just work and eat...like you said, feeling alive, empathetic, joyful, enthusiastic and energetic are so much more important than those other things.. one cannot just accept anhedonia, like you said, it strips away all self identity and meaning..i dont have negative emotions either, i guess thats what keeps me from suicidal urges..damn though, another memorial day without any joy, surrounded by people and they enjoyed it but i just put on an act..
  9. im not suicidal in any way, this is basically how i separate anhedonia from depression..friends recommend some ideas to 'raise my spirits' but its not about boosting my mood as im not sad or depressed, im blank..i dont feel anything, good nor bad, im flat..its impossible to describe to normals or even doctors..to someone that has never been there..im not stressed out.. you would think prolonged anhedonia would drive most to suicide but in my case, im no more likely to **** myself now than i was at age 10..it baffles me how someone can have something minor happen to them, yet jump off a bridge yet someone that suffers from anhedonia for many years doesnt..
  10. 'meh' sums it up pretty well..a complete indifference as to what is going on around you..there is just nothing going on inside your head, no sadness or anticipation or joy, just feeling zombified..
  11. i rarely ********* and when i do not much pleasure from it..no fap i highly doubt has much to do with anhedonia..people are giving no fap credit for basically curing cancer it seems these days..
  12. i have both anticipatory and consummatory anhedonia..i dont anticipate anything and i dont feel reward from anything..the one thing welbutrin and other dopamine meds did was they allowed me to anctipate certain events but i still didnt enjoy anything..
  13. stimulants did seem to turn my brain on and make me feel alive..when im not on stims of any kind i just feel blank and not stimulated by anything..maybe after some extreme exercise i might feel a little more revved up but thats goe in a few hours.. therapy basically taught me on how to cope with the fallout of anhedonia, which is the depression side..try to turn negative thoughts into positive feelings..therapy did not help anhedonia at all, only illegal drugs have helped and to a much lesser degree, stims when i first tried them.. im still not sure its a dopamine only problem, the anhedonia..i believe it involves more systems and u have to find the perfect combo to get it right and zap our brais into being able to anticipate and enjoy life..
  14. these days i find it impossible to be obsessed with anything..you should be tthankful u have enough passion to be obsessed in the first place tbh..as for finding a cure for anhedonia, from everything i have read and experienced, i highly doubt i will be cured of it..
  15. same here, i can reach orgasm but i feel no anticipation or enjoyment from sex..im not currently on meds but have been on plenty in the past but i currently have little if any sex drive..i thought getting off meds would help but nope..there is no pleasure in my life and very little ambition..how can one be ambitious when there is no reward or pleasure from doing things? i cannot imagine maintaining a relationship when you have anhedonia..how do you do it?again the 'no pleasure' aspect i think would destroy a relationship faster than anything else..
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