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  1. Does anyone have any tips? I've been sleeping about 1-2 hours a night for the past week because of anxiety, and the anxiety seems to be wearing off but I still feel awful. I have a pounding headache, and I slept basically all day today so I'm worried I won't sleep well at night. I think I might be dehydrated still since I get nauseous when i don't sleep well and have a hard time eating and drinking water, and my joints hurt. Anyone have any tips for getting back on a normal schedule?
  2. I'm feeling okay, but am finding it very difficult not to beat myself up for not measuring up to some of the people around me. I'm having trouble accepting my own pace, I guess.
  3. I've been panicking about... uh... my weight and foreign affairs. An odd combination.
  4. Exhausted, scared, anxious. I feel like I can't think or breathe.
  5. Moving back in with my parents for a bit-- my mom and I are making pizza with roasted peppers, onions, artichokes, and olives, plus a salad with these AMAZING tomatoes she picked up at her farmer's market this morning.
  6. Breakfast was an everything bagel with cream cheese, lox, red onion, and capers. Also had some farmer's market raspberries and black coffee :)
  7. tw for brief eating disorder talk :) I don't think this belongs in the eating disorder forum because it more pertains to my depression, but mods, feel free to move as you see fit I used to get annoyed when people talked about treating depression with nutrition because it felt like they were dismissing the need for meds-- which is NOT my intent here; I am very, very grateful for my meds. I am, however, wondering if anyone can share personal experiences with changing their diet and seeing marked improvements in their depression/anxiety/anhedonia that they can differentiate from other treatment (meds, therapy, etc). I've always had some level of depressed thinking but I feel like the summer I crossed the line between "a little melancholy" and "depressed" was the summer I developed an eating disorder-- which I guess is sort of a chicken-and-egg scenario-- and have always wondered if the breaking the lingering bad habits is the last step I need to take to get the "old me" back. I feel like I remember being much more motivated and proactive, and the summer and few years in which I was anorexic, I just kind of felt like I was drifting through life, to a much higher extent than I do now. I've read a bit about how some nutrient deficiencies-- B vitamins in particular, but also protein because it helps with dopamine synthesis-- are supposed to affect mental health. I can definitely say that my panic attacks have almost disappeared since I started eating more, but even though I can no longer really call myself "eating disordered," I still don't have entirely healthy habits (for example, my dinner today was salted caramels and a cappuccino; I will often skip meals because I don't feel like cooking or don't have an appetite). I look at many of my friends who seem to enjoy their experiences and get more out of their opportunities than I do and it hurts knowing that I was once like that and haven't been in years. Will forcing myself to eat regularly and more healthily improve my depression, or is my lack of appetite just another symptom of a depression with a different root cause?
  8. Just hung out with the girl my ex dumped me for. She's great (doesn't know he had feelings for her), and I only did it because I thought I was over him, but now I feel about myself...
  9. Rigatoni pasta with a simple sauce of garlic, tomatoes, chili peppers, and arugula with romano cheese.
  10. Not quite up-to-speed, but better. A little more motivated, a little more focused.
  11. Penne pasta casserole with leftover roasted chicken, tomato sauce, peppers, onions, artichokes, olives, spinach, and lots of cheese.
  12. I'm making an effort to eat less junk food and more whole foods: lunch today was grilled ginger-scallion chicken, quinoa salad with shredded carrots, blueberries, and cilantro, and roasted potatoes with green beans, cherry tomatoes, and olives.
  13. Soooo tired, and kind of angry at myself for being tired, but nonetheless still sort of riding the high of a great weekend.
  14. Can't seem to keep the bad thoughts at bay recently.
  15. Trying really hard not to compare myself to others.
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