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  1. Happy Birthday I hope you have an Amazing day

  2. Going through a taper schedule from Paxil right now. Going very slowly over 5 weeks and switching to Prozac. I'm kind of mourning Paxil since we've been together for about 13 years, but it isn't working well anymore. Having mood swings, tearfulness, tiredness, head "buzzing" and eye swooshes. Hubbs is doing his best to cope, cleaning and such when I can't get out of bed. I hope Prozac is the answer.
  3. Hi everyone, I struggle with this also - but it took me a while to realize what I was doing. My co workers would always joke with me about how much I could eat in one sitting. It became kind of a hallmark. My husband would call me on it - but since I received such positive (or so it felt) remarks from others, I thought he was being shallow and superficial and cruel. He would say "You really going to eat all that??" And "You can't still be hungry!" I would get so angry and emotional at him, but I was getting bigger and bigger. Finally I started hiding food from him, and bingeing all day at work. Finally, after eating a brick of cream cheese in my car parked in my hiding spot, it hit me like a freight train. What on earth is happening to me??? I still struggle every day, but I guess it helps to actually realize whats happening to me & that I'm not alone.
  4. I realize that this is kind of an old thread - but how did you do? My Dr just switched me from paxil to Prozac, and put me on a 5 week taper schedule. It's day 2 and I'm down from 40 mg to 30 of the paxil, no Prozac until next week, and already I'm feeling the withdrawal! Only 2 days & 10mgs down & I totally feel dreamy and weird. I can't even begin to tell you about the crazy intense dreams I had last night. So I hope you did well & would love to hear how the experience was for you.
  5. I've been struggling with SDD for most of my life - since 8 or 9. Im having a terrible time right now - the worst I've had as an adult. It's nice to meet you. I hope we can inspire some peace for each other.
  6. I completely understand. Sent from my ADR6330VW using Tapatalk 2
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