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  1. Hi, I'm new to this Website and basically joined because I suffer from depression and have absolutely no support. On all of the Depression websites I always read how a support network is crucial to dealing with depression, but what do you do when you have no one? My parents don't understand and my dad especially makes things worse by constantly putting me down and regularly calling me a "stupid *****" or saying that I'm just being dramatic etc. Over the past year or so I've lost all of my friends because they didn't want to stick around for the bad times, I recently lost my best friend, she said she doesn't want to be friends anymore because I have too many problems. I don't have any other family other than my parents who I really don't get on with (long story). I also just got out of a very violent relationship wich has zapped my confidence. I think getting a dog would really help me because it would give me some companionship but I live with my parents (money issues) and my dad despises animals and doesn't exactly treat them with kindness, or anything even close. I'm trying to get back into therapy but there seems to be a mountain sized waiting list at the moment so I'm still waiting, and medication doesn't work for me, it just makes me a lot worse and also makes me incredibly sick. I don't have anyone to talk to, I just sit in my bedroom all day wishing I wasn't alone. I am at university but haven't made any friends because I don't drink alcohol which apparently means I'm not friend material, because of all of this I'm doing terrible in my course and failing 2nd year. I basically just needed to vent, but I would greatly appreciate some support or stories from people who have gotten through all of this alone.
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