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  1. Term limits! Yes! I totally agree Flasquish. And it's not even controversial. Something like 85% of America is for it. But those jerks are not gonna vote to limit their own power. The people will have to force it & I don't think America is prepared to do that. They are to busy watching the Kardashian's or Lindsey Lohan.
  2. I was just curious if there was an adult forum where we are allowed to say whatever we want to without fear of getting in trouble or anything? If so I have not found it yet & I feel a little stifled. Does anyone know?
  3. What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year? I have actually bought my wife's gift early this year so I don't have to rush around frantically like I usually do at the last minute. I hope she get's me a gift card to a book store. I love books but I like to pick my own.
  4. I smoked 2 packs a day for 15 years. I quit about a year ago using the gum. I have relapsed several times in the past year but I have not fully gone back to smoking. So it's kinda a half victory I guess.
  5. You are 100% right Flasquish. We really need to do something. None of our leaders in either party care for the people except in how they can use them to get more power. I am conservative, but my party left me when Reagan left office. I don't know what it's gonna take to turn things around but I hope it happens soon.
  6. It really sucks to loose someone you care about so much. I have been sober for almost 2.5 years now & just last week I almost gave up & went back to the bottle. With both the drinking & the relationship, all you can do is take it one day at a time. I don't know what you did, but maybe if it was a small thing she is over reacting & will realize that soon. All you can do is just keep putting one foot in front of the other, breathe in breath out & wait & hope. Merry Christmas & be well.
  7. I have had to burry a lot of anger as well. We all have different coping mechanisms that we use. Hopefully over time your rage will fade & you will be able to reevaluate your situation from a different mindset. I think it would be wise to possibly talk to a therapist to try to work through some of your anger especially if it is stopping you from being able to function in normal day to day life like your job. Hope you have a merry Christmas & be well.
  8. That is a really great analogy. It really does feel that way. But you seem to have a great attitude about it. Your right, we just have to keep paddling. I am also not into the self affirmation stuff, just not for me.
  9. So I tried to post this question here once before & I don't think it worked. So which side of the isle do you fall on? Democrat or Republican? No pressure & no judgment, just for fun & to see if one side is more affected by depression than the other.
  10. I agree with RootTilden, try to study somewhere else. It's really messed up that you should have to do that but do what ya gotta do
  11. No, people who don't have it don't understand it. Just like I don't understand what it is like to have cancer because I have never had it. But try not to feel jealous because they are happy & content, we all have our struggles.
  12. Our depression really messes with our heads doesn't it. I know what you mean, & sometimes it's like I cant tell weter I feel better or if I am just having an easier day or week than normal. Sometimes I wonder if depression is even real or if we are just a bunch of cry babies. I know that is ludicrous but that's what goes through my head sometimes. I guess for depressed folks, we are normal lol
  13. The normal routine of life is what really gets to me a lot of times. I have this urge to do something crazy or dangerous a lot to try to get back that rush. When I was young (Teenager & early 20's) I was excited about life & what not but now the daily grind just seems to be to much most of the time.
  14. You are clearly suffering from depression it sounds like. I hope you are seeing a Dr., taking your meds & talking to your therapist.
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