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  1. Frustrated , sick and tired of being sick .this is no life
  2. Sleepy , frustrated, pain in my knee
  3. Angry. Frustrated . I feel like no one hears me. Still in pain my knee still swollen . The doctors don't care . Too much crap going on .
  4. I have a appointment today to get my leg drained . That's been weighing on my mind. Plus having suicidal thoughts like crazy. Also even if it's an online community, being rejected still hurts . Tried to get my account closed , but couldn't. Only wish peace for everyone. Thank you too those that did help over the years . Adios
  5. Sleepy . And in pain , hoping to get some relief soon
  6. Carter , I hope you are doing ok. That was very scary . I couldn't help starting to tear up. But was glad to hear they found her . Wishing your mom and you and your family peace and strength and healing.
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