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  1. I have been tuning out the news more and more often, since the election became more and more of a circus. I also c the horrible worldwide tragedies, terrorist strikes, school shootings, etc. They add to my already negative emotions. When reading the newspaper, I glance for a second, at the articles. There just might be something important or refreshing. If in the car, I have a music station I use. I turn on the news to get the weather. I usually end up with a sports report. The problem is that friends and relatives want to discuss with me the latest ruckus. How many times do I have to tell them I AM NOT INTERESTED!
  2. That's a very helpful list. It describes me and I have to keep remembering it is the depression which can cause all these symptoms.
  3. .Hi, Keep talking to us. I, for one, also have to function in the "real world" and it's not always ez. I do take Medication which does help me. Keeping busy and chatting with people helps. I take classes (tho often don't stay till the end.) People here have similar experiences and will be glad to answer and comment on what u r saying. best, Dodie
  4. Good morning: All the answers above make lots of sense. The one thing I want to add, Duck, the "sleep" issue as u describe it, is something I share. I have learned that if I realize that it is a symptom of my depression (I realize I am saying the obvious) it does help to get me out of bed. Doing something small, while all u want to do is sleep, can move u forward. Also if u can make plans for the day, even something like an exercise class, or a book to read, it can help u. best, D
  5. A friend said there is an AA? saying that "depression can't hit a moving target." I have tried to follow this advice. I find that once I get out of bed and start moving, even doing some of my back exercises, I can move on with little or no burdened feeling.
  6. My name is Dodie. Hope I am posting in the right place. I am a senior citizen. My dx is "situational depression." I am on 2 ADs, My mother suffered from depression. The doctors (mdoc and pdoc) who know me think my SO is the trigger or at least part of it. He is a great guy but, partly due to OCD, can be difficult to deal with. The disease started to surface a few years ago when both my kids were getting married at the same time. In one case religion was a serious issue, and in the second case, money. I remember going to depression lectures in the past so the feelings had been growing. I landed in the emergency room 3 yrs ago because I couldn't function anymore and TRIGGER I was in a deep dark pit. I now c the pdoc every few weeks, know I MUST keep bz, (I do have 2 so called jobs and go to lots of classes) and try to be flexible and open minded.
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