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  1. I cannot motivate myself today. My joints are aching all over and I am exhausted. On the plus side I have quit smoking today is my third day, I am now vaping. When I get home tomorrow I have a busy day ahead filling out job applications and sorting out my qualifications.
  2. Awful. Had a great week, but my situation at home has got worse. The police were called out to my home earlier because my mums partner decided to physically man handle me, and threaten me, and my mum did nothing but stick up for him.
  3. Wow I'm so sorry to hear that 😞 whwhat is wrong with some people? I haven't had the guts to meet any men ive come to the conclusion that i am not physically strong enough to defend myself should something happen.
  4. A lot better mentally last week or so. I am going to stop talking to people in terms of dating online, too many creepos about.
  5. Much better last few days. Meds finally helping.
  6. Cannot sleep I am raging about someone I cannot stand with a hatred that i can feel from the pit of my stomach. I feel a pressure building in my body that I can hardly contain. I don't like this man, but I do not think he's bad. Does that make me a bad person? My gut instinct was that of suspicion, and I am still suspicious of his advances. I cannot believe that someone just wants to help others, without an end goal. In this case and most cases money. Especially someone like him.
  7. Starting to come to terms with the fact that this is the end of the road. I will never get back to what I was before. I am where I am today because of weakness, pure weakness. I am a sad bitter lonely gay man and I feel I am aging rapidly because I am never at comfort from these feelings. And normal situations that before would never bother me, now bother me greatly, and there is never a moment when I am not agitated, distressed or demoralised. I have had a relatively easy life, so I feel a great deal of shame. My life is an embarrassment. 

  8. Can't eat since taking this medication. Literally gone off food and I cannot afford to lose any weight.
  9. I have no drive. No appetite for this life anymore. I wish I was exaggerating.
  10. I am like morrissey. Without the talent, good looks, and wit of course. He is my hero. Without his songs and lyrics I don't know if I'd survive. It's like my life is being written about and put into songs. Love kurt too.
  11. Not too bad tonight, but since being on ssris this week music doesn't have the same effect on me. It sounds corny but I don't know how id be here today if it wasn't for music.
  12. Same here it's always worse at night. These meds don't seem to be staving it. I have developed a complex about something. And it involves other people. My emotional stimuli to this thing is out of whack. It's normal to make most people feel uncomfortable I think, but it is making me scared, on edge, pent up and resentful. I've come to the conclusion there's also some unwarranted jealousy on my part. This is causing my quality of life to turn to s***. It's a small thing, but I am worrying constantly about it.
  13. Back where I'm supposed to be living tonight. Been on edge and paranoid most of the night. How did I ever end up like this?
  14. Cup of tea. It's late here, but I can't help it. I can't stand coffee funnily enough, I am a true tea addict.
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