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  1. Yes, I saw you live in the Great White North. This method of "prepping them for adult life" is exactly my point. I would consider many people in the US in their 20's not to be adults, or prepared for life as one.
  2. I totally agree the military can do this for people. I just don't think the government should be allowed to dictate that for citizens. I work for the government now and they are ridiculously wasteful and stupid. I'm not going somewhere and dying for the government, they couldn't orchestrate their way out of a wet paper bag. My parents provided me with an upbringing that gave me every skill u listed above, thankfully. Yes, I read where you worked several jobs to put yourself through college and you have my utmost respect for having the moral fiber and the backbone to do it. Sadly, I do not believe you are representive of the entitlement mentality pampered US youth of today, where everybody gets a trophy, and not everyone has parents that will teach those skills. That's why I specified for their own good, not necesarily the good of the Government or their agenda.
  3. I think I made myself clear on that point: "I realize it's not always a matter of choice, and that jobs are hard to come by. Sometime you have to do things that you would rather not to get by, including living with your mother, just don't get so comfortable in it that you stagnate."
  4. I joined of my own accord when I was 19 and was an MP in the US Army. When I went in I was the oldest guy in my platoon, as almost everyone else had just got out of High School. I had a problem with authority and taking orders and was always in trouble. As a result, The Senior Drill Sergeant instructed me that I would be doing 50 pushups in front of the Company for every formation we had during the day for the duration of Basic Training, about 10 formations a day IIRC, and told me I was going to be pushing up Alabama till it was an island. That's in addition to morning Physical Training and anythng else the rest of the Company did during the day. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It taught me self-disipline, survival skills, made me physically fit and mentally tough, and gave me a sense of self-confidence and self-reliance that stuck with me and has served me well all through my life. To this day I'm very independent. live alone, and take care of all my personal affairs without having to ask for assistance from anyone, of the need for fake friends, or someone always around me as a means to validate myself as a person. IMO everyone in the US should be conscripted as soon as they reach the age of 18. For their own good.
  5. That's not necesarily true. You need to, at the very least, practice basic computer security measures to prevent your machine from being compromised.
  6. Does posting this make you feel better about yourself? The person who originally posted is already feeling bad enough, do you really think that by making fun of the op really helps the cause. I lived with my family until I was 23, I have been on my own for the last few years. You know what, I don't feel one bit better living on my own then with family. At least with family you have some people around to talk to. You know what are society today is too much about we all must be living alone in our own place. People have to live together to get by these days. In other countries people live with their families their entire lives, taking care of their loved ones when they get older instead of sticking them in old folks homes like we do here. Anyway, my point is don't feel bad that you are living with your family OP. Don't listen to people like Bizarro who are just here to make you feel bad about yourself and that seems to bring him enjoyment. I wasn't making fun of him, and just because I didn't sugar coat my response does not mean I'm here to make him, or anyone else feel bad. I said what I did to get him to take a look at his situation without encouraging him to stay where he is, and it was in respose to, and in direct opposition of, the post immediately before mine: Because that, IMO was the meanest thing that could have been said to him. OP's mother isn't always going to be there for him to rely on, and if he spends his life living there without learning the life skills he'll need to survive on, he's doomed to failure. If you think my post was out of line, flag it for the mods.
  7. Then how do you expect to receive it? Why should anyone respect you if you can't find it in yourself to do the same? Because that doesn't instill respect for you in me. Common courtesy, I'll manage, but respect? They probably didn't feel like they were telling you a "sob story", any more than you do now. They were looking for a little sympathy and a chance to vent to somebody about something that was bothering them. And here you are asking if a little sympathy is too much to ask? Do you see a pattern here? As for you refusing to be old? Time will tell how well you deal with its passing.
  8. It's not always going to be about making the world a better place to live, doing something you love, or finding a job "with a soul". When you're an adult it's about paying the bills. Nothing turns a woman on like a guy who lives with their mom. Sexy. You've never seen the commerical about the guy who lost his drivers license walking a girl home from the bar, and when they get to the walkway to the house she turns to him and says "You live with your mother?" Do you relish the idea of being 30 and still be living in the same room you did when you were 10? Sleeping in a racecar bed maybe? I realize it's not always a matter of choice, and that jobs are hard to come by. Sometime you have to do thngs that you would rather not to get by, including living with your mother, just don't get so comfortable in it that you stagnate. There are jobs out there that don't necesarily require a lot of close personal contact, and while it might not be at the top of your list of jobs you'd like to have, if it gets you into your own place or puts money in your pocket till you find something better that has a lot to say for it. I've worked landscapng where they dropped me off at 7am with a weedeater and a can of gas, with 5 miles of river levee in front of me to weedeat, then to walk back when they picked me up when it got dark. I took my Walkman and my lunch with me, and the only snakes I had to deal with were the ones slithering on the ground.
  9. You haven't hurt anybody or let anybody down. You're a victim of circumstance. You'll be letting them down, and become a failure, if you off yourself and leave them to fend for themselves. You said earlier how do you tell your son he can't go to college. My dad left when I was 8 and my mom worked 2 jobs to raise my sister and me. There wasn't a question of her telling me she didn't have the money to send me to college. She didn't have to tell me and I didn't have to ask. It doesn't mean your son will never get to finish school. You've gone from a $60K job to $12 an hour. Now you have to live like it. That's the reality of it. You are not the first person in the world to lose their job or have to lower their standards of living. Yes, they may come and repossess your car, and yes, it may even entail having to move. But life goes on, with or without you. It will go on for your wife and kids with or without you, but do you honestly think they'll have it better without a father or a husband in their life? I can answer that for you if you can't see it clearly, but do I really need to? Now is the time to pull together as a family, to bond even closer, not give up on them. Your wife is an adult and if your kids are in college they're supposed to be. Do you think they can't understand the financial end of this? And do you think they're dumb enough not to know if you do take your own life? What will it do to them? Your wife will be left as the sole provider, probably drink herself to death, and the rest of the family crumble. That's what I'd call a heavy weight, not losing my job.
  10. Them Bones - Alice In Chains I believe them bones are me Some say we're born into the grave I feel so alone, gonna end up a Big ole pile of them bones
  11. Cleaned about 6" of snow of my car and dug it out so I could pick up the script I had dropped off at the pharmacy. Then I went to Walmrt and got a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, 4 bandanas, a couple packs of sharp cheddar cheese slices, some pizza rolls, and a pound of coffee. On the way home somebody in a truck stopped at the stop sign on a hill and sat there longer than they had to, and it was too slick for my tires to get traction and I couldn't move forward. Luckily, the car behind me saw what was going on and backed up enough that I could cut my wheels and go backwards down the hill in the other lane till I could get turned around and go the other way. I paid my rent today too, so that's out of the way. Tonight I have to make out checks to mail off for the remainer of my monthly bills. Then I can relax and zone out to the TV the rest of the evening.
  12. For the sake of clarity, these health problems are your mental health status? And that's what's keeping you from allowing yourself a relationship? My last wife was bipolar and had previously undergone a knee replacement that was going bad and needed to be redone. It hurt her to walk and you could feel the metal grate if she flexed it while you placed your hand on her knee. She had Hepatitis C too, a potentially fatal liver disease, which can make you feel extremely fatigued, and so do I. Since neither of us worked, and it hurt her to walk, I did all the housework except folding the clothes after I did laundry, which she could do sitting down, and washing the dishes after I cooked, which was her son's chore. She was on Klonopin and would sometime run out several days before she could get her script refilled. Her anxiety was such that I always had to drive and she held my right hand the full time we were out and I turned the wheel with the left one. Rather than see her go through withdrawals from benzodiazepines, which is a living hell, I would go buy them off the street for her. Something that could have landed me in the hoosgow for an extended period. The plan was she would go through treatments for HepC first and I would take care of her while she was sick, then I'd take them. It's like chemotherapy where you have to inject yourself in the stomach once a week and can make you extremely sick for up to six months. I divorced her before then for infidelity so it never got to that point, but you can see how much she appreciated the things I did for her. It drained me emotionally and I have no desire to ever be in another relationship. I have the feeling I'm quite a bit older than you, so I'm looking at growing old and dying alone. That's reality, not a possibility, and might not take all that long to come to pass. My point being, don't cut yourself short by thinking you're not worthy of a relationship, or too much trouble to load on someone to have one. Because, you're not.
  13. Drinking has the effect of diminishing inhibitions. While he might seem rational when he's sober, all that irrational behaior might lie just under the surface. It sounds like he has a problem with impluse control, and that can range from the type of behavior you've witnessed to very violent outbursts with some people. I would pull my friend to the side while he's sober, voice my concerns, ask if he didn't think he might be better off confiding this behavior to his doctor, and definitely advise him not to drink if these outburts are related to it.
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