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  1. However, I was on Zoloft for about a year and gained a whopping 35 pounds without any alteration in my activity or meal intake. As a matter of fact, I worked harder and was more cognizant about what I ate and how much I exercised. Nothing came off! It helps lift the depression to an extent, but I realized it makes me lazier and unmotivated and blurred to the world. I talked to my doc about Wellbutrin and taking it in combination with Zoloft and finally wean off of Zoloft. I remember I've taken Wellbutrin before and it worked well from what I remember, it was a while ago. Anyhow, it's been 9 days on Wellbutrin and 25 mg of Zoloft. According to my doc, he told me to cut my Zoloft down to 25 mg for a week. I stopped yesterday as a matter of fact, I had something important to do the 7th day and was afraid of the "brain zaps" etc. As a result of stopping the Zoloft, I felt SO weak, ill, nauseous, very very tired and mean! When I woke up from sleeping a good 8 hours a few hours later, I took a 4 hour nap because I was just not feeling right. So I said heck with it, and took 50 mg, I felt SO much better. I was getting some brain zaps etc on 25 mg. I feel good at this dose but I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT :( Is there anyone out there who lost weight with taking Zoloft in addition to Wellburtin? Did your libido come back. I was on 100 mg for most of the time then tried 50 mg because I wanted off of it...went up to 100 mg during PMS because I could feel the depression kicking back in and felt SO moody. So today and yesterday I took 50 mg of Zoloft(generic) and 150 mg of Wellburtin(generic)...and I feel fine. I just know there is something in that Zoloft that causes weight gain...I don't care what ANYone says! Doctors can tell me all day, and I wouldn't believe a word of it! So, I plan on taking 50 mg of Zoloft for a week, then go down to 25 for I don't know how long...I'm afraid to feel like that again. Maybe I'll have to cut that in half also. I DO want off Zoloft, all because of this weight gain, and no I did not change any of my health habits despite the fact that it made me lazier. I am very conscious about my weight and actually exercised MORE and watched everything that I ate. NO junk, lots of fruits, some veggies...and lean protein. Has anyone lost weight taking Zoloft in addition to Wellbutrin...and has your libido come back? Mine is next to zilch...I don't feel a thing.
  2. It depends, are you feeling or getting worse off than when you first went off of Zoloft cold turkey? If your feeling angry and frustrated, in my opinion, tell your doctor everything and he will taper your dose under his supervision. I went off of it years ago, and from doing it very carefully, like weaning myself off of it, I was fine. Not one problem.
  3. I started back on Wellbutrin Sr 150 mg twice a day. I've suffered from depression off and on most of my life. However, Sertaline/Zoloft made me into a Zombie. I exercised but not that much. I barely ate but gained 35 pounds. I weigh 170, MORE than my post pregnancy weight from having my daughter 10 years ago. I was 155. I NEVER went over 140, and when I did hit that weight, that was when I was sedentary and studied alot for nursing school. My usual weight is 130-135 and I'm 5 ft 6 and a half. Or 5 foot 6.5. To tell the truth, it's day three and I feel so much better. I can actually do more things than I didn't do when I took Zoloft. All I did was lay in bed and watched lifetime movies. I ate, but barely. i exercised 2-3 times a week and gained THAT much weight. For those of you who are afraid of going off of Zoloft. My doc told me to decrease my dose of 100 mg to 25 mg for a week or two while taking Wellbutrin SR. I've taken Wellbutrin years ago and I recall that it actually lifted the depressive fog. Wellbutrin is so easy to get off of. I'm not even noticing any withdrawal from taking a leap in reducing my dose. I just wanted to tell my story about the weight gain. I am determined to lose this weight. I would go into some of the issues that caused my depression but I will get into it later. It's nice to have a place where you could talk/write to others and not feel so alone. Depression is a HORRIBLE thing, and unfortunately, some people don't understand the impact that it has on every aspect of your life. Did anyone on here gain weight from Zoloft? Or SSRI'S?
  4. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  5. Well after some research, I am going to pay the extra few bucks and go with brand name wellbutrin. I took this years ago and I remember them being purple which looked like little smiley faces(SR brand). These ones by teva are huge yellowish white pills, just by looking at them I don't trust it. Plus I have a horrible headache, and don't remember feeling like this taking brand wellbutrin. Thanks.
  6. What is better brand versus generic? I'm currently taking 150mg SR of wellbutrin two times a day...generic made by teva. Now I could make the switch and get name brand, but since the medication is nonformulary, I have to pay a 45 dollar co pay. I'm willing to pay that if there is a difference. All experiences with generic wellbutrin(dont care if it's XL or SR) versus brand? Thanks:)
  7. Depression is real and if medication eases or perhaps cures the condition then I don't see one reason why one wouldn't take it. I've been on meds for 3 weeks(as a LAST resort) and feel mildly relieved.
  8. Annoyed and dreading work tonite. As far as my depression improving, not really and it's day 11 on meds.(Lexapro).
  9. Please help, I'm terrified of gaining weight. I am 5ft6 and a half and weight 131 lbs and gained 2lbs so far and only been on this med for a week. As far as feeling better so far on the med...not really.
  10. No I just sink into a depression from time to time and it seems to be for no reason. I have a good job, child, and a husband so there's not really much to complain about. I seem to have this perfectionis attitude and when things aren't going they way I like, I get angry. My father was an alcoholic and drug addict so that may be a factor.
  11. Only go out when I have to. I used to be social and outgoing, however once this depression takes a hold of me I don't want to do nothing but lay in bed all day. I have to work full time(night shift) and of course go shopping. I used to go to the gym fairly regularly but lately that hasn't been working. Hopefully the meds will help with this. I don't even have the energy to seek therapy, I am skeptical but my feelings on that may have to change.
  12. Fatigue and headaches daily! The headaches seem to be totally subsiding after being on meds for exactly a week today. I used to have to take two motrins two to three times daily. Now maybe only one tablet the whole day! The fatigue isn't going away unfortunately though.
  13. I'm considering it but don't even have the energy to go...hopefully I will soon. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Hello, I'm a 34 year old female who has struggled with depression on and off since I was 18. I was first medicated at the age of 23 after the death of my father. I was prescribed Zoloft for about six months and it worked for the most part. Anyway, I started a new job at a nursing home 7 months ago as a nurse and during the past few months I've been feeling very down in the dumps. I don't want to be around people, including my own family. I don't want to leave the house except for work and that's it. I was sleeping ALOT, just working and sleeping. I'm not sure if this is all attributed to working in a depressing environment or not. But I am the only bread earner in this house, my husband doesn't work due a mental disability. I am a very health conscious person, I shop at whole foods and everything I eat is organic. I used to exercise but haven't had the energy. I have a pretty big load of responsibility at my job since I am the RN so that contributes to my feelings of anxiety. I love the elderly and loved my job at first, and still do, but it seems like when I'm at home I feel depressed and don't want to do anything. What is wierd is when I'm at work I'm ok. There are some issues though amoungst us coworkers that are kind of annoying but that is kind of easy to brush off. Like a few of the CNA's don't get along and they feel that I'm responsible for coming up with a solution for their issues and so on. I just started Lexapro at a whopping 20mgs 6 days ago. I took the whole pill the first two days, the first day I felt very stimulated and sick so I gave the same dose a go the second day thinking that I felt that way since it was my first day but the second day I felt the same. But ever since the 3rd day on, I was splitting the pill in half thus taking 10mgs. I know medical professionals don't tell you the in depth information regarding withdrawal from these meds. I'm worried about stopping Lexapro as I read so many horror storied about how horrible coming off this med is. As far as feeling better so far, I feel very spacey and my senses are so heightened that any kind of light that I'm exposed to is magnified 100 fold. I feel like laying around and sort of zombie like. Anyway, I read that these side effects can ease up as time goes on. I'm just afraid of the effects of coming off this. Again the past few months all I want to do is lay around, I feel like I hate society and many people in it, is this normal? I hate the world we live in and our culture how it's obsessed with beauty and celebrity gossip. I mosty hate what's on TV anymore. I hate to see commercials with kids starving, animal abuse, violence and so on(I KNOW it's reality that's what saddens me). I don't want this medication to be a long term solution. I tried St. Johns Wort and it didn't work. My main concern is weight gain and again coming off this drug when I do. Is it that bad? ANY comments are welcome. By the way I work the night shift(11p-7) so that could be a reason why I just sunk into this depression who knows, but it's not pretty.
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