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  1. Wow. So many responses. I am sorry for all your struggles and understand completely. I too seem to fail steady employment. I currently have a job I like very much but am barely holding onto it. I feel like such a loser.
  2. Curious if anyone really struggles to keep their job with mental illness? I do!
  3. Thank you both so much for your replies. Its really good to hear from people who can understand what I mean. This is new to me and im trying to make some sense of it.
  4. Im newly diagnosed and medicated and I am curious if medication is enough to stop your depressive or manic states? Can you be on a good regime of medicine and still every so often have an 'episode'? Can you experience mania or hypomania differently? Say one hypomanic episode you are creative, energised, happy ect and another episode you are full of irritable energy and moody ect? Im yet to hear from or talk to other bipolar people and would like some insight. I know we all are different. I would like personal opinions or stories if you do wish to share xxx
  5. Can anyone help me? Third day taking Lamotrigine for Bipolar II. 25mgs. Today I feel weird! Wired, shakey, energetic but not in a get stuff done way. Hard to explain. Is this normal or happen to anyone else? Message me please! Not seeing my Doctor til Tuesday. Thank you. Love and healing to you all.
  6. I have recently been given Diazepam 2mg to take for my anxiety twice per day (but I only take when i feel i need one) In two months I've had three, one of those times being last night. I was out being social which made me very anxious so I thought no harm in having one, both the other times I had taken them it really took the edge off and made my mind feel a little quieter. I know 2mg is a very small dose, but this time taking it my heart rate increased, nothing unreal. About 100 to 104 bpm but stayed this high for hours. Increasing my anxiety also as I have health anxiety, especially with my heart. So no relief. I felt great knowing I had them and knowing I had an 'out' if my anxiety became too much, but now I dont want to take them because of the increased heart rate. A vicious cycle! Is this a usual side effect? I would think it would slow the heart down, but im no doctor. Did the diazepam increase the heart rate or was it the anxiety? It didnt happen the first two times I used it. It was really helpful. But, I was at home where Im most comfortable I suppose. Maybe it was a one time thing? Maybe i need a higher dose? Haha, I dont know! Id like some advice from people who have taken it. Or just know if anyone else has had this issue. Sorry for the long post. Any advice or personal stories appreciated! Love and healing to you all
  7. Thank you both for your replies. Nightingale77 - Grounding has been useful to me in certain situations. But it has been a long time since I used it. I thank you for your kind encouraging words and your prayers. You have reminded me of a useful tool so next time I will certainly be using it. I encourage anyone struggling with anxiety to try it. LouisRiel - Thank you for sharing. I hope you are doing well. I have been to see my doctor today and have decided it best to have a psychiatrist review my medications. I am comfortable with Prozac. New meds scare me. There was a time the Prozac did too though but I got through it. Ill try to remember that if things are changed.
  8. They're real medical conditions. Caused from anxiety or not. If you prefer I don't voice a medical phenomenon I suffer from, I wont. I would never want other people to look things up and worry themselves too. Never would I want that. It is a truly awful thing to say and make it sound like that was my intention. I, like so many come here for reassurance, not ridicule.
  9. Thank you. I usually drink a heap of water. But the day I had these episodes I would of definitely been dehydrated. And I hadn't eaten a lot. Trying to look after myself a bit better now to avoid them.
  10. Thank you so much. Im sorry you have had to go through something similar. Its not nice. Anxiety and stress can cause all kinds of physical symptoms. It can be quite cruel. I am anxious so much and feel uncomfortable so often its almost my norm. I truly appreciate your response. I appreciate all the advice i've gotten. Today I just thought 'I cant live this way anymore' I needed to reach out and Im so glad this place exists. So we can all support each other and give our own advice and share our stories. Its so important.
  11. I've had these heart 'issues' for a few years. A skipped beat here and there. I HATE every skipped beat I have. They are scary and uncomfortable. The only reason I went to emergency this time was because I had so many. I've had cardiac tests last year and told the cardiologist my symptoms and he is happy that my heart is fine. Nothing was found to be wrong with it. I know I should take solace in this. And I really try to. But its hard when my heart is skipping and I'm panicking. Its a vicious cycle really. I feel like Im just sulking. Thank you for your kind words BlueStarr. I really need them today! .
  12. Listing all of the names for different arrhythmias wasn't me claiming to have all of those things. It was just me naming a few for anyone who called them by those names to know what i was talking about or if anyone wanted to research them. That they were real things and not just my anxiety. I call them skipped beats. My doctors have called them palpitations or irregular heartbeat.
  13. I haven't diagnosed myself with anything. I know quite well I am not a doctor and have no medical knowledge or training. But I can certainly tell when my heart is doing funny things and the doctor could tell too. I'm not just assuming my heart is doing what it does. I plan on getting more testing but know it could be anxiety at the same time. I've taken prozac on and off for ten years. Its always worked well for me. But of course I will discuss it with my doctor. I wont be able to see my doctor for awhile and am needing a bit of support right now.
  14. My EKG was normal but my heart was beating normally by then. So it didn't show up. Its only a reading of your heart for a short 30 second period or something. Im not new to skipped beats, as i call them but am new to that many in a row. No doctor has ever worried about them. As i am young and otherwise healthy. My bloods were normal. Last year I had cardiac tests and my heart seems to be just fine. No one can tell me why I have these episodes. From my understanding they can be common in some people.The emergency doctor was happy to send me home without anything, including an explanation. I can tell myself that im okay, Im healthy, I've had it looked at, the doctor said its fine but its hard as hell to keep calm and tell myself these things when my heart is doing only god knows what and I can feel it all
  15. Yes. My heart actually skips beats. PVCS, PACS, Ectopic beats, irregular heartbeat, arrhythmia, skipped beats, premature beats. I don't know what you would wish to call it but its real and it does actually happen. I went to emergency after this episode and had another episode while in the presence of the doctor and she could feel them too with my pulse. I appreciate the response and the advice. I know anxiety is cruel and it can trick you. I really dont want to go back to see my psychologist but I know I have to. And be clear that i am uncomfortable being there.
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