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  1. I have tried so many antidepressant meds and none have even touched my severe depression anxiety fears and medical related PTSD Now on prozac been on the max dose of 80 for a month after having built up from 20 to 80 Mgs the month before that no improvement now psychiatrist added Wellbutrin xl 150 Mgs almost three weeks ago but no improvement yet he said it may take more time or need a dose increase. Just wondering was Wellbutrin the answer for anyone when added to antidepressants that weren't working at all?
  2. I have tried so many meds in the past with no results I had been on Effexor in the past with absolutely no results my doc is considering trying cymbalta if my current regime of prozac and Wellbutrin doesn't kick in and start to work. Just wondering if Anyone had Effexor not work but cymbalta did?
  3. I have tried so many meds for my severe depression anxiety fears phobias which seemed to result after a medical trauma two years ago. I am now on prozac up to 80 still no improvement doc has just added Wellbutrin 150 to see if it will help just wondering if anyone had a similar situation and if the Wellbutrin helped when the ssri alone wasn't doing anything
  4. I hope so have you ever had success with any meds? Does the ativan help you? Benzos don't touch my anxiety believe it or not. Are you able to function? Do you have depression too? I'm up to 80 on prozac now still not helping I keep praying but no med has worked for me ever since this all started two years ago when I had some medical traumas you can send me a message anytime if you want I wish you the best
  5. I was just prescribed this as ativan xanax klonopin and valium don't control my anxiety just wondering if anyone uses this I realize we are all different also if so did you use the other ones
  6. It has been a never ending struggle he said it was up to me to stay longer on 20 or just go up to 40 had no opinion either way that's why I was hoping to see what other people may have experienced in terms of dosing with this med the doctor is offering no guidance
  7. Did anyone ever have a situation where after a couple of weeks on prozac they increased from 20 to 40 since they had no initial improvement if so did it help and how long did it take? Should I just ride out the 20 Mgs longer please let me know
  8. I have tried so many ssri meds benzos etc to help with my severe depression anxiety fears etc that started after medical issues I'm now on 20 Mgs of prozac for the past 15 days no relief I'm just hoping this will not be another failure I also tried Effexor which was no help I am also prescribed klonopin which like all the other benzos doesn't help just wondering if anyone found luck with prozac when other meds did nothing I'm so desparate for relief
  9. I hope you are having an amazing day! : ) ღ Lindsay

  10. I have been on a ton of meds this past year an a half for severe anxiety phobias fears and depression no relief at all most recently I'm coming off viibryd onto prozac I'm on 20 of prozac its been a week no relief though
  11. Do you have depression did you try other meds before prozac did they work how long for prozac to work for u what is your dose thanks
  12. I have tried many benzos that don't help doc gave klonopin took as prescribed yesterday no relief just wondrting does it take days to build up or should you feel relief within the same day please let me know dose is one mg three times daily if needed
  13. I have tried do many meds these past two years After I developed severe anxiety depression extreme fears and a big change if personality after a series of medical related traumas once again Iam trying a new meds switching from viibryd which I was on for 6 weeks to prozac I also have prescriptions for benzos but even at high doses they don't calm me down I'm do desparate for relief anyone take a long time to find relief did prozac work for you? Please tell me
  14. Please I need to find a good psychiatrist anyone in this area have one I have seen so many
  15. I always read 2 to 4 weeks to notice improvement I have been on meds double that time with no improvement at all does that mean it won't work or had anyone had an experience where it took long before they noticed any change at all please let me know
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