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  1. I had one today. Migraine-ing makes life stink.
  2. Just exhausted from having a migraine. And this time of year. I want to give up because life seems too difficult: too cold, too dark too early, too much to do before the holiday, everybody wants a piece of me...and I just want peace. And more time before we have to travel. Yes my travel anxiety is kicking in and where the foo is my xanax? My neck hurts from today and working at the desk where I just sit and have to crane my head to see the computer. Nothing but complaints today. Thanks for letting me vent. Big hugs to all who need them.
  3. Hi ericincalifornia, I don't know about most of those--but I figure if you can talk to your pdoc or the pdoc's nurse/assistant, you could maybe get an idea of what a high versus low dosage is supposed to do for you. My son is currently on a low dose of venlafaxine (Effexor) and my meds are all listed in my signature--I do take mirtazapine (Remeron) at night. In some ways, I hope I never go off mirtazapine...I take a very low dose and it helps my anxiety and sleep issues. okay, now I'm rambling...welcome to the DF and make sure you check out any forums that have to do with your meds or combination. People here are more than willing to share info and experience.
  4. Alice Merton, "No Roots." on KTBG, the Bridge KC, an amazing radio station.
  5. These ****** people who talk crap to me when I'm at my reception job. Most of our patrons I love, but there are some men who just want to get a rise out of me and I hate being teased when all I want to do is kick them in their... I'm not a flirty-teasy kind of woman. And it also bugs me that I can't just relax and be teasy-flirty for a change.
  6. Maybe just getting more blood and oxygen circulating where they need to go...maybe it'll settle down and balance out. Namaste.
  7. Politics in the U.S. And it's good news for a change. No xanax needed tonight...
  8. I'm glad you're reaching out to people. Hope you're eligible for unemployment--that can help tide you over until you get something new. Keep us updated!
  9. Thank you! Your words helped me immensely.
  10. My husband came home from his business trip. I brought him to the airport on Thursday and brought him home last night. That felt good. Some separations are horrible, like last December's--because he'd been traveling off and on for his brother's stuff and I had too much empty time and filled it with memories of MyOldFlame. This time, it was like MOF peeked in, saw I was busy and left promptly!! It helped so much to have too much stuff at work going on. And I didn't have much to do with helping my son sort through his stuff the way I did this past August. That makes me feel especially lonely, when I'm the only parent around. Didn't exercise nearly enough over the past few days, ate more carbs and sweets than I should and I'll do better. It's not the end of the world. This is a difficult time of year. The cold, the early dark always make me feel exhausted and lacking in resources. But visiting here is more than helpful, especially the Lighter Side and other Water Cooler forums. I get to see my therapist this week and life will go on. love and hugs to everyone here. May there be light in the darkness for all of us!
  11. This makes me do the happy dance @sober4life!!
  12. I took a shower before work, although I did not wash my hair. And after work, I walked around the track for half an hour.
  13. Welcome to the Depression Forum. This is a good place to vent and chat. You'll find we're all different kinds of people, but for the most part we're sympathetic and kind. Lots of us have gone through what you are going through. Families often are blind, they don't want to upset the status quo. (I'm remembering a breakdown I had in a car 4 1/2 years ago. I don't think my husband or son thought anything was wrong with me). So, welcome again! I hope you stay--there are some fun parts of the DF where we play games, etc.
  14. I'm mildly headachy and wish I could stay home, but I've got to work. So yeah, I feel a little on the cruddy side today. Took generic excedrin and that has helped some. Still...
  15. 6:30am, unless my body wakes me up earlier and I can't fall back asleep. On weekends, no alarm, but I wake up between 7 and 8am, very rarely later than that. Oh yeah, when I have to be at work at 5:15am, I'm up at 4:14 to get some writing in & my coffee made, etc. It only takes me 3 minutes to get to work by car, but I feel like I need all the time in the world! When I have to set my alarm, I set it for a multiple of 9 (I'm a little ocd about this)
  16. @CoolCat7 Happy Belated Birthday...keep celebrating, you brave and creative woman, you!!!
  17. Listened to "Black Cloud" by Choo Choo La Rouge. I first heard it somewhere in the background on the U.S. version of "Shameless." It describes my brain sometimes. The song, that is. Not the word "shameless." Now my husband is practicing guitar and that's what I'm sort of listening to.
  18. @CoolCat7 & @JD4010 & @babyxgothxx wish I had a turd vacuum to vacuum up all the turds and ship them elsewhere. I am reeling from the political crap and feeling very anxious and gloomy about the future. I include removal of those turds in the proposed turd-vacuuming project. All the turds.
  19. Thanks for the update on Mark's situation. Hugs to him...and you @CoolCat7 And I finished... well I got over 50k written and officially am a NaNoWriMo winner this year. I wrote more fiction about MyOldFlame and his family. It was very freeing to imagine stuff and write about it instead of obsessing about what could have been between him and me. And in my novel, he dies of a stroke, asks god for mercy doesn't want to die having a bad memory intrude... well too late... So there. Take that. At least in writing fiction, I can be godlike. Instead of just a bumbling human.
  20. Oh, me too. I have a long shift at the front desk today at work (I prefer the back desk, but it is what it is). This is at the community center where I work out and we have short hours on Sunday, so there's no time to workout either before or after my shift. If I get to work out, I feel better & more energized. I've eaten way too much these past few days, I'm feeling stuck and depressed. My low level anxiety over my husband's illness is still present. Anxiety erodes my confidence. oh well, at least the sun is mostly shining today and it won't be too cold. Maybe I can walk to work.
  21. Thankful you all and the DF are here, wishing for better and sweeter days for all of us. Me, I'm filled with low level anxiety, like a black cloud following me around. It's been cold and dry here and my hair is limp and my nose is stuffed.
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