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  1. Hugs hugs hugs to all who need them! It sucks having a brain that thinks too much, too fast, then drops down into zombie-mode and makes me want to say goodbye to everyone and everything. Today, I'd rather we all stay alive to fight another day. I'm high on these cookies I just baked...just chocolate chip, but still...
  2. Bitterly cold, but some of the day was sunny and that felt good.
  3. @Nisemono I do hope you feel better tomorrow, or sooner than that. Maybe it's because I am feeling ancient these days, I often feel "what do I have to lose?" in regard to interacting with people. @RiverLight I'm glad you've got a supervisor/person above you who can help you channel your creativity and passion for doing what you do! As for me, I'm tired. We've got some crappy and cold weather, my husband has had a bunch of stuff done to him and it necessitates a daily visit from a nurse. Well, at least we'll try to keep the house presentable... Anyway, I feel very removed from my life because I've focused so much on him (or my son) these past few weeks. Tomorrow I don't have a shift at work, just some volunteer stuff to do in the afternoon. I may be able to get a full night's sleep...
  4. ummm...laughing with you, Brian. I've done that! Hugs back
  5. I accomplished way too much today, but I went to exercise class and met an acquaintance and encouraged her to join it. Then I did a bunch of cleaning. I did the dishes. I made dinner. I went to a board meeting and took minutes. See? So much accomplishing. Maybe too much. And no downtime until...I fall asleep.
  6. I'm feeling like a hypochondriac. When I cough, my head hurts. I'm coughing a lot today. Anyway...I just hate having a cold. It always makes me feel separate from life--even when I go to work, or interact with my spouse or other people. I hate feeling sick.
  7. I turn 62 later this year :) Still coping with depression, meds and life. Just saw this topic...
  8. It sounds awful @womanofthelight. Sounds like a nightmare to have gone through what you have...and bone on bone in your knee. I hate that you're in such pain from this.
  9. It no longer feels like a holiday and I have a non-work assignment to finish. And I either have a cold or an allergic reaction to something. I don't feel sick--it's just my nose is stuffed and my my sinuses feel full, and because of that I couldn't sleep much last night. Instead of going to exercise class, I went back to bed. Yay bed! Except for the traveling to my brother's out in California, the holiday was pretty stress-free. I had like 2 weeks off of work--which since it's very part-time, is not paid part-time. And I really needed that. But I have to go in to work tonight. Boo. Oh well. I'll try to sleep a bit more before I head over there. Sleep seems to be the best thing. Wishing all of us a better year this year than last. Peace in our hearts.
  10. I'm dreading returning to work tomorrow.
  11. I have hope for you, KidSurvivor2011. Hold on.
  12. sometimes snuggling up on the couch is the best thing to do for yourself.
  13. Sounds like winning formula to me, my friend! You're right about the burnout from exercise. Right now it's practically too cold to think here where I live!
  14. oh yes, the endorphins! I love exercise for that reason. Wish I loved it enough to do it every ****** day! Happy New Year, everybody. Big Hugs to all who need them.
  15. I did grocery shopping with my son & picked up his meds for him. I made a chicken soup. It's bitterly cold outside here. I rented a video for my husband & me to watch: "The Great Escape," lol because I feel like escaping reality today. No seriously. I felt very down because most of what I did was not for myself. Tomorrow, after sleep, it will be different.
  16. I know the feeling. And it always makes me wonder if I'll never know if something else is giving me headaches or is it all the meds I take?
  17. Yep. But most of my happy feelings are disappearing. My son has a cold and we're traveling home tomorrow. For like 10 hours, five of which are actually spent flying. I hate traveling at holiday time. Oh well.
  18. Thank you back! I agree with @RiverLight and @lonelyforeigner about FB. Don't go there if you can help it. Don't set yourself up for more pain.
  19. Negative: I meant to call my best friend to wish her a Merry Christmas, but I let the time get away from me. Positive: we were expecting to take a side trip that would have involved uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. And we decided against it. Yay!
  20. Big hugs to everyone here!! Me and my little family have been visiting my brother & his family and I've been more content during this visit than the last time. Maybe because I saw my brother and some of his family this summer. I'm a little off my meds. I mean I'm not on schedule with them, but I think that happens with vacations. I'm glad that I get to do some walking every day. @womanofthelight maybe getting the knee replaced will help with your back--be better for alignment or something? I wish I could just give you a hug and take away some of that pain. As for writing, sometimes just keeping at it helps with getting a flow of ideas.
  21. I went on a long hilly walk with my extended family. This was the second time during this visit and it was easier. I also made my preferences known about an impending side trip and yes! We're changing our plans.
  22. I got an email from someone regarding work I did yesterday. I knew I had done something sort of incompletely, but within the realm of okay-ness. The person who emailed me asked that I call her. I put it off until after checking the snail-mail, but I did call her and apologized for my errors and explained what I did and why. I did not lie. She was okay with what happened. I felt relieved. That was my biggest accomplishment. Also, went to exercise class, hunted down people to sign a card for our instructor and handwashed my "delicates."
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