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  1. I know exactly how you feel. This describes it perfectly. Nevertheless, I don't think you're rotting. You do give hugs and encouragement and I always look forward to your posts. I wish I could do something but all I can do from here is give you hugs as well and hope you see better days soon.
  2. Thanks, Rozzie. My mood is a little blue because my spouse put himself on this horrible diet and it's helped with some of his symptoms, but it's the sort of diet a person can't be on forever. He's reluctantly added protein...but he's totally fat-free. It sure is depressing seeing him huddled under a sleeping bag and he' not in the coldest part of the house...and he seems so tired all the time. He's stubborn about it and gets defensive. I'm better today. A good night's sleep (midweek, wonder of wonders!) helped. Thank you! And I hope you're feeling well.
  3. @HeatherG & @MarkRzad, I do mean the word games, etc.
  4. Hi MarkRzad, I hope by now you've had a chance to look around the DF...I find it's one of the first things I do if I'm seriously down: crappy weather, family draining me, work tiring and boring and feeling little hope. I distract myself by visiting one of the threads where we play games. That can be enough of a pick-me-up so that I'm not totally down. But nothing helps more than venting and reading other people's posts. It helps to know we're not alone. Wishing you all the best and hoping your mood improves!
  5. My son is about to start adding generic Zoloft to 150mg Effexor. I forget how much Zoloft he'll be taking, but the pdoc said to cut the Zoloft pills in half. My son will be taking generics. Anyone have any experience with this combo? Thank you!
  6. Feeling positive and yet, anxious. We have new health insurance and I finally was able to get on the website to create a log-in, etc and look for a new doctor. My knee hurts now--the one I injured this past summer. I want to exercise, but I can't if it will injure my knee more. I'm grateful to my self that I took the time to do this today.
  7. Well, if you don't have a knee replacement, would maybe seeing a movement specialist help? Which part of you do you want to help first? Will the knee replacement help with your back pain? I agree with you about doctors. Very often they are just guessing at what can help. Some are more on target than others, but thanks to Wikipedia, we can learn enough for ourselves. I'm pretty selfish. I want you here and healthy.
  8. Thank you, Brian! I needed to read that. Not naive or daft at all. Due to crazy scheduling, I had an unusual number of shifts at work this week. That is definitely going to change starting with next month's schedule! It's funny...I came across the journal I was writing in shortly before I joined DF. I was acknowledging that I was depressed, thought about dying every single day...this was the summer of 2013. My husband, son and I were on a trip to southern California and we had just come back from the San Diego Zoo. And I wrote about an imaginary conversation I had with a caged lion. He told me that he was never depressed when he lived in the wild, but in the cage, he was always depressed. In my fantasy, I ask him "well, what about being safe and getting your meals every day at the Zoo?" And in a James Earl Jones voice he answers, "When I had to fight to live, I was not depressed. Surviving is not living. Fight to live!" That little story thing in my brain kept me going until I got to see a p-doc and get back on meds, and then I came here and found a family of people who understand what it's like to drag yourself out of bed knowing you're still in the cage! What it's like to get some relief and what it's like to fight every day with the voices inside that say, "Oh, give up. It'll never change. You'll always feel this way!" Sometimes it's a voice like yours today, Brian, that helps me turn doorknob and open the door to another possibility--the one in which I take care of myself and continue to fight to live! Thank you!
  9. My body is telling me to sleep now. Good night everyone.
  10. Thanks for asking, Rozzie. It may be a persistent condition and he may always need some kind of treatment. But today there were encouraging signs: able to drain only 82 ml of his pleural effusion. As opposed to 310ml or yesterday's 240!
  11. Nothing went as planned today. Made an extra grocery trip for my son, but without him with me. Okay, 20 Minutes each way and got to listen to my music.
  12. I'm feeling put upon by my family...that's all. My husband needing all kinds of care, my son needing and I am working too many shifts at my job helping needy people (some of them just need to check in and be left alone, though) for so little money and I'm not sure how much more of me is left for me.
  13. I want to buy an electric knife sharpener, because all my kitchen knives are too dull.
  14. I would like to buy some new workout shoes, something flexible and yet supportive, for the dance-y class I like and indoor walking.
  15. The Instant Pan was supposed to be "Instant P O T," but it got censored.
  16. Checking in is a good thing. This is a good place to vent. I often wonder why I have my job...it pays next to nothing and the stress of customer relations is... AUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!
  17. Stress and having to do what you don't want to do in a job really sucks. But I'm glad your kitty is doing better, JD.
  18. All you can do is move forward. You are right about that. I've spent much of my 30+ years of marriage wishing I was a better spouse, but I can't change the past. And he knows by now, all my shortcomings. So that's where we are. So @Natasha1, I think marriage is one of the most difficult things to do in life. It's not easy, even if you get along like peas in a pod. It's difficult, I think, especially for women to be assertive and loving. Big hugs {{{{{ @Natasha1}}}}}
  19. I would like to buy an "Instant pan." I hear it's like a slow cooker & pressure cooker rolled into one handy device. I would like to make bone soups without having to cook them all day.
  20. Brian, it's awful. He was an older person in whom you had trust. That park ranger abused your trust. Maybe the way your parents treated you...not maybe...I think definitely...because I've experienced some of the same...that kind of parental abuse makes kids vulnerable to predators. We think their attention is love...it's something a predator can pick up on. Still, kids tend to be resilient and I know from what I've read here about you, and when you respond to people, what a kind, smart and witty person you are. You have really risen above those who would grind you down. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Brian}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  21. I made breakfast, watched while a nurse drained fluid from my spouse's lung, did a load of laundry, ran the dishwasher, ate lunch, started making a bone broth, went to the volunteer thing. Made cookies. Now I'm tired.
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