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  1. Happy Birthday, @sober4life I'm so glad you feel real hope! May the year ahead bring you lots of love and joy and hope!
  2. You don't deserve any of it!!! Life is so random. I know that I and others value your input here. So maybe, that's one damn thing. Us here. We like you.
  3. w00t! That is a big deal! I always resent having to clean for somebody else! Good for you!
  4. An accomplishing sort of day: I sorted through a lot of piles of paper into trash/recycle/deal with--mostly moved to do so because my son needs some paperwork done on his behalf. I also went to exercise class (3rd time this week!) (I'll miss it tomorrow, though). I am doing my laundry and before that, I had dinner and before that, I helped my son with some other stuff. I It feels good to see an end to the piles of paper.
  5. Me too. I took a hard line to myself today, because the last couple of weeks I've binged. If it keeps you sober, that's the most important thing.
  6. Do you have a mentor or administrative support, or are you all alone in this? Having back-up and policies that are crystal clear and followed by everyone who works there are so important in things like this. In any event, I hope things went smoothly...and the world has not ended! (It hasn't)
  7. Zanzibar by Bill Harley...it's a story song, really funny...Bill's story about being unable to focus to get a report on Zanzibar turned into his 6th grade teacher. And it's seriously funny and touching...
  8. a playlist on my old iPod called "fell in love and lost my mind." The current song is, Ella Fitzgerald, accompanied by Joe Pass, "The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else." Their rendition is pure jaunty joy!
  9. High barometric pressure. Sunny. High in the low 50s/10s ;)
  10. Thanks, @Rozzie86I'm enjoying it immensely. I wish I could take all my friends to a ballgame. I know I'd be the annoying person pointing out players and plays and quoting the occasional statistic I've transitioned from having "a lot of fun" to "enjoying it immensely." hmmm. I think the turnaround for me, besides baseball, is that little by little, I'm doing stuff for me in the present: I went to Poetry Workshop on Tuesday, despite a ragged day. I got some stuff taken care of, like getting a headlight on my car fixed. And reading a dreaded missive from Social Security for my son. We have a big form to fill out. My brain feels lighter now. Hoping everyone has better days
  11. Thanks for telling me! Kendall (with Lee Judge's writing, too) is instructive and informative without treating baseball as a vehicle for tender sentiment. Seriously good book, "Throwback." Hoping you get to eat and rest soon and that something will spark you and keep boredom away!
  12. Yes, baseball!!! May our teams win and win... I've been reading a book about baseball, from a player's perspective. It's written by Jason Kendall, the player (a catcher) and Lee Judge (the Kansas City journalist who got to interview him). It's called Throwback. And it just gets to the heart, the fine details--why a guy throws this in this count, how subtle the "signs" are, why sometimes players don't like to autograph balls, etc... Anyway, it's a lot of fun. Wow! I actually said something was "a lot of fun." I must be feeling better. Thanks, Brian!
  13. I took a shower, but I didn't wash my hair. Every time I have something planned just for me, my husband or son, out of the blue demand my time and attention. That was the way it was yesterday and I just suck at being interrupted.
  14. @salparadise6132 and @Aki Sky Thanks! I felt better after eating dinner, but it was difficult to decide what to eat! I'm doing a bit better. I have about 4 days off in a row as of tomorrow, with only a few obligations...and those, mostly pleasant.
  15. The jazz standard "Caravan," as performed by Allen Savedoff on bassoon.
  16. I'm depressed, low energy, unable to make decisions about things that used to be easy. *sigh*
  17. I brought my husband home on Tuesday night. He has something attached to his side and fluid drains constantly. It's not an -ostomy bag. It's a drain thing. The first night, he was so exhausted and I felt so exhausted and he has so much catching up to do... I felt so depressed and unhappy, like "how was I going to cope with my life partner falling apart on me?" depressed. I felt like taking his bottle of prescription n.a.r.c.o.t.i.c.s. and swallowing it all down. To make matters worse, we have some nasty, cold weather coming up. Thank goodness I have my regular antidepressants. Then we slept and when I don't have a shift at work, I just chill in the house, run errands, son's birthday on Wednesday--we ordered pizza in and had a cake. But he's not supposed to drive and now that he's figured out how to carry his machine on a sling, so he can use both hands, it's a bit better. Hope they take the tube out and clear him for even more activity at his next appointment in 6 days. so I'm not here a lot. I miss everybody and send hugs and thoughts out to everyone.
  18. I've been splitting my days between the hospital and home and work and errands with my son over the past week. I'm exhausted and finally there's light at the end of the tunnel. Husband will probably come home tomorrow. Looking forward to a new "normal," instead of this half-life of a "normal."
  19. @Rozzie86 and @Natasha1 and everybody...thank you! My husband had colonies of strep growing in his internal parts, thanks in part to the catheter line he's had installed (for the purpose of pumping out thoracic duct pleural effusion--so that his pleura ^ lungs wouldn't get infected!). Anyway, they've pumped him full of antibiotics and today's the first day he has seemed like his normal self in nearly two weeks. They're keeping him overnight and pumping out more fluid, which they are also culturing. Hopefully, he gets to come home tomorrow!
  20. Well, I still feel like spit, but took my spouse to the ER—a long wait.
  21. I still have an annoying cold, but I made a kettle* of soup tonight. My son came over to do his laundry and he was pretty understanding--usually Monday we do his groceries and errands and he knows I might not be up for any of it tomorrow. We gave him some fruit, ground beef, eggs, can of beans, can of tomatoes (he'll make chili for himself tomorrow) and some chocolate that neither I nor my husband will be eating. I'm sugar-free; he's non-fat. And so betwixt us both... Anyway, I should try to sleep. My husband has had some fever tonight and managed to bring it down. If it kept going up, he'd have had to call the on-call doctor and probably we would have been spending the night in a) a state of worry and b) in the hospital or emergency room. Glad to be sleeping with a cooled-down spouse tonight. He'll be sleeping with a coughing-all-night spouse, but what can you do? It's that for better or worse thing...that's when you know you want to be with someone, to see it through. Good night all. Hoping for a better day for all of us.... *kettle instead of the word I wrote originally, which was changed to something ("pan") that would not fit all the soup I made.
  22. thank you and ahh-choo from the safety of the interweb ;)
  23. You help me every time I read your handle: KidSurvivor2011. I feel helped immensely by knowing you're a survivor. That survival is possible. That living with dread and doubt is still living. And if you're still living, all sorts of things are possible.
  24. tired and sleepy and my nose is stuffed, my throat is sore. I've been doing too much without rest and now it's piling up on me. Taking mucinex and sudafed and just wiped out. Don't think it's flu, though. No fever. Good night.
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