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  1. I'm feeling sick of the person I am. Yesterday, I felt fine with myself, but today, I suck at being me. I know exactly how that feels @evalynn I'd always assumed a certain place would be there forever (it's where I had my first grilled cheese sandwich in a restaurant and I lo-o-o-oved it!). "Stabbed in the childhood' is a perfect phrase.
  2. I'm anxious about finding clothes for a job interview coming up. Wish I had tons of options.
  3. I know nothing about what a penalty is in football 🙂 I don't even know what the deal is in American football--but my favorite baseball team is in the basement this year! So have little to celebrate this year, sportswise. @Chris27_ I felt your excitement! And I am glad for you! Maybe I can have vicarious sports thrills if I pay attention to the FIFA World Cup.!
  4. I like the way you express that. Yesterday, I had to do something on line that involved filling out a form. Everyone in the group I'm in filled it out correctly. Me, it's like I skipped a whole page...why didn't I see it? What is wrong with me?! All of a sudden it took on such deep significance--I felt like such an *****. I thought everyone would be laughing at me, if they saw it.
  5. I agree about nursing homes being hell. I hope I never have to be put in one. The one my father-in-law is in always smells bad and all he does is sleep.
  6. My husband was laid off today. He's kind of shell-shocked. My son was laid off 2 weeks ago. I'm still working a little part-time job. At least they both have severance, but crap.
  7. I've been horribly busy. Lots of turnover at work, so taking extra shifts. I take early early morning shifts. But if I stay up too late the night before, I'm a bit of a wreck. But my spouse is a night person and seems to be okay with 6 hours sleep a night. Me, it takes a toll on me, 6 hours one night, 5.5 another. And so on and that makes me anxious.
  8. Feeling tired, some physical pain, depressed, but hoping for better things. Not "things" as such, just better spirits. I am reading a book which on one hand is very satisfying--it reveals how people deal with cognitive dissonance (that is when their consciousness and sensibility does not mesh with their actions) (and mostly they deny because cognitive dissonance is full of disturbing feelings). But now, I'm thinking non-stop about all the times I've done wrong and lied about it. What might I have justified to myself so that I could continue to live the lie? One of the chapters is about the interrogation practices police use--they pretty much deny the possibility of innocence...and I keep thinking, it's good to know if I'm ever interrogated... I'm not perfect.
  9. Today, I have to go to a fundraiser. I have to dress up. I hate dressing up if there's no dancing. And I doubt there will be dancing. And dressing up today means I have to shave my legs or wear pantyhose. Maybe I can get away with not wearing crap. I'll shave my legs. It's a nice morning, so I think I'll go for a walk first. Then shower. Then put on my armor. Then get all dressed up for the stupid fundraiser. Tomorrow, I have something in the evening, but nothing too stressful. okay, help me get my shoes on...here I go...
  10. I'm grateful that work today wasn't too crazy and that I got to sit at the back and watch the ballgame on TV..and my team did not give up and they won today!!!!!
  11. Finally the sun is out for an entire day and it's not too windy--just a gentle breeze. Feels like spring. I've had a very social day, unusual for me. I feel scattered in my mind, I realize when I do the early-early shift at work. I was at the desk where it was slow. So slow. Tomorrow I'll be at the busier desk, but I don't mind. Anyway, I'm getting into the pop station they play at work. It's, I swear, the same songs playing that were playing when I started there in 2011...and I went through a 3-year break working at the desk...
  12. *high fives @Lady Mozzer. We saw it just last week! I really enjoyed it. So did my husband. I thought it was beautiful and heartbreaking at times. Funny at other times. We rented "Cedar Rapids," a funnier and sweeter movie than we thought it would be. It stars Ed Helms as a straight-arrow (sort of) insurance agent who has to go to major insurance conference in Cedar Rapids--where a prestigious award is to be given.
  13. I think I talked too much and I talked like a crazy person after this meeting today. It was a mandatory all-staff meeting 5-7pm on Sunday. That's it. It feels like punishment and the person I was chatting with was from NYC originally and she listened to me, but she was trying to talk about her political beliefs (left wing) and I wanted to agree wholeheartedly, but just didn't feel courageous enough to. So I waffled. And felt like I sounded insane. I wish I could say I liked these work meetings, but they really suck. I had the day off--and to have to end a day off with s h i t like this...I mean that's what I wanted to complain about really. Okay. Going to brush my teeth and go to sleep, I hope.
  14. It sounds like he gives you intermitten rewards/punishment, so you never know when you are solid with him. His answers seem narcissistic and gaslighting to me, trying to make you think you're not a competent human being--which you are, @Natasha1. He's mistaken and I agree with @sober4life. He sounds abusive. Leave him, if you can.
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