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  1. Thanks for the follow.

  2. This may sound cruel but if there is zero chance of changing your mind, please don't hurt anyone else. You said you get reckless when drinking. DO NOT drive a car and end up ******* innocent people, now that would be selfish. I really hope that you do change your mind though.
  3. Hi. I'm sorry that this has you very upset but you WILL find a job : ) You seem to be very sincere, articulate and, you actually have a great career field. Starting out is sometimes rough and it does not mean anything personal if they don't happen to pick you for the job. Some of your friends that found jobs may actually know of openings and help you land a position? I know all too well that it is a pain going to interviews, dressing up, etc. Relax and be yourself at interviews. Show your passion for your field too, that helps as it is what determined hiring me over several thousand others! I know this only because one of my interviewers told me this after I was at the job for about 3 months. I had worked out of my field of work for 15 years, although I did keep all of my skills and even bettered them through experience and classes here and there. So, you keep on being the nice person that you are and take a deep breath and smile, you have a great life ahead of you : )
  4. Hi, Why can't you see your doc sooner? Is it because THEY could not schedule you sooner? If that is the case, I would call and tell them it's an emergency! My doc would never do anything like that and I love for all she has done for me. If they refuse to see you sooner, I would go to my pharmacist and ask for a printout of meds, scripts, etc.... , this way, when you go to another doc, emergency room, or 'band aid station', they will be much more likely to at least get you a month's worth of meds. In the meantime, watch the caffeine and sugar as they can be triggers for anxiety. I hope you get this taken care of and feel better soon.
  5. Hi. Sorry you're feeling so bad. I have never self harmed but I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression. When I was in college, I would have a panic attack and I would just go talk to a teacher, or friend and they would always try to help. I would start to hyperventilate and have to go to the emergency room. There was always somewhere and somebody to talk to and help. I would talk to a priest, stop at the fire station and talk to them because I knew they could help and understand. When I lived on campus and my room mate was gone for a weekend, I would sleep over with other friends because I felt anxiety being alone. Nobody ever treated me bad either, they all were glad to help. When I lived off campus, I would sometimes wake up and have to go knock on a friend's door and ask if I could sleep on the couch because I was freaking out kinda. If I was your boyfriend, I would want to be there for you and help, even if I had to study. I think if he read your post he would say, "I am busy with studies but I care about you and want to help all I can". This is going to sound strange but have you ever saw the movie "What About Bob"? It is like your situation where a guy is seeing a doc/shrink for a long time. His doc is going on vacation/holiday and 'Bob' is a wreck. If you never saw the movie, it may help you laugh and say, "Wow, that reminds me of someone" : ) You take care of yourself and don't hurt/harm yourself, talk to somebody and let them know that you need them. Friends are supposed to share troubles and help each other, let them help. It's nice to meet you and I hope to see you doing better on your next post : ) Goodnight.
  6. Hi. I know that my anxiety always seems to get worse end of summer/fall. My depression seems the same but anxiety kicks in. This year, a couple of weeks ago, I had to see my doc to adjust meds for this very reason. I have a friend that takes meds only in winter. Also, I do not know why my anxiety gets worse this time of year? I love the fall. Talk to your doc and if you really need to, maybe a winter meds adjust is in order? You're not alone : )
  7. Hello everybody. I have been reading on these forums for awhile now but never signed up. I enjoyed reading and learning what others were going through and their solutions, etc. I have had anxiety since my late teens and depression for the past ten years. I have really been in a slump for a year or slightly more but I just started to get some energy and motivation back. This past week or so, I have been feeling nervous and doing the extra deep breath thing that I do (Or used to do when anxiety strikes). About an hour ago, I had my first full blown panic attack in YEARS! I am just now able to type because I took some ativan. I was outside just pacing back and forth, hyperventilating, heart racing.. I guess all the usual, but it has been so long that I forgot how terrifying a panic attack can be! I am cutting WAY down on the coffee because I don't want to have another attack. I sure wish I knew for sure what triggered this and, it anybody else has had years without a real panic attack and then BAM!, you get one out of the blue? I'm sorry that my first post is this way but I am still kind of freaked out : ( I look forward to getting to know you all : )
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