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    Just saying something happy before I konk out under painkillers...
    I'm so grateful for my BF.
    He isn't what a lot of people would want...
    He isn't 100% perfect for me, either...
    but he has been golden to me: ever since we met, I've either been physically ill (like recently, I discovered I need emergency surgery for a physiological problem), hurt (came back from working an art show with swollen legs and a sprained foot which he massaged), or busy (not being able to see him as often as I'd like due to art shows).
    I'm not his preferred size person... nor am I the type of person he usually dates (I feel like I'm must more quiet..to the point of appearing boring.)
    But still, he has dropped a hint that he thinks we will be together a year from now. Maybe longer.
    Now that I have this surgery coming up, it will mean even more obstacles. Eventually I want to move to the city which is about 40 mins away... and then it will be even MORE difficult...
    Regardless of all of this, he doesn't walk away or become upset. He is honestly the best SO I've ever had.
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