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  1. I just finished a book called The Hours by Michael Cunningham and it was really good! I think it might be my new favorite book!

  2. I'm feeling rage, just pure rage! This Nortriptyline is really tapping into to the angrier parts of my soul. I can only hope to contain it and try to mitigate the damage it does!

  3. Its crazy how your life can look so good on paper, but you still feel like the world is crashing down on top of you!

  4. Happiness, the promise of a better tomorrow, it's all dangled in front of you and just as you reach out to grab it, its violently ripped from your grasp! 

  5. An old friend tried to get into contact with me today and I don't know how to feel about it. I don't know if I should reply. I think it might just make me feel worse after I get done talking about how I've gone absolutely nowhere in life.

    Not sure why anyone would want to talk to me anyway!

  6. I just noticed my reaction time has gone down by a lot. Idk if its all the meds ive taken overs the years slowing my brain down or the depression.

  7. I'm feeling horribly irritable, angry, and shaky. I feel like a crazy person right now! 

    1. Jalen


      Sorry to hear man...hope your day gets better.

      Best Wishes,


  8. It feels like somethings missing 

  9. I'm tired, so very tired 

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