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  1. idkusername465

    Today is my birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  2. idkusername465

    What was a small victory you had today?

    I called to make an appointment with a therapist.
  3. idkusername465

    Genesight Testing

    I went to visit my primary care doctor today and he totally shut down my request to do the testing. He basically said it wasn't proven to be 100% effective and that I should go back to my psychiatrist, despite the fact I told him my psychiatrist has put me on plenty of medications and almost none of them have worked. It was an incredibly defeating and disappointing experience! Maybe I should just do what Ladysmurf said and call the company directly. *sigh*
  4. idkusername465

    Genesight Testing

    For those of you that had the testing done and your insurance covered it, what was the name of your insurance at the time?
  5. idkusername465

    Genesight Testing

    I have a doctors appointment next week and I'll be sure to ask them about this. At this point this might be my last hope. Keep us updated with how things are going!
  6. idkusername465

    Getting through the days

    I think you're stronger than you realize Gandolf. I've seen quite a few of your post around the forums and I've always admired you steadfast resolve to get better despite the overwhelming pain you may be feeling. I wish you the best of luck!
  7. idkusername465

    I can't work due to my depression and anixity

    Congratulations on getting the job!
  8. idkusername465

    Scared To Get A Job

    I've applied to a few different jobs and I've been rejected from all of them. Now I'm just trying to think of some jobs I could apply for that I can actually do. And so the job search continues...
  9. idkusername465

    Don't Question the Good

    I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'm glad you had a good day. You deserve it after the emotional hell you've been through!
  10. idkusername465

    Teenage Son's Reason for Suicide Thoughts

    Do you think its helpful to set goals for things you don't really care to accomplish? Forcing yourself to set arbitrary goals to mirror a sense of progress. If the idea is to build a degree of confidence, how can you build that confidence when you don't value what you're doing?
  11. idkusername465

    Have you changed meds successfully?

    If I were you I would just try increasing my dosage. The max dosage is about 300 mg so theres plenty of room to go. Theres no need to be so quick to change a medicine thats been working for over 10 years. Some people never find a medication that works for them. And yes sometimes medications stop working after a while. It happened to me personally.
  12. idkusername465

    Is this normal for zoloft?

    Sounds like a good idea. You might just need some time off to relax. But be warned though, if you take off too much time you might never go back. I was in college for a year and a half before I took a break because of depression. I took off an entire year to recuperate. I returned to school and had the one of the worst depressive episodes of my entire life. I'm 23 now and I've been out of school for about 2.5 years I'm just telling you all this so you know I was in similar situation.
  13. idkusername465

    Is this normal for zoloft?

    So what are you plans for next semester? Will you be returning to school or will you take a break?
  14. idkusername465

    Is this normal for zoloft?

    You're in university correct? Well if you are I'm guessing you don't currently have any classes and you're just doing Finals. Hopefully you can push through the next week or so and finish the semester strong. It really sucks to think that you could have done well throughout the entire semester but if you mess up on Finals week you could ruin everything. Over winter break you should have some free time to really look into the cause of a lot of these issues.
  15. idkusername465

    Is this normal for zoloft?

    I'm thinking it could be a few different things: The recent stress of your Finals is causing your depression to resurface in unexpected ways. If this is the case you may need to increase your Zoloft to help mitigate the effects of the stress and or try other coping techniques to help get you by. Perhaps after your Finals are over you will feel better. If you feel much better after Finals then you can attribute this depression to a stressful period in your life and nothing more. Your body is still adjusting to the medicine and so you might just be experiencing ups and downs. This also depends on how long you've been taking the medication. You say it was helping for 2-3 weeks but how long have you been on the medication altogether? If it's been less than a month this could be the issue, but if you've been taking it for a while I doubt this could be the reason. Your body has adjusted to the medication to such a degree that it has rendered it ineffective. Many people experience this "poop out" on their antidepressant, where it works for a little while but as time goes by it completely stops working. This has personally happened to me and to many others I know. I really hope this isn't the cause of your returning depression. The fix for this may be to increase your dosage of Zoloft. Hopefully that helps. There is a possibility it may not work as well as it did no matter how high you raise the dosage. But don't panic just yet, this may not be the reason for your returning depression at all! But all of that is just my opinion! Talk to your psychiatrist. Explain to him/her how you've been feeling and try to come up with a plan together on how to move forward! Best of luck to you!