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  1. Wishing you well in the New Year...

    1. idkusername465


      Thank you man! Happy New Year to you to! What time do you usually sign into the chat room?

    2. Tilted


      Often around 4pm weekdays, although I'm usually the only one in there

  2. Whats going on? How are you?  Long time we did not chat. I hope you are a bit better.  

    1. idkusername465


      Sorry I haven't responded to your message yet. I'll PM you within the next couple of days with a more complete reply 

  3. No problem man! Let us know how it goes!
  4. Have you ever been tested for adhd or any other cognitive impairments that affect your ability to pay attention and or remember certain things? If this has been going on for several years it sounds like you may a have a serious cognitive impairment that affects your ability to work. I recommend you get some testing done, cognitive test and maybe some blood work to see whats up. Your frequent yawning could be a sleep problem, maybe sleep apnea or something like that but I don't know know enough about your situation to say so with any confidence. A diagnosis of adhd at your age however is unlikely as its typically diagnosed in children. There may however be something else going on with you. Best of luck to you!
  5. idkusername465

    Four years ago today

    I'm so sorry to hear this Tilted, I know many of us can relate to your story. I feel like so much of mental health treatment is unsettled and nebulous and it's just so frustrating. We're suppose to just go to therapy for a while and make some life changes and then everything will be alright, but it just doesn't work that way. Sorry I haven't been in the chatroom lately
  6. idkusername465

    Why Is It So Hard To Find A Therapist?

    I'm so sorry that happened to you Lavvi. Your bad luck with therapist makes me feel grateful I haven't had any really really bad ones. Therapist hold so much power and they can either be an incredibly destructive force or an incredibly restorative one. I'm glad animal assisted therapy has worked for you. I have heard of it before but never really looked into it. I think I just figured it wasn't for me. Perhaps it could helpful.
  7. idkusername465

    Why Is It So Hard To Find A Therapist?

    I was going through my insurance website at first and found that some of the therapist there didn't actually accept my insurance. It turns out the website is really bad at updating there information, so some therapist that are no longer taking my insurance are still listed there. I actually got a call back from a therapist I found on the site telling me all this and she also recommended I go to the psychology today website because therapist tend to update there information more frequently on there. Also the insurance website doesn't have the therapists picture nor a brief summary of them like psychology today does, two things I think are very important in making a decision about whether I want to go see them I already look at reviews of all therapist prior to seeing them.
  8. idkusername465

    Calling in sick

    Everyone needs a break every now and then. As long as it doesn't become a habit it shouldn't be a big deal. Twice in 6 months seems perfectly reasonable to me. If you had gotten physically sick these two times you called out sick are we even having this discussion? The point I'm trying to make is mental illness should be taken just as seriously as physical illness.
  9. idkusername465


    Hello Jay and to the forums! Feel free to share your story about your mental health if you haven't done so already. This site is filled with amazing people who will try to help and support you so don't feel shy about writing in the forums or stopping by the chatroom!
  10. idkusername465

    Why Is It So Hard To Find A Therapist?

    Over the past 3 weeks I've either called or emailed about 10 different therapist to set up an initial appointment. Off those 10 only about half of them have replied to me. And of those that actually replied to my messages I was only able to set up an appointment with 2. One of the therapist I met with I didn't feel was a good fit. The other therapist I'm meeting with in a few days. The only problem with this is she withheld her real address until after I booked an appointment with her. I found her profile on the psychology today website when looking for a therapist. On her profile under the space where the address is suppose to be listed is just a city and a zip code. Most therapist on the site have there full address. The problem with this is her address is a clinic I've been to before and stopped going to a few years ago. I can't remember why I stopped going as it was a few years ago but it probably wasn't for a good reason. This is compounded by the fact that a quick google search of the clinic reveals some bad reviews that really make me not want to go to the appointment. I just don't understand why so many people are ignoring my calls and emails. The excuse that they just don't have the time or haven't gotten around to it isn't good enough. This is peoples lives were dealing with here. I'm reaching out because I need help. These people work in the mental health field in order to help people. So, help me! Theres 3 things that have to come together in order to find a therapist: I have to find one that will accept my insurance I have to like their mission statement/approach to therapy (this is usually given as a short description in a therapists profile) The therapist I select has to have an open availibility Then and only then will can an appointment be made. This whole process is more difficult than it should be
  11. idkusername465

    Today is my birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  12. idkusername465

    What was a small victory you had today?

    I called to make an appointment with a therapist.
  13. idkusername465

    Genesight Testing

    I went to visit my primary care doctor today and he totally shut down my request to do the testing. He basically said it wasn't proven to be 100% effective and that I should go back to my psychiatrist, despite the fact I told him my psychiatrist has put me on plenty of medications and almost none of them have worked. It was an incredibly defeating and disappointing experience! Maybe I should just do what Ladysmurf said and call the company directly. *sigh*
  14. idkusername465

    Genesight Testing

    For those of you that had the testing done and your insurance covered it, what was the name of your insurance at the time?
  15. idkusername465

    Genesight Testing

    I have a doctors appointment next week and I'll be sure to ask them about this. At this point this might be my last hope. Keep us updated with how things are going!