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  1. Are there anymore examples you can give us of his behavior that you find inappropriate? It's pretty hard to judge the totality of someone's actions from just one comment. The statement he made could be taken as a snarky remark, or it could just be him trying to make sure you don't feel bad for giving a suggestion that wasn't very helpful, but its hard to say. It all depends on how he said it, how everyone in the office normally interacts with one another, etc. More information would be helpful!
  2. I took a walk today thinking to myself it was a nice day to get out. By the end of it I was left overheated and frustrated. Sometimes "nice days" don't turn out so nice!
  3. Snowing? That's insane! It was nearly 60 degrees Fahrenheit today in New York!
  4. If it's that hot now imagine how hot it will be in July and August!
  5. Well, if you're families won't invite you guys out to places I suppose you could all do some solo activities. Maybe taking nice walks, go to the movies, or perhaps visit a museum. I'm personally gonna be taking a lot of walks this summer throughout the city that I live in. I have lived here my whole life but I've never really explored anywhere. Hopefully getting out the house a bit more makes me feel better.
  6. I'm the exact same way. There's just something about overcast thats really calming to me.
  7. I know many of you have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is when symptoms of depression occur at the same time each year. For most people this occurs in the winter months when the days are shorter, there isn't as much sunlight, and you tend to spend more time indoors. This happens to me as well but during the warmer months of the year. Every year at the beginning of Spring / Summer a weird fear rises up inside of me. As the temperature outside rises I begin to dread the coming months. I think its because the Summer is suppose to symbolize fun, going outside, and just generally socializing more, all of which I just can't relate to. The idea that I'm suppose be having fun adds this weird pressure on me that I don''t like. It's like someone telling you a joke and then demanding you to laugh at it. Even if the joke was funny you no longer feel inclined to laugh. The added pressure to socialize is terrible to. Because it's warmer you're suppose to go out more. Just because it's a little warmer outside doesn't make me feel inclined to go out. I still enjoy time to myself and I am very much a homebody. I don't really know how to explain it it's just weird! Can anyone relate to what I'm talking about?
  8. Oh my god I've never heard of this before now! Thanks for bringing it to our attention! I'm going to start doing research on it when I have the free time. Please keep us updated on your progress.
  9. V8 Splash Fruit Juice. It's actually pretty good!
  10. I've been thinking of going to Outback Steakhouse.
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