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    Health and wellness, psychology, nature, hiking, biking, arts, good coffee, dancing, watching sports, Ehler's-Danlos Syndrome (my condition), conspiracy theories, love, REBT and CBT
  1. God this is me tonight. alcohol, muscle relaxers and painkillers. It was a poor choice but I couldn't stop my hurt at the moment.
  2. I feel like I question and fight so much that I end up pushing the person away too :( I don't know of it's wishful thinking that I catch them lying or cheating or I'm just afraid of being hurt. It's ruined too many relationships to count though :(
  3. I was wondering how many of you have trust issues that you feel are either precipitated by or worsened because of your anxiety or depression? I deal with crippling trust issues and a bit of paranoia. I think the person I am with is always trying to cheat on me or that people are always telling me a lie. I can't shake those thoughts in my head that someone is always out to get me and then I get confrontational and accusatory toward them. It's an awful pattern to be trapped in. :(
  4. Hang in there and remember help is coming soon. Do whatever it takes to make it through the next few days. Try to be gentle with yourself
  5. I have the same feelings that keep me awake at night. I'll feel too keyed up and on edge to be able to relax and fall asleep. Do you take anything for sleep? I take something but it only works sometimes. I have a lot of restless, anxious, agitated energy I can't seem to quell.
  6. Thanks everyone! I found a Depression Anon group and an On Our Own group nearby :)
  7. Hi everyone, just want to say I love you all and give you all hugs. Does anyone know of any websites that list local depression and anxiety support groups? I tried just googling my town and "depression support group", but came up with nothing :(. I'd really like to find a group to attend at least twice a month. Thanks all!!
  8. I quit work 4 years ago and dread going back. I'm married with elementary school age children so I spend my days at home, but the mere thought of reporting to work 5 days a week, in a set time period, with someone over me, and deadlines to fulfill....argh!! I don't see how I would function
  9. Hi all. I'm a 33 yo girl, married with two kids and have been depressed and anxiety ridden since I was 15. Has anyone ever found a fellow depressed buddy to talk to on this site? I feel like a burden and no one understands me in my family. I've been having a very tough time lately with thoughts of harming myself because I just cannot get my mind straight and I have basically no friends, no hobbies, I stay at home all day and want to sleep for hours on end. I'm on medication (same med since 2003) but it's not working anymore. I'm starting to think all pmeds are a placebo :(
  10. I thought I was stable on my medication but I think you're right in that this might be a symptom of the depression as well as a cause. I feel very out of control in my life and thought maybe I could feel happier focused on something outside my marriage. I changed a lot in my life for this bf and I feel I am left empty with nothing positive going for me. I have no interest in hobbies, working, friends, etc. I know I need a professionals help. What type of professional do you think would be most helpful?
  11. This is a long post. I have been married for 10 years and in several extramarital relationships for 5 years. My most recent relationship of 1 year is a mess. We see each other on a very regular basis and have a lot in common. I know though, how can I expect a relationship outside my married to be filled with love, honesty, trust and understanding. He is also married. The cards are stacked against us. The jealousy over each others spouses, and other aspects of our lives, tear us apart and reduce us to childish, mean, game playing a******s on a regular basis. When I met this guy, I fell in love. I cared about him more and more as time went on, and he said the same for me. The problem is, any time I feel hurt or am confused by his actions or have an issue to discuss, he launches into a full blown counterattack. I mostly just need an ear to listen to me and a shoulder to cry on, since neither of us can change our circumstances of being married, but I seem push him away and make him cold and distant and just plain mad when I bring up any of my issues. When I first met this guy, I felt loved and great, now I cry on a daily basis from one hurt or another. I don't know what to do. I suffer depression and anxiety and am medicated but it's not helping. My depression and despair are getting worse and worse. I feel at a loss of what to do with myself. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
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