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  1. I greatly appreciate the posts. I take 1.75 mg of Ativan at 11:30 and then 1.25 at 5:45pm. I am trying to switch taking that into account.
  2. I'm switching from Ativan to Klonopin. I've read some equivalence tables that seem to conflict with what my pdoc said and a very experienced person in another forum. I just want some opinions on equivalent doses. My Pdoc has given me enough of a milligram script to figure out the equivalent. She has suggested rather than directed. I have the freedom to experiment within the dosage. Many on here have experience with them and I just want to know what you think. Question.. 1mg of Ativan = how much Klonopin?
  3. Notgointomakeit.. I like your posts. Please stay around so I can continue to read them.
  4. How hard is it to come off that dose? I have been taking 15 mg remeron for about 9 months. I take it with 600 mg of trileptal and 1mg prazosin at bedtime. I also take 1mg of Ativan twice a day.. Morning and late afternoon. My pdoc says to go off of it as I am feeling way to drowsy in the mornings. I am also gaining weight and the morning hunger almost makes me sick in the last hour or so of sleep. She feels there is not enough in my system for a therapeutic effect or to have a withdrawl. It's not doing anything but making me sleepy. She says to go down to 7.5 for a week then go off them. I also am gonna gradually go up to 1200 on trileptal. With that said.. Does that titration schedule make sense? Will I have withdrawals at that 15mg dose? Is it possible or even likely that the other drugs will mask or cancel them out? Has anyone had experience doing this? Will the increase in metabolism effect the other drugs.. Like the Ativan? I have read a lot of bad things about getting off of this. Most of those were about people getting off of much higher doses. Like 30-135 mg. those titration schedules are way longer and more complicated than she suggested. Thanks for any suggestion.
  5. I'm on 15 mg of Remeron. 600 mg of Trileptal, .5 Ativan. I am so tired during the day and my Pdoc wants me to go up to 1200 on the trileptal. Any suggestions on what I should tell my Pdoc. Plus i just started taking the Trileptal 2 weeks ago and she wants to double it. Is that a safe titration period? Seems a little quick to me.
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