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  1. Terribly anxious. Had to go to the store yesterday to get some essential items (ie food) and had a panic attack right before leaving the house. I'm absolutely terrified of this virus. I've never been afraid of an illness like this before in my life. Due to the condition of my lungs I doubt I could survive even the flu, so COVID-19 would likely finish me all the quicker. And then there are my elderly parents that I live with. What would happen to them if they got sick? This is all just too much for me right now and I gotta quit thinking about it, somehow. I do envy those who aren't afraid to get sick. I wish I had that kind of mental superpower.
  2. That's cool you were an original fan. I was only 3 when it came out and didn't really start listening to them until I bought a singles collection cd in 9th grade. Oh I haven't seen that documentary but I'll check it out.
  3. ...'cause London is drowning, and I, live by the river. (love that song)
  4. Animal Planet is showing a Puppy Bowl marathon Right now it's the Pup-triots vs. the B-eagles from Puppy Bowl XIV (2018). Pretty funny stuff. Oh and also the Kitty Halftime Show is pretty funny
  5. But these are individual governors deciding to do this as an attempt to stop the spread, not the federal government, and I highly doubt Trump would do that anyway. It's not really a lock down...stay at home means you can still go out for groceries, exercise, medical needs, and to care for family in other households. If that's enough to somehow turn people into anarchists, then we are in pretty sad shape indeed haha. I just want to see an end to this virus. I'm tired of constantly worrying 24/7 about the health of my family and friends across the country, and in this house. One way to stop this from spreading is to stop going out needlessly. Just my view of things during this really weird time It may be too little too late anyway.
  6. So now 29 states have issued stay at home orders. Not sure why the others haven't done so yet...not sure what they're waiting for. It's not like things are going to get better any time soon.
  7. Mostly sunny with a few happy little clouds floating around, and 51 degrees
  8. I do believe it's tea time for me And I'm craving a lot of it this afternoon, so I'm going to put aside my little gaiwans temporarily, and get out my largest glass teapot to brew up a ton of Dark Roast Oolong. I got a new teapot warmer that uses tealight candles so I can keep my tea warm for a long tea session of over an hour or so
  9. How It's Made is on all day on the Science Channel. It's a show I like to have on in the background while I do other things, and it's kinda cool to learn how a bunch of random things are made
  10. Yeah 83 would be too warm for me too. I love days like today where it's cold but not insanely cold, and the rain and snow can get to work and hopefully wash away or bury all the virus germs out there . (I don't seriously believe it can do that but it's a nice thought I think)
  11. It's currently 34 degrees with a mix of light rain and snow showers It's supposed to turn to all snow overnight and we're expecting 3-5 inches by morning.
  12. I was on Chewy's pet supply website checking on my order status and saw that there is a catnip product called: "Meowijuana King Catnibas J's". Their slogan is: "For Cats Who Need the Weed" They're actually "joints" filled with catnip that you break open to give your cat haha
  13. So my state of Colorado issued a stay-at-home order starting today (Denver had already done so) Too late in my opinion, but better than doing nothing. The death toll from the virus rose quickly here this week and is up to 19 (it was 7 just a couple days ago). Gov. Polis (who I like and voted for) has apparently asked Trump to declare Colorado a major disaster area. Also been thinking about springtime lately I'm going to start setting up my Easter decorations soon. I don't have many, but it would be nice to change the indoor scenery a bit in here.
  14. I was listening to The Blob theme song last night (I have no idea why) and it's stuck in my head haha I'm going to try to drown it out with "Spasmolytic" by Skinny Puppy.
  15. So yesterday Denver issued a stay-at-home order and initially said that liquor and cannabis stores would close, only to reverse course a few hours later and allow them to remain open (to the relief of many). Just goes to show that some forms of recreation are indeed considered essential
  16. Finished my morning coffee, now having some high mountain black tea from the Alishan mountains in Taiwan. I'm brewing it traditional "gong fu cha" style in one of my gaiwans.
  17. I'm on the last cup of my afternoon tea session of "Eastern Beauty" oolong tea, which is one of the more famous oolongs from Taiwan.
  18. I'm munching on Cheez-It crackers.
  19. Oh man that must be so strange. I found an article on a site called Vulture called "Pro Wrestling in Empty Arenas is the Weirdest Show on Earth". Apparently some of the wrestlers actually broke character in humorous ways, which almost never happens. Makes me want to watch now haha. I'm about to start watching I Am Legend on DVR.
  20. An organic, darkly roasted oolong tea that's simply called "Organic Dark Roast Oolong" (from Taiwan I believe, but there's not much info about it). I intentionally over-steeped it this time to the point of it becoming almost black in color. Very roasty but also sweet and thick, and yummy
  21. We ended up with 11 inches here from the storm yesterday. Today it's sunny but cold and in the upper 20s.
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