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  1. Thanks everyone :)

    Yeah I'm not doing too well. Woke up feeling worse :(

    Another problem is that a few local friends of my brother and I are expected to come over later today...ugh, I'm not really up for it at all. Talk about bad timing. I should have some time to sleep some more before they get here fortunately.

    Thanks again for your thoughts KS, Absent and Shmooey!!!

    I really do appreciate you all :)

  2. Hi Meeyow.

    Few things are worse than feeling abandoned.

    You should definitely look in to spending time away out in nature.

    That's one of my favorite things to do and it helps.

    I take klonopin as well, but when I'm severely depressed I actually take less than normal. It tends to add to my depression a bit.

    I'm American but don't really care at all about politics and greed. It's unfortunate, but nothing I can do about it. I gotta take care of myself, not my country haha :)

    Hope you can get away a bit and enjoy your weekend.

    Take care of yourself!


  3. Thank you Absent.

    He came by a few days ago and said that the kitten had passed away before he got home. He said he buried it in his yard. Very sad :(

    However I did actually talk to him for much longer than normal. I also told him to come by my house on weekends if he ever wants to talk.

    He's a very intelligent person with a horrible illness, so I can definitely relate to that...but he is also very talkative whereas I'm much more shy and reserved (in real life, at least).

    Yeah, I love animals and it really bothered me to see such a tiny kitten in pain :(

  4. Thanks for the hug Shmooey, I really needed that :)

    Actually it's more of a car thing for me (though money is always a problem as well). I neglected to tell my brother that I needed to get my script filled and he won't be home with the car for a few more hours...

    ...only a few more hours now, I can make it! :)

    Yeah the Shenandoah is beautiful isn't it? I love it out here :) It's very peaceful.

  5. Hi Duck I'm glad you worked out and set a couple goals for yourself. I really need more exercise, though I'm a bit underweight and actually need to eat more. Years of depression has caused me to eat much less than I should.

    Funny how some people eat more, others less, when depressed. Just like some people sleep more, and others hardly sleep at all.

    Take care.

  6. Very interesting thoughts! I can relate quite a bit. (I'm not a christian now, but I certainly respect all belief systems). After high school I was going through a particularly severe depressive episode and basically became a Christian. It was weird because until then I had never thought I would become one. I was hoping that it might help me get through life (a little selfish I guess). But then I started thinking about hell, judgement, demons and the like and it made me feel much worse. It would cause me anxiety as well.

    So I left Christianity, though I still believe in the supernatural and a creator.

    I've always liked reading about various religions and spirituality, philosophy etc. It fascinates me. But I guess my beliefs are pretty vague.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  7. How much longer will your xanax last? Do ya have enough to make it at least close to your appointment?

    Yeah I have a good doctor as well, and I'm not sure what I'd do if he left. Is your regular doc just on vacation, or gone as in moved away or something?

    I'm sorry you're going through this :(

  8. Yeah, I've been there. I have panic disorder as well as depression and went through a situation similar to yours two summers ago. A new doc wouldn't fill my klonopin script, so I ended up going through 4 days of hell before being able to see my original doctor (who is great!) who promptly refilled my meds.

    I hope you can get some refills before you run out. Panic attacks are such a terrible feeling, I know.

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