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  1. Science is right --- coronavirus ain't cool --- too much death
  2. Mac and Cheese (again) --- Not bad though...
  3. Planet Earth II - episode "Mountains", on the BBC America channel.
  4. Remember to always wash your soap before using it
  5. Ha, I did notice the Ancient Aliens marathon and it might have triggered a thought of V in my brain
  6. OH I forgot that I have the complete V miniseries on dvd! The original one from the 80s. Gonna dust it off and start watching it tonight
  7. It was a cool and wet day, about 50 degrees with light rain. Looking ahead, it's supposed to be in the 60s with occasional rain showers for the next week.
  8. So my sister has been sick with suspected COVID-19 for going on two weeks now. She's a doctor and I guess she must have caught it at work before starting to work from home. She's quarantined at home in her room away from her husband and kids (her husband now sleeps in their living room) , probably the most alone time she's had in years haha. She wants to wait on testing until after she recovers and then get an antibody test. She'll be ok I'm sure and is finally starting to feel better except for a bad cough, but her fever is down. I trust that if she gets worse or starts having breathing issues that she'll go to the hospital. And then over in West Virginia, my brother's fiance managed to get a COVID-19 test and tested negative. That didn't surprise me at all as I knew her symptoms were anxiety and depression related. She hasn't been right since their trip to L.A. last month to visit her dying father, who has since passed away. I really feel for her. Here in this house my parents and I are still healthy. I've totally lost track of time and all the days blend together. There's lots more on my mind but I'm becoming very introverted lately.
  9. I'm so sorry you had a sad birthday @watalife I hope a kitty comes into your life soon.
  10. It was a cold and snowy Easter, and it's even colder and snowier today. 20 degrees and snowing
  11. Went out for the first time in 9 days to get some stuff at the grocery store. The last time I went I had an anxiety attack before going, but this time I was able to handle it without my fear of illness getting out of control. I wore one of the t-shirt masks I made, and it worked well in that it didn't fall off or suffocate me. I made them based on the surgical style masks with 4 strings that tie around the back. My dad had also used one without issues a couple days ago. At the store I'd say about two-thirds of the shoppers and employees were wearing some form of mask. There were still lots of bare shelves and I wasn't able to find everything we need, so I may have to venture out again in a few days. I just don't want my dad going out anymore. We had a big spike in new cases here yesterday. This afternoon I'm just relaxing, drinking lots of tea and watching some tv.
  12. I'm sorry I missed your post yesterday...so a belated Happy Birthday to you @Atra! Stay safe and healthy man!
  13. 70 degrees and sunny...very pleasant.
  14. Just started watching Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome on my DVR. I've been averaging about one movie per day lately to help pass the time, but I'll probably up that to 2 or 3 per day in the coming days and weeks. I'm working on a list of films that I've either never seen, or haven't seen in a very long time. Many of them aren't free to rent though so I need to be careful not to get too carried away.
  15. Here in Colorado Gov. Polis has told us to wear masks (of the homemade and non-medical variety) at all times when going out of the house. I just happen to have an unopened package of plain white t-shirts which I'm going to use to make some for my parents and I. He said to make mask wearing the cool thing to do and have fun with making them haha. I like him he gives entertaining news conferences.
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