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  1. Ever wave to a neighbor as you're driving down the street, and they look right at you but don't wave back? And then you think "well **** you then ***hole"
  2. Kinda down tonight. Just thinking about lots of stuff. I'll be alright. Have a good night or morning everyone. If you're sad or unwell I hope you feel better soon.
  3. The neighbor has 9 yaks now. The babies are really cute they run and play like dogs haha. I gotta put some pics of them in my album sometime.
  4. Yeah everything's becoming so impersonal everywhere. I'd always give bigger cash tips to people who were extra friendly or funny or whatever. They made it enjoyable for you to be there, so a nice tip is like a personal "thanks" to them. Now it's like your money just goes who knows where. I don't even know if my tip goes to the person I intended. It really sucks I hate how everything is becoming so impersonal. And with everything becoming so expensive as you said, it's just not fun anymore.
  5. . Haha that's really creepy looking. I liked the old smilies we used to have years ago much better.
  6. I can't find it on my emoji list. But the tail looked like the blade on an ice skate lol. I thought you were saying dam this ice skating rink lol.
  7. I hope you come back someday Bulgakov. I hope you're ok wherever you are now. I came back recently and I really wish you were still here. Always enjoyed your writing and anecdotes.
  8. You're welcome. And if they try to talk you out of it (sometimes they do that) just say that you don't like the way it makes you feel and you want to try something else. You're in charge of your treatment. Good luck to you.
  9. Yeah I like their old stuff too. "And Justice for All" was the last album I liked from them.
  10. (I thought that mouse was an ice skate at first) Southern Style Food
  11. Oh yeah Headbangers Ball! I'd forgotten about that. I also watched 120 Minutes on Sunday nights in the early 90s.
  12. Leftover country fried steak with cream gravy, and fried chicken tenderloin with ranch dipping sauce.
  13. Hi SolaKayip. Yeah it sounds like you're having some side effects. You might want to see about trying a different med. You probably wouldn't want to up the dose since the side effects could become worse. It seems like after 2 months in they should have lessened by now. Hopefully you can find a new med that your body is able to tolerate better.
  14. You're both right, of course. I was just hosting a pity party for myself. I tend to do that when I can't sleep.
  15. I wish I was independent. I'd be homeless if I were though . I can't function as a normal person. I can't handle the anxiety of life independently.
  16. I'm doing ok tonight. Today was my mom's birthday so we ordered delivery from her favorite restaurant on DoorDash. It was also another very pleasant day weather-wise over here. So actually I had a very good day and I'm doing pretty good tonight. Good days can happen and that's why we're all still here right? I hope you all have a good day very soon.
  17. Hey hocico it's good to see you again! Yeah Jaws 4 was the absolute worst. It's hard to believe Michael Caine agreed to star in that movie...what was he thinking lol
  18. Went shopping and picked up a birthday card and gifts (her favorite candy and cookies) for my mom. Tomorrow's her 75th birthday. I love my mom, she's awesome
  19. It was another day in the 70s, which was very nice. The nights have been in the 50s. Fall is definitely on the way, and I can't wait.
  20. Oh that's awesome, congrats. Hope is a very nice name.
  21. Hi Rainingviolets, I just wanted to let you know I don't mean to be ignoring your comments here and on my blog, but I just have other stuff on my mind lately to deal with. I'll get back to you though on the blog when I can concentrate better, and I do appreciate you taking the time to comment. I hope you understand.
  22. Unfortunately it's probably not in the top 5 of priorities though. I don't know, it seems like there's more mental health ads these days and with increased awareness you'd think things would start to change. I guess there's more meds now than there were like 20 years ago, but I can't say anything else has changed for the better.
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