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  1. Thanks so much everyone :)

    Hen- Thanks!! lol who knows? We could be :)

    Whatcha- Haha yeah that would be a fun experience trying to get a bear through airport security :D Wow that's the biggest thing with airports, the security lines are always a pain.

    Absent- Yeah it's weird isn't it? I'm sure the relative (a distant cousin, but blood relation) is homeless, or possibly worse. My mom hasn't heard from him in years.

    You're very right about healthy fear! You really helped me put that in perspective :)

    Jojin- I know what you mean. Just like many other types of illness mental illness can be caused by genes.

    Thanks for your kind words :) I'm trying hard to focus on now rather than next week.

    I have to say I feel bad having fun while others on DF are not...but my brother and I are taking plenty of pics that I'll share with you all soon. Hopefully that'll help others forget some of their problems.

    Thanks so much to all of you! :)


  2. Hi Duck.

    Yeah, unfortunately sometimes we just have to trudge through life and hope that something good happens one day. Hope that maybe the depression will just completely vanish suddenly.

    Sorry, that isn't very uplifting I know!

    Of course, as you said just gotta keep hoping for the best...who knows, maybe there will be a cure for this in our lifetime.

    That's just enough to keep me going.

    Take care Duck :)

  3. Hi Jojin!

    It's good to see ya back :)

    When I was very young, my grandmother suffered from dementia before passing away. It was very hard on my family, and such a sad thing to watch happen to someone :(

    I have watched the documentary "Bully" as well. I wasn't really bullied at school, but a few of my friends were.

    I really feel for them!

    Take care and I'm very happy you're back :)


  4. Thank you Shmooey!

    I'm very glad that you have some loved ones that are supportive of you.

    I've always thought that it's better to have a few supportive family/friends than it is to have many people around who don't truly care....But then yeah, I feel like a burden to them precisely because they are supportive. Like I don't really deserve it.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Hi and thanks Lady Mozzer :)

    I'm really looking forward to the trip. It's too bad they haven't invented some type of teleportation device so I could just skip the plane altogether :)

    Yeah, feeling like a burden is such a bad feeling isn't it? It's hard for me not to dwell on such thoughts when I'm so down.

    Thank you for replying, and take care of yourself :)

  6. Hi Whatcha.

    It's cool that you decided to make a blog. I think it's a good way of getting things off our chest.

    Yeah, it's frustrating when others don't understand what it's like to have depression and anxiety.

    That's awesome you got to visit your niece and nephew though.

    I'll be visiting my family (including 2 nieces and 1 nephew, ages 1-5) out of state in a couple weeks.

    Take care,


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