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  1. I hope you've been feeling better lately RiverLight.
  2. Watching The Lost Boys on BBC America. After that is Stand By Me, and then Weird Science and The Goonies. 80s day.
  3. I'm glad to hear that. I'm doing better now too, thanks. I was able to finally get some decent sleep, and that makes all the difference for me. When I'm not sleeping well everything becomes amplified.
  4. Oh yeah Labor Day. The end of summer. 5 years, that's awesome. I'll say congrats a few days early...congrats Sober
  5. I heated up some mac and cheese I got from the grocery store's fresh/refrigerated section. It's not bad. Kinda bland.
  6. I'm sorry you're feeling down Duck. I hope it gets better for you soon.
  7. "Think for yourself, or others will think for you without thinking of you" - Henry David Thoreau
  8. So far this week it has been back up in the mid and upper 80s. Very little rain.
  9. Yeah that's a good point. And of course I had to look up who played ALF, and found Michu Meszaros
  10. Feeling stressed out because I really need to get back on meds and I just can't handle all the anxiety. I got like 2 hours of restless sleep and it's all catching up to me. I hate this feeling.
  11. Yeah they seem very similar except for the horns and I guess yaks are bit shaggier. Both animals look really cool I think.
  12. Yeah for some reason the songs have to be approved. You won't be in trouble though, it's just a tech issue and DF doesn't have a tech right now.
  13. Hey Nightjar. Yeah that's something that's so depressing about dental issues because we all need to smile, or at least be able to smile. It's kinda funny how low a priority going to a dentist is for many of us here. It took the extreme agony of infection to force me to go lol. I really hope your foot heals up soon. I'm sorry you've been going through that.
  14. Hi Monicott, I understand what that's like. I hadn't been to a dentist in about 20 years until last May when a wisdom tooth root abscess forced me to finally make an emergency appointment. I did what you're doing and looked up reviews of all the dentists in the area. When I went in, I just told them all (the x-ray tech, dental assistant, and dentist) that I had severe anxiety. They went out of their way to try and make me comfortable being there and the assistant even brought me some water while I was waiting for the dentist. The dentist told me that teeth are their job and they've seen it all, so there's no need to feel ashamed or think that you might have the worst teeth they've ever seen. I was very, very surprised because I had terrible experiences at other places in the past. Not every dental office will be like that, but I really believe that things have changed so much over the last 20 years. Sedation dentistry is also offered by many places specifically for people like us who have severe dental anxiety or are too embarrassed. Even if you don't choose to use it, I would recommend going to a place that offers sedation since it'll mean that they're aware of anxiety in their patients. Also there's a good chance your teeth aren't as bad as you think. I honestly thought they would recommend I get all my teeth pulled, but that wasn't the case. Once they get an x-ray, which they do right away, they'll see how much bone loss there is and what your options are. Also there's all kinds of cosmetic things they can do and whitening so that at least you'll be able to smile again, if that's an issue you're having. Good luck to you. It'll be ok. (Sorry, this is a really long reply lol)
  15. Bleach is great. Wipes out all those nasty germs.
  16. Incense. I find certain scents to be uplifting, calming, grounding, spiritual, etc. I'm burning a new one right now and it's taking the edge off my anxiety a bit so I'll probably order some more of this brand.
  17. I was anxious all day but was able to take my mom to the craft store this afternoon. So that was a little victory. I picked up a couple of little Halloween decorations while there. It's still early, but if we went back in a couple weeks they'll already have their Christmas stuff on display . Tonight I'm feeling less anxious. More melancholy and nostalgic than anything else. I hope you all take good care of yourselves tonight.
  18. I like Voyager too. TNG is my favorite, followed by DS9, TOS and then Voyager. I actually thought Enterprise was ok. For some reason I just couldn't get into the new ones like Discovery or Picard, but I might try again someday.
  19. Today I: stayed home, listened to music, did some reading, watched a little TV but got bored, blogged, and now I'm listening to more music while posting here.
  20. Yeah self checkout is the best.
  21. Went grocery shopping at 7:30 tonight and wow there was no one there, it was so awesome! Only nighttime shopping for me from now on.
  22. Watching lots of music videos today and tonight on YouTube. Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Devo, The Sugarcubes, Gary Numan, Alice In Chains, Tom Waits, and now Cameo.
  23. It was 78 today with a brief afternoon storm. It's been in the 70s for highs each day for awhile now and it's awesome. 60s would be even better and hopefully that'll start to happen in September.
  24. ...I mean, they didn't even have to wave back. Just a slight nod to acknowledge a friendly gesture would have been nice. But nope. Nothing. Too much to ask I guess. There, I'm done ranting now.
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