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  1. 60 degrees right now, which is over 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. The neighbors yaks seem to be loving it. They're much more active today than when it's hot.
  2. That's awesome. It was 92 here today, but it's supposed to cool off down to the 50s this weekend and I can't wait. I want to see the great pumpkin lol
  3. Hi Dryemptywell. There are many sub forums here for things like relationships, family issues, etc. Or you can just post right here in Depression Central. There are also threads like How Do You Feel Right Now that many people use. There's some fun forums and threads too which I use a lot as a distraction from life. As Rainingviolets and Chumly have said DF is great place to hear from others dealing with similar problems. It's not nearly as busy as it once was, but I think it's still a great place to be and very helpful. I always end up coming back here after 9 years so far. Good luck to you, and I hope you find DF to be helpful.
  4. Today I listened to lots and lots of music. It was a relaxing day and I didn't have to face the outside world.
  5. I think peppermint is the best of the mints.
  6. Way too hot for this time of the year.
  7. Yeah I took a shower, didn't shave though but the scruffy look went well with the ripped jeans and blue flannel shirt I was wearing lol. Nothing to do today but relax at home. Hope you have a good day Extremebeginner. I hope everyone has a good day today.
  8. Oh wow that's scary! I hope you're ok Epictetus!
  9. Feeling very blah and unmotivated today. I have to go out this afternoon but I really don't feel like it and I'll probably end up talking myself out of it. I need to take a shower too but I just want to lie down and not think about anything for awhile.
  10. My cat has been sleeping on my bed for 6 hours. I think that's the longest she's ever napped before
  11. Eating bacon and drinking coffee
  12. Yeah, friendship can be tricky and weird. I think there's such a thing as real friends though.
  13. Oh and thank you, by the way. I actually plan on getting back on meds (but probably not zoloft), but my situation and illnesses are very different from yours. In my case it wasn't very smart to quit my meds lol .
  14. So do you plan on going from 25 mg to zero in December (as in 25 one day and zero the next)? Or do you mean you're going to continue to taper from 25 with even smaller doses before going to zero? I'm just curious because going from 25 mg to zero is too big of a jump in my experience. When I was at 25 I continued the taper by cutting them into even smaller pieces before jumping off completely. I'm just trying to understand as specifically as possible since you're trying to avoid the zaps and other effects at small doses.
  15. I misspelled lightning but I don't feel like editing it lol.
  16. That actually happened in this house to my parents before I moved in. Lightening struck somewhere in the yard and fried just about everything and insurance covered most of it I think. Even the TVs. The deductible was $500, my dad just told me.
  17. The power went out for a minute. That reminds me I really need to order a surge protector. Gonna do it now...
  18. I hope you get well soon @duck! @Nightjar it could be a sign, I hope so. @cherryapplez2020 I hope you hang in there, I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time. Have a good Sunday everyone.
  19. I've been off since early 2021, about a year and a half I guess.
  20. I'm not feeling too bad tonight. Not too anxious. And it's a stormy night outside which I really like. I like it when the weather is exciting...reminds me of just how small I am compared to Nature, but in a good way.
  21. Whoa, big t-storm and now it's hailing. Not huge hail, just small ice pellets. Nighttime storms can be fun to watch from inside
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