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  1. Hi T on C.

    I love incense and use it frequently. I think the aroma of (especially) Frankincense, Copal and Myrrh to be very soothing. Sandalwood is good too.

    Myrrh is also good when I'm deeply down, as it was once an ancient incense of mourning.

    Take care,


  2. Welcome to your blog :)

    It's a good way to just type out whatever is on your mind. And you'll be surprised how many people read what we say :) Sometimes that actually makes me a bit nervous lol.

    But blogging is good and helpful I believe.

    I'm glad you're getting some help from the meds. Counseling is something I've always avoided, but I know it has helped a lot of people on DF.

    Take care


  3. You are right, most people just don't understand what it's like.

    If they did, they would never say such insensitive things as "pity party". One thing I was told, was that I was just "feeling sorry for myself". Awful things to say to anyone who is struggling through depression.

    Take care,


  4. Hi Lady M,

    I know what you mean about everything taking so much effort. Racing thoughts while trying to sleep won't leave me alone as well.

    You're such a great person and a great friend to me, and yet I'm helpless to help you... It's such a bad feeling, not being able to help a friend in need. :(

    But you'll get through these rough times. I know you will.

    (((Lady Mozzer)))

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