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  1. I'm glad you're ok. What's with all this wind lately? On Sunday night at my brother's house in WV a crazy wind storm knocked over a tree which ripped off a powerline and some of the siding on his house. The powerline ended up landing on his car which was parked in the driveway. I saw the pictures and it's pretty amazing there wasn't even more damage then there was. Fortunately it looks like insurance will cover most of it. I lived in that house until 2015 and it was always nerve wracking whenever a storm came through because there's so many trees and powerlines everywhere. The little one story house (basically a double trailer) always felt like it could be crushed so easily.
  2. 56 degrees, sunny and extremely windy for the third day in a row One of the few things I hate about living here is the wind. It gets old.
  3. I often dip garlic bread into the pasta and sauce but I haven't quite taken the leap into making it into a sandwich. Might be pretty good if it uses Italian style bread. Maybe not so much with Wonder Bread
  4. I think I'm feeling pretty good lately. Weather has always had a huge impact on my mood, and with winter, snow and the holidays approaching.. I'm looking forward to it. I know it's the opposite of the way most people with depression feel, but I love winter. It's just who I am. Also I had a not so great summer/early fall, so this is like a refreshing renewal for me. Or something like that Other than all that my social anxiety is still pretty terrible, but I can usually trudge through it when I really need to. Overall I'd say I'm doing ok.
  5. My mom and I made spaghetti with mushroom and meat sauce this afternoon. There's enough leftovers to last me through tomorrow most likely...spaghetti for breakfast, perhaps?
  6. Finished The Wicker Man (1973) yesterday, and Everest (2015) last night. Not sure what I'll watch today...right now I'm just flipping through the channels until I can think of a movie. One thing I'm not watching is the news. I actually went all summer without watching the news and was better off for it. Then I tuned in for a few days after the election, but now I'm done (except for local weather and stuff like that).
  7. Disasters At Sea on the Smithsonian Channel. This episode is about a container cargo ship that sank after somehow ending up in the middle of a hurricane. It's really sad because the captain didn't listen to his crew about the latest weather reports, and all 33 ended up going down with the ship.
  8. I'm happy with the election results. I've never been an extremist of any type. I've never been far left or far right (though I lean left on some things and right on others)...always an independent. But I voted for Biden because I really, really wanted Trump gone. He had to go. So I'm happy about that.
  9. Dropped off my ballot this morning. I mostly voted against certain candidates, rather then for their opponents, if that makes any sense
  10. True, and I've seen the same thing even with pet fish. The bears decided not to stop by on Halloween night. It might be because one of the neighbors had a big haunted house setup in their garage with music, lights, and all the works. Might have kept the bears away. Might have kept the kids away too because I didn't see a single trick or treater
  11. Watching The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror marathon on FXX. At about 2:30 I'll switch over to TCM to watch the original The Wolf Man (the one with Lon Chaney from 1941).
  12. Last Halloween three black bears raided the candy bowl we left on the front porch for trick or treaters (and then returned to raid the trash cans a couple days later). I'm wondering if they'll remember what today is and make another appearance tonight. I read somewhere that they can actually remember things like specific dates when easy food is available.
  13. Sunny and 66 degrees. I would prefer Halloween to be misty or foggy, but this isn't too bad. Happy Halloween!
  14. I remember way back when I first joined DF I was always greeting new members and trying to help. It actually made me feel good to do so, and I even made some friends. Eventually I ended up on the DF staff for a while and enjoyed that too and made even more friends. Then somewhere along the line I found that I had less and less to say. My mind would go blank so I just stopped posting in the main forums altogether as I became much less social. Sometimes I would stop coming to DF for long periods of time. It's all kinda sad in a way. But I'm still here after 7 years so DF means something to me even now, it would seem.
  15. 14 degrees and snowing Supposed to get 6-10 inches by tomorrow morning, but what's great about this storm is that it should slow down the wildfires. The cold and moisture is much needed.
  16. "We gonna rock down to, Electric Avenue. And then we'll take it higher" Woke up with that song in my head this morning.
  17. Sunny and way too hot...84 degrees. Unfortunately it's not supposed to cool down again until next Sunday.
  18. I actually watched Titanic (the 1997 version) all the way through for the first time recently. The last couple hours of it are really good I thought. After watching I read everything I could on the actual Titanic sinking. Imagine falling into 28 degree water...terrible way to die.
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