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  1. Background tv while I read the forums and facebook. Also the birds singing, as I have the window open.
  2. Hi! Panic attacks, and the fear of having them, kept me out of work for a long time. I also had a panic attack while driving to work one morning. It was TERRIBLE! I've found that carpooling with a friend helps, if that's at all possible for you. I really doubt that your feeling like a normal person was a delusion. You're just as normal as anyone else, it's just that you happen to have mental health issues and trust me lots of other people (like myself) do as well. But ya know what? If you absolutely feel that you aren't ready to work than maybe you should relax your schedule a bit until you can maybe find a med that will help you with the panic. Personally, I haven't had a single panic attack since I started taking Klonopin (anti-anxiety med). Definitely tell your doc and maybe they can put you on something to help. I hope it works out for ya
  3. Hi JKC! Sorry you're going through such a tough time... I can definitely relate to frequently having zero motivation, though perhaps not to the same extent. What meds are you currently on? Perhaps the side effects are contributing to your problems? I hope you get better soon!
  4. Yeah that sounds like a very creepy guy! I would stay away from him at all costs. And you're not a coward. But if he attacks you by all means defend yourself. I despise overly aggressive people like that guy you describe. Back in school, I made it a point to defend anyone being bullied...not always a smart thing because I'd then become the target and get into fights. I didn't care though, because no one else would stand up to them so I did. I really hope he leaves you alone.
  5. Yeah Lexapro didn't really do squat for me either. I was on it about a year and then switched back to Zoloft. It's sometimes a very long process finding the right meds. I Hope you find something else that works for ya
  6. Welcome Raggnerdrac! I'm on 200mg of Sertraline (zoloft) as well. I've been through them all and it's the only one that sort of works for me. Glad you found a good doctor
  7. Hi B! Yeah I just joined as well, and I hope you find support here. I have a very hard time opening up at first, but will eventually I suppose. Maybe you could start a blog here and post some of your poetry? Us depressed folks tend to like dark poetry and all that :)
  8. Hello everyone :) So I've been suffering from depression since I was about 12. So that's 25 years of dealing with this horrible illness. Anyway thought I'd join this forum to talk about all this and maybe be able to help others.
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