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  1. I get depressive episodes that last a couple months at a time, sometimes shorter sometimes longer. With meds, they usually don't reach the same peak as they did before I took meds and was depressed constantly. I think the meds tend to blunt the depression a bit. However sometimes I'll have a depressive episode that is sever, even now while on an antidepressant. No rhyme or reason to it. Yeah I have windows, as you call them, during most episodes.
  2. Hey. Make sure you tell him all about the anxiety. If you can, I know it's hard to do. Some docs are hesitant to prescribe anti-anxiety meds. And since you over dosed he might have to find something else you can take.
  3. Venting can definitely be good. Glad you're less frustrated today. And yeah, smart is better than popular. Wish I had known that in high school! :) Take care. I enjoy reading your blog
  4. Hi Absent. Sometimes anxiety will just come on for no reason at all. I've had it as a companion to depression for quite a while. I don't know why your therapist doesn't understand that. So you are taking diazepam? I think 2mg is a very low dose. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about maybe switching to another anti-anxiety med or a dosage change? I take Klonopin .5mg twice a day (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on my anxiety level.) It definitely helps. Hopefully that helps a bit. Take care
  5. Welcome Hopper. Yeah there's very good supportive people on these Forums. Withdrawing from some of these meds isn't much fun at all, but it'll pass. Take care
  6. Yeah I've found that posting my thoughts on my blog really helps me. Hope you get over your downswing soon. Take care.
  7. Hi and welcome Musiclover. When depressed, it can be hard to express gratitude sometimes. Actually it can be hard to express anything. Hope you find a home here on the Forums. My best to you.
  8. I hear you. I like to reply to posts, but yeah sometimes I don't really feel up to it.
  9. Cloudy but kinda hot. Chance of rain later in the day.
  10. I haven't been in a relationship since developing bad depression and anxiety. Not even sure I want one either. It would probably just add stress that I couldn't deal with. Pretty sure I'm destined to be alone forever. I don't know if I really care or not.
  11. Trying not to throw up...I feel like crap today and my anxiety is ramped up
  12. Feeling sick today :(

  13. I'm very lucky in that my parents have always treated me with love. I don't know what would have become of me without them. It saddens me that many people here have not experienced that.
  14. Watching the show "My Cat from Hell".
  15. Not sleeping, and too much thinking.
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