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  1. I use a tablet. I got it earlier this year and it's the first touchscreen I've ever had. I also have an old laptop which I prefer but it runs very slowly now. For calls I use the old school landline phone. Pretty crazy, eh?
  2. I don't own a phone . Not a smartphone, anyway. I think I might be the only person in the World lol.
  3. I got nearly 7 hours of sleep this morning for the first time in a while, so that was good. It was a really weird day though. Tonight I'm ok, just listening to music. The usual late night ritual. Take care and have a good night everyone.
  4. Hey Cherryapplez, that would be awesome if you're able to move away from there.
  5. That sucks, I'm sorry Sober. You're right, getting older is like tumbling down from the peak. It's like every year after about age 35 or so, maybe earlier than that, it picks up more and more speed. I hate getting older lol.
  6. Panic attacks suck so bad, I've had so many but it still feels like I'm going to die when it happens. And I'm sorry you feel alone. @Nightjar too, I'm sorry you both feel so alone. I know what it feels like. I mean I'm not technically alone my parents are here, but my friends are all far away and I feel very lonely.
  7. Leftover sesame chicken, lo mein and some rice.
  8. Birds are so inquisitive. Sometime this fall I'm going to set up a little bird feeder where I can see it from my bedroom window.
  9. Hope you have many more good days soon Nightjar.
  10. That's a bad combination, I'm so sorry Epictetus. I hope they go away soon.
  11. Thanks, I really appreciate that. I'm sorry you get it sometimes as well. It really does suck.
  12. Cloudy and cool with a little drizzle. Very nice. And it's so extremely quiet today. Where did the birds go? I guess they're all resting in their nests.
  13. Hi June. I'm sorry, I really hope things get better for you. I hope you'll be ok.
  14. I've been battling insomnia this weekend and its really taking a toll on my concentration and mood. But I'm hanging in there I guess and am not too bad today. It really feels like Fall here now, and the leaves are finally starting to turn. It's refreshing, I really love this time of the year. Have a nice Sunday everyone.
  15. It's hard to fight exhaustion isn't it, really the only thing to do is lie down for a while. I've had a rough weekend and haven't slept much, but it's not over yet and I'm a bit better today. Thanks for asking Duck, hope you have a good day today!
  16. The day after a night of little or no sleep is always really shitty but I've made it so far without a full blown panic attack. Hoping I can get some sleep at some point later tonight. If not then tomorrow will be hell, but right now it's time I put on some music and zone out and forget everything I really hope everyone has a good night.
  17. That's awesome, I bet beaches are really nice without the crowds. I love jacket and coat weather it's like an extra layer of protection from the world lol.
  18. I'm sorry Duck. Yep new month, and I hope it's a good one for you
  19. About the same, lots of anxiety this morning. Didn't sleep much. Anyway, hope everyone has a good Friday. Tomorrow's October already
  20. I'm feeling anxious, jittery and frustrated today.
  21. I decided to delete all my blog entries a few days ago. I got a little worried I guess about opening up too much especially in my recent entries. I use to be very open. But lately I feel much more guarded of my thoughts, and I felt troubled after sharing them in detail on my blog. I do appreciate those who interacted with me on there, and it wasn't because of them that I deleted it. I wonder if someday I'll regret deleting it. There was stuff on there going back 9 years, and it's gone now.
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