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  1. @sober4life Yeah you're exactly right. And I wish I had done this with other cats I've had through the years...would have prevented many headaches for sure. I really need to convince my mom to do the same with her two massive Maine Coons. Good idea about using it for fun activities too, and I'm going to continue to give her treats in there 😺
  2. I recently subscribed to CBS All Access again so I can start watching it, and also the Star Trek: Picard series when it comes out. I'm really curious about both. Right now watching Star Trek: DS9 marathon on BBC America. Star Trek everywhere! haha
  3. Thank you both very much for the tips, I got her in this morning 🙂 What I did was yesterday I put a blanket in the carrier and placed it next to her cat tree with a few treats and some catnip inside. By last night she was actually playing and sleeping in it! So this morning I put a little more catnip in and closed it up once she was inside. She didn't even realize I closed it until I lifted it up. The appointment went without a hitch. I'm just going to leave the carrier in the same spot for her to use and hopefully this will continue to work for future appointments. I gotta tell you though I didn't sleep much at all last night. All I could think of was that something would go wrong and we'd miss another appointment. So needless to say I'm very much relieved!
  4. I'm so angry at myself. My new kitty Shelby (formerly known as Sheba) was supposed to go to her first wellness vet appointment this morning but I botched getting her into the cat carrier. I picked her up too soon before my mom had the carrier ready and then she squirmed out of my arms and hid under the couch. Ugh I wish I could rewind time and do that over...I can't believe I messed that up. So anyway I had to reschedule the appointment for tomorrow morning. That gives me 24 hours to come up with a foolproof plan to get her into the carrier. I'm also going to leave the carrier out in the open all day so she can get used to seeing it without freaking out (that's what the good old internet says to do and what I should have done in the first place). Shelby has forgiven me for this morning though. When she came out of the couch I gave her some catnip and got her high as a kite haha. Cat carrier incidents aside, she's almost fully adjusted to her new home now. She's such an awesome cat and so affectionate. She follows me everywhere and is just so cute 🙂
  5. A series called How the World Ends on the Travel Channel. It has various experts talking about possible end of world scenarios. This episode is about what might happen if aliens invaded our planet 👾
  6. Hey Evalynn, just in case you haven't tried it my brother swears by O'Keeffe's Skin Repair for his eczema and stopped using his prescription ointments completely. *(Edit - The ingredient list is huge though, so not sure about all the chemicals in there.)
  7. Oh cool that's the college town I believe 🙂 I wish I'd seen some of these places when I was in WV. There was absolutely nothing to do in Shannondale. Harpers Ferry was cool though...kinda like a time capsule.
  8. @sober4life No I never made it out to that part of the state, I was over in Shannondale near Harpers Ferry.
  9. A couple houses in the neighborhood still have their Christmas lights on. I like seeing them each night and hope they don't take them down anytime soon. Although I tend to put away all the Christmas stuff on New Year's, I think it's cool that other people stretch it out as long as possible 🙂 I can pretty much guarantee that my friends back in WV still have their decorations, lights and trees up...possibly their Halloween stuff too haha.
  10. 34 degrees with a "High Wind Warning" and gusts up to 60 mph. That's one thing that really sucks about living at 6,600 ft elevation...the wind can be so obnoxious 🌬️
  11. I adopted a cat! 😄 She's a little 1 year old gray and white kitty named Sheba. She's a real sweetheart but very shy, and right now is hiding under the couch haha. When I stick my hand under there she rubs her chin on my fingers and starts purring. I think she'll be ready to come out soon. She's had a long day though and I don't want to rush her.
  12. Thanks! Yeah depression will say that. You know when Sissy passed I went into a bad depression and had similar thoughts like "I have no business owning a pet anyway I can barely care for myself", but it isn't true...not for me or for you, or anyone. Pets can greatly help with mental illness and I'm proof of that. Yeah you love animals and I think you should really consider getting one. A dog would love to go with you on your walks 🙂 It's a great thing to share your life with an animal friend. And you know what's cool? They never judge or criticize or think you're not good enough. I really do hope you get a pet Sober 🙂
  13. Tomorrow I'm going to PetSmart to look at the kitties up for adoption! I was looking online and they currently have 4 at that location. Two of them in particular have caught my eye but I'd like to meet them all before deciding (I'll only be adopting one cat but believe me I'd adopt more if I could). There's another shelter that I may visit as well, but PetSmart is closer so I'll go there first. Apparently both places work together with adoptions anyway. I've already bought all the necessary supplies, toys, etc (I'm not reusing any of Sissy's stuff as they were special to her and are packed away, and some of her toys are on her memorial altar). And I bought a cat tree from Amazon last week that I finally put together today. It wasn't as hard to assemble as I thought it would be. When I was ordering it took me forever (hours!) to decide on which one to get, and I studied and compared all the reviews and dimensions haha. I went with a shorter but wider one that specifically said it was for large cats, as many of the other cat trees have platforms and houses that are just too small for even an average size cat. So anyway I'm very excited about tomorrow and hope to welcome a new cat into my life! 😺
  14. "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976) with Clint Eastwood on the History Channel. Pretty good western, I like it. I noticed the actor who played Uncle Leo on Seinfeld had a very brief part early in the movie 🙂
  15. Well it didn't snow. 30 degrees and sunny.
  16. 29 degrees so far tonight, and expecting some light snow by morning. Tomorrow's the full Wolf Moon, and there will also be a "penumbral" lunar eclipse.
  17. I think one of the main reasons for my chronic insomnia is that I'm basically nocturnal. It's difficult to go to sleep at night when really I'm just starting to fully wake up and get going.
  18. A variety of Assam black tea grown in Taiwan called "Assam Black Beauty #8". Tastes very rich, caramelly and creamy...nothing at all like Indian Assam (which I'm not very fond of). It's interesting that the same type of tea can taste so different depending on where it's grown. I'm a big fan of this one, my new favorite black tea. And it's available on Amazon, which is convenient.
  19. I dreamed of an old friend I haven't seen in 6 years. In the dream I was back living in my old house in West Virginia, and the friend came to stay with me for a while. We were talking about psychology and very strange illnesses of the mind, which is not something that I would normally talk to him about in the real world. The dream had a melancholy feel to it, and after waking I thought about my old friend for quite a while.
  20. I think that the ghosts that appear to be trapped in this world are actually "residual hauntings". Like leftover energy tied to the place where the person spent most of their lives. I think their actual conscious souls have gone off into the afterlife. But in hauntings where spirits actually try to communicate or interact with the living, I believe those to be conscious souls that for whatever reason haven't "moved on" yet, or have come back for a specific reason (like to comfort a loved one, or to warn them of something). And then I also believe in non-human spirits like angels, demons, nature spirits, and animal spirits. 👻🙂
  21. @samadhiSheol That's really interesting. You know paranormal investigators are a dime a dozen these days, might be kinda cool to see what they'd come up with there. Maybe even make it onto one of the many ghost hunter shows haha. Or maybe take things into your own hands and try some EVP sessions with a voice recorder or something haha. I actually believe in that kind of stuff (hauntings, etc), although like 90% of the time there's a more mundane explanation...there's still that 10% 🙂
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