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  1. Freezing drizzle and mist all day. Looks really cool on the trees but I wouldn't want to be driving in it. The roads are glazed with ice.
  2. Binge watching early seasons of Law and Order, it's an addictive show lol.
  3. Weekend at Bernie's, lol it's so silly but funny sometimes. Earlier I watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Great Outdoors.
  4. I'm sick but I don't think 3 beers will hurt me too much so that's what I've had lol . Happy New Year everyone . I really hope 2023 is kind.
  5. That's the truth. To be honest I underestimated Covid and also didn't really think I'd catch it. I was wrong though.
  6. Thanks man. It's up and down for me everytime I think I'm getting better I seem to relapse a bit. It's going on 7 days now since I started feeling sick but it looks like it's going to linger a while. I'm a smoker though so that could be why, though I've cut back quite a lot. Happy New Year to you .
  7. Recover from Covid. Overcome social anxiety. Care less about what others think of me. Sleep more than a few hours at a time. Be happy .
  8. This stupid Covid is getting old now. My senses of smell and taste are pretty much gone. It's so weird, why does it do that? My cough is lessening day by day, but my nose went from a leaky faucet to very dry and burning. But of course I know that Covid can be very serious and even fatal for some people, so I shouldn't be complaining about my relatively mild symptoms. So far I've gotten off easy. We had about 7 or 8 inches of heavy wet snow last night but the bright Colorado sun melted a lot of it today. It was pretty though and I took some pictures but am having trouble posting them in my DF album. Not sure what the problem is I haven't had that trouble before. Might be my shitty tablet though and I'll try posting from my phone later (have I mentioned I finally got a smartphone? ). Anyway I hope you all are well, and have a very good night.
  9. Ok I'll just continue to rest this week, thanks Sober.
  10. Well my Covid kits arrived early and I tested positive just now. Not a big surprise but at least I know now. Also heard from my brother and he and his wife have it as well.
  11. My fever "broke" on Monday morning and now it's just a loose cough and my nose is a faucet lol. Unfortunately we're out of tests now but I ordered some more and they should be here on Wednesday. Christmas was awful god I was so sick. But anyway I'm feeling a lot better and my parents are totally fine except my dad has a lingering cough.
  12. I'm sick with hardcore chills and aches and so dizzy it's hard to type. The chills are the worst and it's in waves
  13. The very first Christians believed they were in the end times too. That was 2,000 years ago. Paul fully expected Christ to return during his lifetime, didn't happen though. Christianity is an apocalyptic religion. What would be more interesting is if a Christian said they think the end times is trillions of years away lol.
  14. Today I had on in the background at various times Law and Order episodes, The Princess Bride, Four Christmases, Elf, The Year Without a Santa Claus and now Fred Claus lol.
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