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  1. Flying is another fear I have. I rarely sleep the night before a trip. It's mostly the time leading up to the flight when my anxiety goes into overdrive. Once in the air I'm usually able to calm down, except during turbulence.
  2. Finished a cup of med. roast coffee w/creamer and sugar about an hour ago. Now drinking water.
  3. Gouda and sharp white cheddar cheese cubes and crackers.
  4. I have too. I don't think it should ever be considered delusional unless accompanied by other specific symptoms. Just about every culture throughout the world has believed in evil spirits at one time, and many still do. Belief in them, and the supernatural in general, is not uncommon at all. I've had supernatural experiences with what I believed at the time to be evil spirits. It's tricky though, since I was actively schizoaffective at the time. But my other experiences with the supernatural (of the non-evil kind) have happened when I was more or less mentally healthy. Just about everyone I know has claimed to have had some brush with the paranormal at one point. Even my sister who is an MD.
  5. Peaches have an awesome aroma! Reminds me of visiting my family in Georgia throughout the years 🙂 And peach cobbler is so good! Just go have a little piece now, no one will notice 😄
  6. Hey there Jamark8. I'm glad the CBD is helping you out. I've been meaning to start taking CBD for a while now, but it's rather pricey for my budget at the moment. It has so much potential for mental health, it's just a shame it has taken this long to become more available throughout the country. As for your "rant" (btw it's very healthy to rant and get stuff out sometimes 🙂) I definitely understand your frustrations with the laws of your state. I live now in Colorado (for entirely different reasons), but haven't forgotten that most other states still have some pretty tough laws.
  7. Plain water. I don't really have anything exciting available to drink at the moment. There is some decaf coffee but I don't feel like making it 🙄
  8. I have OCD, among other things, and it bugs the hell out of me 😢
  9. This afternoon I drove my mom and I up to Target to look for some Father's Day cards and pick up a few other things. It was very crowded, and when walking in I noticed the check out lines were very long. Just as we finished shopping we heard that the cash registers had all broke down! After about a half hour of waiting we gave up and walked out. Many others were doing the same thing as well. We ended up stopping by the grocery store on the way home to get the cards (also crowded but at least the registers worked). When I got home I looked online and apparently this happened to many other Target stores all across the country. Otherwise my day was pretty uneventful
  10. Cool. It's good to change things up now and then. 🍝
  11. My cat. I'm washing the bedding of her favorite sleeping area and she keeps moving around the living room looking for an alternate spot to nap, only to get up and move to another. I've also realized just how spoiled she has become Her bedding will be out of the dryer soon.
  12. Ugh, yeah some ants can be just as bad as anything else. Hope the swelling goes down soon and you feel better!
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