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  1. Back in WV we had lots of white-tail deer and sometimes they would hang out in the yard eating various weeds and shrubs. My brother and I kept the yard wild and it attracted all kinds of cool animals. Here in CO. we have mule deer, and there's a couple different herds that'll walk across the yard from time to time.
  2. Ever since I started taking Ashwagandha last week I've noticed I'm remembering more of my dreams. It was nighttime and I looked out my kitchen window and saw a huge, white scorpion the size of a large dog dancing with another smaller scorpion. I was thinking maybe they were doing some ritual dance. I called to my mom who was nearby and said "hey come take a look at this!" She looked out the window and said "oh my god!" Then an ostrich came over and looked like it was going to attack the largest scorpion, and I was worried the ostrich (which sometimes looked more like a turkey) might get stung by the huge stinger. It looked like they were about to fight and then I woke up.
  3. It was a rough week for me physically and mentally, even spiritually, but I'm alright now. Things are better.
  4. After a near record low of 14 F early this morning, it turned out to be a pretty nice day: sunny and 50 degrees.
  5. 16 F and snowing ❄️ Ha, Winter got here before Halloween did. I kinda like it though...it's pretty out there. About an inch on the ground so far.
  6. This evening my mom made me a tuna fish salad sandwich, which was a nice treat as I'm not feeling very well today. Her version uses tuna, sweet red peppers, pickles, sweet onions, celery, and not too much mayo, on toasted rye bread with some lettuce. Was really good and I'm saving half the sandwich for later.
  7. Some large wolf spiders have been moving into the garage the past few days, no doubt due to the cold weather (I think you mentioned that one time @sober4life). I nearly stepped on one at the foot of the stairs. A couple will make it into the house I'm sure. I don't mind them but they really are kinda creepy. After researching photos online I realized that what I had been calling wolf spiders for years are actually not wolf spiders. But the ones in the garage definitely are...they look like 3 inch tarantulas, they're huge.
  8. Was a very nice day here, clear and 60 F. We actually have a freeze watch in effect tonight as it's supposed to get down to 28. This is the earliest I recall that happening since I moved here 4 years ago. And I can't believe it but there's a chance of snow showers on Thursday morning 😮 🙂
  9. 🎃💀👻🍂

    1. JD4010


      I love October!

    2. AloneGuy


      Yeah me too it's my favorite month.  And it's actually feeling like October here now too...the weather has been perfect lately.

    3. JD4010


      Same here. Autumn has finally arrived. Until this past weekend, we were still having tropical weather. Wet, humid, and far too warm.

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