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  1. It had been snowing lightly all day but wasn't sticking, so it looked like the storm was a bust. But then starting at about 5pm the temperature dropped below freezing and the snow started increasing and sticking to the grass and trees (and flowers, which are in full late summer bloom). Now after 7 it's snowing steadily and the roads are covered as well. The forecast still says about 6-8 inches by morning, and I believe it now.
  2. I'm wondering if the snow will stick to the roads at all. We've had so many 90+ degree days here lately and all summer long, I'm thinking the asphalt will be too warm for any snow or ice build up. But I could be wrong, so I did my grocery shopping today 🙂
  3. Yesterday it was 98 degrees. Today was 90 (with wildfire smoke turning the sky orange...yuck). Tomorrow will be 32 with 6-8 inches of snow expected! I've never experienced snow in September before...should be interesting. But I'd still like to have at least a few weeks of fall weather before winter truly arrives.
  4. I made a small turkey sandwich for lunch/dinner.
  5. Sunny and 91. On Tuesday, just 3 days from now, the forecast is calling for temps in the low 30s and 6 inches of snow! If it happens that would be the earliest snow we've ever had here. Well, I wanted summer to end and it looks like I'll be getting my wish 🙂
  6. I'm so glad September is here. I didn't think August would ever end...especially the last couple of weeks seemed to drag on forever. But from now until January is by far my favorite part of the year. Sometime this week I'm going to set up my Fall decorations, and by the middle of the month I'll bring out all my Halloween stuff 🍂🎃
  7. 60 degrees with some much needed rain showers. I love rainy nights 🌧️
  8. Tea time...brewed a big pot of roasted Tieguanyin oolong 🍵
  9. Oskar Blues Brewery Ginger Beer with a wee bit of Jamaican dark rum.
  10. My cat Shelby is being really cute and funny this evening. I can't believe it's been nearly 7 months since I adopted her...where does the time go?
  11. Baked salmon and au gratin potatoes.
  12. I've been watching episodes of Sharkfest, Shark Week, and also some of my DVR recordings of Star Trek TNG. Also recording The Hunt for Red October on BBC America to watch later.
  13. Reed's "Strongest" Ginger Beer. I like it but it's not as spicy as I thought it would be.
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