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  1. I've decided that I'm definitely not going to take down the Christmas tree and decorations until New Year's Day. In the past, I've felt Christmas was over the morning of the 26th, and it was extremely depressing because I love the holiday season so much. But I was doing some reading and that's very much a modern thing...the almost month and a half buildup to a holiday that is gone in one day. But that's not the way it was traditionally done. In fact in liturgical Christian tradition Christmas day is the beginning of 12 days of celebration. I like that a lot better. Or at least until the New Year...which is considered a part of the Holidays as well. Anyway, for me Christmas is a season and it's not over yet The decorations, music and movies will continue for another week (Oh and merry Christmas everyone! I meant to post yesterday but I was making rather merry and didn't go online )
  2. This morning I took my mom up to the grocery store to get some Christmas candy (chocolate santas and stuff like that) for my nieces and nephew. Also bought 4 pounds of frozen snow crab legs which we'll be having on New Year's Day (or Eve?) next week. It was extremely crowded and nerve wracking, but now I can just stay home and relax and watch Christmas movies for the next couple of days
  3. Yep, and next it's going to swing back the other direction...the forecast says a high of 56 degrees on Christmas. So unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be having a white Christmas here this year. But right now it's cloudy, windy and 23 degrees.
  4. It was a sunny and fairly "warm" day... high of 52 degrees. Tomorrow's it's supposed to be up to 55, and then a big drop down to a high of 26 on Wednesday.
  5. I ordered a few books and a digital weather station for myself, and some new cat toys for Shelby.
  6. Earlier I watched my DVD of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (the original 1966 version...it's really good!) and now I'm watching "European Vacation".
  7. I had a little deviled ham sandwich and chips earlier this evening but it didn't really fill me up. No idea what to make for dinner later tonight. I'm sick of the same old stuff.
  8. It was a frigid day with strong winds and temp in the low 20s. It felt much colder than that though.
  9. I was meaning to ask you the other day how many inches of snow do you usually get each year? Where I grew up in Virginia, and then later on in WV, it seemed like we'd get less and less snow each year. Sometimes just a few 3 inch snowfalls in my last years over there. But when I was a kid in more or less the same area I remember quite a few 12" storms and a couple 24" as well. And when I look at old wintertime photos from my childhood it seems like there was always snow on the ground. It's a much different story here in CO, but back east there's no doubt in my mind that it just doesn't snow as much as it used to.
  10. I set up my little Christmas tree Shelby has only knocked it down once so far I also put up some Christmas lights, nutcracker statues and a tinsel garland on the glass table beneath my tv. It's starting to look pretty nice in here I think.
  11. I've been watching the 30 Rock marathon on the "E!" channel most of the afternoon. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are pretty funny together I think. I like Tracy Morgan too. In fact about half of the cast is former SNL actors.
  12. Cool, what kind of sled do you think you'd like? When I was a kid we mostly used plastic ones in different shapes, but I've always wanted one of the traditional wooden sleds. I'd also like to get some of those old-fashioned snowshoes This part of Colorado averages over 70 inches of snow each year...would be fun to actually go out and enjoy it.
  13. Oh I think you should! Sledding is fun I wish I had one as well.
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