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  1. It's an older movie...but I hate The Rocky Horror Picture Show 😮
  2. It's cloudy, 50F, and should start raining here soon. ☁️ ☔
  3. It's almost over, but I've been watching Fright Night (the 2011 version) on SyFy channel. IMO it's not as good as the 80's version with Chris Sarandon.
  4. Feeling dizzy and weird. I've been going through some klonopin withdrawal after my latest dosage reduction. I'm trying to taper off this med completely but it's slow going.
  5. My mom and I often watch movies together. She usually picks classic films that I've never seen before, and today it's Midnight Express (1978)
  6. Toxicity (2002) - System of a Down After this will be their song "Hypnotize" from a later album.
  7. I'm watching The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976). Unfortunately I'm watching on AMC, so there's gonna be tons of commercials for 3 hours.
  8. Nothing really exciting. This morning I drove my mom to the grocery store. It was so crowded there and I really dislike crowds, but the customers and cashiers seemed to be in a good mood so it was cool 🙂 I didn't really buy any "adventurous" foods or ingredients today, just some basic stuff like microwave dinners, pasta, soups, etc. But I did pick up a few yummy snacks: Oreo cookies, wheat thins, and pretzel sticks...my weight has been too low since being sick over a week ago and my family seems a bit worried about that, even though I feel fine. This afternoon the engraving kit I ordered last week was delivered, yay 🙂 I like to do wood carvings and engraving as a hobby to pass the time. No plans tonight...just gonna watch some tv and probably listen to music.
  9. I can't stand olives. Everyone I know loves them, but they're just not for me 🙂
  10. Grape jelly meatballs. A friend of mine made these as an appetizer at a party years ago and I tried one without knowing exactly what it was. I excused myself, left the room and discreetly spit it out into the trash can haha. I still can't get the taste out of my mouth...
  11. Still digging out from the big Colorado blizzard. Apparently it made the national news. Today is sunny and in the upper 30's F.
  12. We're getting hammered by a massive blizzard...I'm so looking forward to Springtime right now haha.  Have an awesome day everyone! ❤️ 

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