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  1. Hi, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any insight. I'm going to call my psychiatrist next week regarding topic below. First-hand accounts from you are appreciated as much as my doctors recommendation.

    After around 15 years managing dysthymia without therapy or medication (well, without prescribed medication), the most recent major depressive episode was worse than I could manage. After symptoms and resulting circumstances that just kept getting worse over a period of a few years, I started seeing a psychiatrist. We tried Wellbutrin for some months, which was temporarily great; larger doses worked for a few weeks than smaller, and then any positives (like being able to wash the dishes, or go outside) subsided completely. I wish the maximum dose was larger than 450 mg. There were no apparent negative side effects.

    Here's the bit relevant to the topic title:

    But anyway, now we're "experimenting". I started Lexapro (10 mg) on May 31, so it's been 10 days. After the first three or so days, I started really, really sleeping. I can't physically get out of bed until I've gotten at least 12 hours of sleep (14-15 hours is about right), and then I'm sleepy and/or taking naps throughout the remaining day. Aside from the fact that I'm beginning to feel emotionally neutered (for lack of a better word...) and completely asexual, is there any indication I can expect the excessive sleeping/sleepiness to dissipate? Because it's unmanageable in the long run.

    End direct relevance to topic title

    Thanks again.

    Here are some of my symptoms of depression, most of which I have dealt with since an early teen (currently either 33 or 34, honestly not sure). I often managed them with alcohol and opioids, or just retreating to a quiet place: loss of interest in everything (I abandoned a master's degree a few years ago after finishing my thesis and all my coursework, for example), complete loss of pleasure and joy (much more pronounced in this most recent plunge; music, the most important and constant thing in my life, has become functionally meaningless), I am unable to maintain any sort of social or romantic or familial bond (I wish I could; I've always just lost interest in them; the only two relationships I currently have is my psychiatrist and a saintly ex-girlfriend who looks out from me from time to time, despite my inability to reciprocate that kindness), I'm usually fatigued, daily suicide ideation (generally just this past year, thankfully), inability to do simple tasks (i.e. dishes, which is why I'm now unemployed, uninsured, expired drives license and tag, mail from two years ago unopended; you get the idea), what I'm told is "blunted affect" (so many years ago in high school I was told "stop with the deadpan act already". Sad face.), and a terrible sleep/wake cycle (it seems like I'm on a ~26-27 hour cycle). What a drag.

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