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    If I had any wouldn't be here, if you ever want someone to talk to I am here. Would like a friend please.

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  1. Why was I born? I did not choose to be born.
  2. Booooooring and no interest in anything absolutely nothing. How can I change when I don't want what this world is offering.
  3. days go on and on and on

  4. Message me I will listen and check on you on regular basis. We all want someone who cares enough to listen and understands our pain. I will do my best to be that person.
  5. I keep people at a distance and put on a fake persona so they don't find out how depressed I am. The one or two friends I do have will run away if they found out how miserable my life is. How do I keep faking this? i have been able to do it so far and close to entering the career/job i have been studying for. Nobody who isn't going through depression or been depressed or alone for all their life would understand. they will think I am some sort of psycho. I need to keep this to myself or else I won't be respected or looked upon as weak and a looser.
  6. Thanks barrier, once I finish fallout 4 will pick it up.
  7. should I get taken king? I hated the light system leveling. I heard that was changed.
  8. Fallout 4. Does what lexapro couldn't. make me happy. and black ops 3, rage inducing but still addicting.
  9. Thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts. Now that the weekend is here, thought of going to church is stressing me out and will probably not go. I am just so overwhelmed with my past mistakes and horrible luck that I can't deal with anything right now. My depression will win again and keep in my room this weekend again.
  10. I am really sorry to hear this. We are here to listen
  11. I am sorry. I cry often as well. Hope you feel better.
  12. I don't know what to do anymore. I find joy in absolutely nothing. Always alone. I am going to church this weekend. Not sure if it will help as I have never been too religious. Does having faith in God help?
  13. I am so angry right now, what a ****ing horrible life
  14. those who are living alone and single with no close friends. What do you do on weekends? weekdays are ok since I have to work to feed myself but on weekends I just want to hide from the world.
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