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  1. Hi Folks, I have been on and off Zoloft twice before and this is the third time starting. Last week I started back on Propranolol XR and I am finding that my heart gives a really sore pain. I remember the pain when I first started Propranolol thinking it was just adjustments but its been there for several weeks. I am also finding this time on Zoloft I find myself wanting to take more frequent 'deep breaths' alongside yawing is this a normal side effect? I dont remember having this one before, Can side effects change each time you start and stop medication?
  2. Hey Folks, Does anyone else experience problems when on Zoloft regards to 'Performance'? Can anyone advise any additional medications that may help? Cheers,
  3. Come to the UK where Mental Health is FREEEEEEE!
  4. Also. Is it possible that the OCD is because Its an answer that I never know?
  5. Hi Folks, Around February this year I had a real big Anxiety Attack I felt that the Rapture would enter in with the new pope. This then lead to me being worried about the Unforgivable Sin that happened when I was in Uni in my head. This then lead me to thinking: The way in which I said it was more Curious. It was not intended to actually Blaspheme the Holy Spirit and part of me thinks I have blown this out of proportion. Anyway I decided to get rid of my Beliefs so I started the path of becoming an Atheist. After a month or two of being an Atheist all my fears fell away, I was happy so I decided to Stop my Anti-Depressants and for the last 2 months everything was grand. Then my Girlfriend mentioned this week about 'The Big Bang' Which then made me start thinking about God which triggered my previous anxiety and threw me back into fear again. I have started Back on Zoloft this week. I want to know Do you think that I have committed this 'Sin'? Is it possible that I have OCD Religion? Did my Girlfriend Trigger my OCD? Is it possible that OCD can have triggers? Are my Crazy? Why does Zoloft have start-up effects when I was previously on it.Can someone put my mind at rest for some of these issues.
  6. Hi Folks, I am now an Atheist, I felt that that Unforgivable Sin spoken about in Christianity is one that I had committed. In May I started taking Zoloft and I stopped them in September. I was doing so well I was not afraid of going to hell and finally felt my life was back. Then: Yesterday my girlfriend told me she watched a program about the Big Bang she said that she had problems believing we came from Nothing! So this put me on a search & Started my OCD. Eventually I came to one of two conclusions 1) We don't know right now but may do in the future. 2) God did it?! This then made me panic - God created the Universe, I then Jumped to the opinion that this God was 'Yahweh' God of the Bible and that the Unforgivable Sin then triggered Anxiety and am now back in the OCD Spiral. ****! -- So back I go on Sertraline (Lustral) and bye bye sex life lol. Need some encouragement here has anything like this happened to you folks?
  7. Hey Folks, I had been on Zoloft (Lustral) for around 4 months. I noticed when I started I was down in the Dumps and now 6 months on I feel great. It is true what people say that it does make things easier to deal with. My fears were thus, Hell and the Afterlife - Ever since I became a Christian I was frightened of going to hell, I read a bit in the Bible where Jesus said that there was a thing called the Unforgivable Sin - I having some slight OCD felt I had committed it and that was me doomed for eternity in hell. For 4 months I had the feeling of What/If and my worry that this is all there is in this life and then my next life will be spent in torture. I took Lustral and it started helping - It never took the absolute fear and terror away but did take the sickening and sadness away. After 6 months of this crap I prayed to God. I said - I am on the verge of not believing in you, Regardless of weather you exist or not please show me either way if I have committed this sin - Still no answer. Oddly enough after asking many Christians about this - Each gave me a different view on this Sin which made me even more confused as each view was not compatable with the next. So after this prayer all happend so I decided at that point to become an Athiest. I am a very inteligent person and I became a Christian only 5 years ago but I had so many questions that I didnt ask because I knew people would hate me for asking. I knew the weak pillars of the faith so the second I decided to give up God is the exact second I started kicking the pillars. It all collapsed shortly after this. I want to say thank you to Zoloft for helping me through and giving me the boost I needed to think clearly. I am putting this here because there are many people who suffer depression with this SIN and I want them to know the second they give up God the better things become. I may come back to God but a man who creates a sin that can condemn me to hell isnt a God worth following.
  8. Hi Folks, Ive had depression for 5 months now and the depression I have is a fear of Hell and that I am going there. I believe I committed the Unforgivable Sin even though part of me believes I have not. Despite this does any one know what part of me is right. I am constantly down about this prospect however every so often I get afew minutes of reason and logic where I feel I am worrying about nothing and then I shoot back down into (What If) Is this depression Ive been on Zoloft 50mg for 6 weeks and It does not appear to have changed much. I just want these thoughts and feelings to go away as I cant live in this fear. Do you think CBT will help? What about Antipsychotics / Mood stablizers? I have ADHD too
  9. Hi Folks, I went to the Doc today who was a temp and they prescribed me Zoloft 100mg, Right now I am on Zoloft 50mg can someone tell me what the best way is to take these? Should I go for afew weeks at 75mg 1.5 pills and see how I go before going right up to the 100mg. The Doctor didnt seam to have any intrest in my case. I was also prescribed Propranolol M/R (Sustained Release 80mg) - I am presenty on 40mg Propranolol 3 times per day. So I need to ask is it safe to take 1.5 of these to make it 120mg slow release? Lastly I have heard of a mood stabilzer (Ambilfy) would this be recommended for severe depression. And the same question applies to Welbutrin?
  10. Hi Folks, I started Zoloft about 1 month ago (29 Days) and I still don't feel all that great. I am on Propranolol also so that might be what is affecting the effects of Zoloft. I am really depressed right now and I just need some advice - Is it common for an Antidepressant to not work ?? I would have thought I would have got some hope from it. I stopped it last weekend for a break and when I came back on it I felt lower than when I was off it for the weekend? Any reasons why that could be - I still feel like I am slipping. I am worried also about going to Hell and that I have committed the 'Unforgivable Sin' and although the overwhelming evidence says I did not do it I am finding there's the 1% saying 'What If' is winning in my head. Help people :-(
  11. Hi Folks, Over the last month or so I got it into my head that I have committed the 'Unforgivable Sin' and that I am going to hell. I believe that I committed it by saying to myself that the HS and Demons are both types of spirits and as such having them in the same sentence for comparison was me committing the Unforgivable sin. Fast Forward from there and now every moment of the day I feel despair that despite the evidence that says I could not have done it there's the 1% that I keep residing as the over ruling emotion and thought. When I am in a Normal Mood I think logically and it makes since however i also have this mood were I am utterly doomed. I Started Zoloft 1 Month ago and last week it worked extremely well, everything started making more sense and I was much happier - Then I took a break from it over the weekend there and restarted on Sunday Night and I feel like I've almost just reset the clock. I feel up and down again like I did when I first started them and the feeling of hopeless-ness has come back. Oddly though when I went off Zoloft for 2 days I felt just 'OK' e.g. Stable but when I went on them on Sunday Night the up and down came back. Please give advice do you think I will pull through again?? I've been told already its a bad Idea to stop but I didn't think a 2 day break would plunge me. Cheers,
  12. Hi Folks, I was on Zoloft for just under 4 weeks I was doing well in week 3 however one thing that bugged me was the low / non existent sex drive. So after reading many people on this forum people said to take a weekend break. So I stopped on Friday and Saturday this helped a little however when I went back on them on Sunday 50mg I started feeling really depressed with all horrible thoughts and sadness returning. It literally felt like my first 2 weeks on Zoloft. Is this normal for it to feel like you reset the clock? Cheers,
  13. Hey Dude, Im on 50mg and Its been a roller coaster for me. I took a weekend break from them and boy I wish I didn't. I was only on Z's for less than a month so being back on them after the weekend really did not help it feels like ive gone back to day 1 (Hoplessness, Dispair, Worry) all came back. With regards to the Sex thing I'm 25 and mine has went to low. That being said I think taking viagra may help maybe not for you to orgasm but at least to satisfy your woman. Lets face it I would rather have no orgasm and pleasure my partner and be happy on anti-depressants than the inverse.
  14. Hi Mucha, A bit like the previous poster I also worked as a Freelance Software engineer for a good amount of time, Let me tell you this - working from home is great but when you loose social interaction with people e.g. The talking that comes with being in a work place then it becomes really lonely. I for the last 25 years have always shared my life with someone, weather it be my parents / uni flat mates or even family. And from the start of may I have been all alone and I tell you it has made my anxiety and depression much worse. I feel your pain and your loneliness. I have my girlfriend who comes around most nights but when you go home from work to an empty apartment it makes me sad. Welcome to the Forum I hope you are getting the Medical Help you need. I went to my Psychatrist afew weeks ago and he immediately wanted to put me on Antipsychotic drugs... After going to my doctor and discussing my problems my doctor put me on Zoloft and Propranolol and I feel a bit better but I've been told to stick with it to feel the benefits. I want to also say that it is my theory that Lonelyness probably makes depression worse which in turn makes lonelyness worse.
  15. Hey Folks, I've joined this forum to hopefully get some support from others suffering from depression. I started having depression after Obsessing about the end of the world and my Christian walk. I then started having disillusioned thoughts and beliefs which put me into a dark depression. I have just started my path out of darkness on Zoloft and Propranolol. Last Monday (Day 1) I felt nausea etc, I then missed two Zoloft Yesterday and Tuesday overall I still feel down but better than where I was. When I missed the Zoloft for two days I did feel better which was odd??? Can someone tell me if there is hope for me? I hate these thoughts and worries. On Monday this week I felt absolutely brilliant better than I've felt ever!!!!. Then I missed my Zoloft on Tuesday and Wednesday and started taking it today and I feel down again and anxious and slightly nauseated. Any words of advice. Cheers,
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