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  1. Well, my mind is blank almost 24/7. It feels like I am paralyzed.
  2. Poland... This is unbelievable... I can't explain them anything cause the illness took my ability to think fast and clear. I forgot so many important facts... I feel like a ******. I barely think and speak, it's like I'm in the cage which is protecting me from explaining CLEARLY what's happening to me. One doc said something like this: "Sir, you're not ill. Get some work, u want to spent rest of ur life in bed? - It's your choice! (I don't give a ###") I'm going to get SPECT scan and if it's something wrong, then it will be proof that it's not psychological. Fckng ignorants... This doc which I mention is really arogant. One day, the patient told that he is afraid of meds cuz he doesn't know what they can do to him. Doc literally said: "Who knows more about meds, YOU OR ME?!?!?! HURR DURR", "If u r rly afraid then get out and get some homeopathy!". I hope this post is understandable...
  3. Just great... I was in the hospital second time. They released me today, just after 5 days... Diagnosis? Peronality disorder. They think my personality is developing wrong. So, the cure is therapy. This is serious bulls*** for real.
  4. Have a great weekend! ღ ~Lindsay

  5. Why you don't considered ECT?
  6. In my case, I'm looking at ECT.
  7. I was on mirtazapine (45mg) for 12 weeks. I felt the same, except one day when I was crying.
  8. Congratz. I think I'm gonna be on Pramipexole or Piribedil soon.
  9. Great, I think I might have simple schizophrenia. Progressive apathy, anhedonia etc.
  10. So, there is chance at least... But this state is pure suffering, I don't know how long I can take it.
  11. http://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/83323-answers-to-curing-anhedonianumbnessapathy-no-1/
  12. Can someone explain me why ~2days after drinking alcohol I felt better? NMDA antagonism, or something else...?
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