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  1. I'd like to have some citrusy scents like lemon grapefruit orange but can never find any, waxes or oils.
  2. It makes me feel disappointed in myself, not so much jealous.
  3. Bing searched: Will I ever stop being depressed and lazy.
  4. I've been spending every hour outside of work or if in school alone for years. I'm able to stay inside for days without opening door. I'm perfectly fine and comfortable with it. It seems I'm an misanthrope? this word I've learned since looking at this site. It's just the thought that's it kind of embarrassing what people probably think. Especially the fact that I never have any company. No one has ever visited or stepped foot in here since moving in over two years ago besides management. Ironically a neighbor just now knocked on the door to borrow something, came inside, talked to me and everything.
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