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  1. ^ I was prescribed lexapro over 9 years ago by a GP, and my question was : does this sound like i'm dependent on these meeds? Its only recently that i have meddled with the dosage as i felt after 9+ years, i didnt need the meds and felt that the meds were energy zapping. I found out when i quit the meds, that i quickly became very depressed. i am now reluctantly back on these meds. Cheers
  2. I started back on lexapro last night. I took a 10mg tab before i went to bed today, those suicidal thoughts were gone, and i didnt feel like absolute s***. I even felt content at times. Does this sound like i'm dependent on these meds? Cheers
  3. I dont know if its withdrawal from the medication, but I am not well, very depressed, and very unpleasant thoughts about suicide seem to be the new nightmare I have to deal with. I'll fight on. Cheers
  4. Hi All. I'm in much better form and thought i would post an update. I took the lexapro tabs for two days, and then i forgot on the third night and haven't took one since. Maybe its irresponsible but i have felt good since my last tablet a week ago. I have reduced my coffee consumption from 5+ cups to 2 cups, and the only sugar i have is one tsp per cup of coffee. i sleep better :) and i dont wake up stressed out and depressed. I've cut back on jogging and started to go for long walks instead ;) i'd rate my mood as 7/10, which is great considering how i felt a week-and-a-half ago ;)
  5. just a quick update. last night i took 10mg of lexapro. The first thing i noticed this morning was that my pupils were quite dilated (oddly enough, this happens when i cut back on coffee too.) While i stil had some bad thoughts, i was not overwhelmed with negative repetitive thoughts, and i even went to a local take-away to pick up some food (i would not have done this yesterday.) Can these meds even work this quick?
  6. Thanks for all the replies yesterday, it made my day a little easier. I have been on lexapro for about 9-years and that abrupt stop hit me for six. In hindsight, it was a very stupid decision on my part. Just before I stopped the meds, I felt really good. I had cut back on the caffeine and I was sleeping way better, so I thought lets kick the lexapro. After I quit the lexapro, i was fine for a few days and then things fell apart over the next week. BTW, i am on 10mg. Is this considered a high dose? I was on 20mg before, but I decided that I would take 10mg as I felt 20mg was causing me feel fatigued. Cheers again ;)
  7. The problem i have is the sometimes i feel great and i feel like i can do anything, and sometimes i do. I'll run a 10k, or lift heavier weights, and b delighted with myself. More often than not i struggle to get out of bed, cant fall asleep, and just lie on my bed depressed and anxious. I'll think i'm better, and WHAM, as bad as ever. Its soul shattering.
  8. Thank you both for the replies ;) I just needed to get some stuff off my chest. I find it helps alot. i have a prescription ordered so i gues i go back on the meds.
  9. Hi All. I'm not in a good headspace the last few days. I binned my antidepressants and things are not good. I cant say that my depression was every gone while on the meds, i was just able to cope with life. when i try to go to sleep, all i hear is constant rambling, about how useless i am, and repetitive thoughts about fixing this and that-who cares? This has been going on for years. I cant get out of bed in the morning, and when i do i consume large amounts of coffee, even though this is causing irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea. i cant cope anymore. I've been worn down. But this disease isnt happy with that, it wants more because if your not sad it doesnt exist.
  10. Do you feel like the Lexapro was giving you bad side effects? I tapered myself down when my doctor expressed no interest in taking me off the med, but my mental state was worse from it. The side effects weren't fun, but I feel like tapering helped reduce some of the odd withdrawal-type feelings. Hi neurotic Lady89. I did think lexapro was causing the intrusive thoughts and insomnia, but after my recent coffee incident i'm not so sure.
  11. I severely over did the caffeine yesterday, and I couldnt believe the outcome. I was just sitting there watching the tv, when a cascade of intrusive violent thoughts flood my brain, i was just sitting there shaking.
  12. not in a million years did i think that i would every enjoy running, but i do, and when i dont run, i feel like crap. I have felt a little anxious off the lexapro,maybe irs just my mind playing tricks on me, so i took a tablet tonight to see if i feel anxious tomorrow. If i wake ip feeling like crap I'll have confirmed its the lexapro.
  13. Hi workingHard. i've been taking lexapro for 7+ years and figured if this is as good as i was going to feel it was time for a different approach. About a year ago i took up running and it helps with my mood alot, so i'm hopeful i can cope without lexapro. Cheers
  14. Hi All. I've been taking lexapro for years and binned them two-days ago. I binned them for three reasons. Reason 1: intrusive thoughts/images Reason 2: crippling insomnia Reason 3: every morning after taking lexapro, i would feel hungover, and would barely have the energy to get out of bed How do i feel without lexapro? Sleep is still crap, but i no longer wake up feeling like death. I have great energy, and those suicidal intrusive thoughts are gone. This is just my experience of lexapro and thought it worth sharing. Peace
  15. A quick update: i cut back on the coffee for a few days,and no improvement. So i binned my antidepressants:lexapro, which i was taking right before getting in bed. My sleep was pretty much the same the first night, but when i did get a few hours, i woke up and no anxiety or hangover feeling. Today was the first day in months i woke up feeling that sleepy feeling. So i drink i cup of coffee, with one spoon of coffee, in the morning, and a mc cappucino around 3pm and thats it.
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