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  1. Hello, This is my first post here, althought I have read quite a few topics before. I would apreciate if anyone could help me out right now. So I've been dealing with some major depression-like symptoms for the past few years, except they do not last. What I mean is about once a month, for few hours or days (usually 12-24 hours), I feel depressed and low; all I can do is sit down and cry. When it happens at work, just keeping it in is a very hard struggle. I just hold back the tears until I am alone and can finally let them out. I really have a hard time to focus on the work, I just sit there feeling down. When it happens, there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it; music, tv, exercise, nothing works. I'm sick and tired of this happening, because I have no hint of a clue just what causes it. I am a 20 years old female, with a good and open family, great co-workers, and right now, I can't think of anything that could cause such symptoms (which are not related to my periods whatsoever, btw). Plus I started having these episodes when I was about 16, and it has been recurrent since then. When I'm "okay", I don't feel high, nor over-enthusiastic... I just feel normal, with no mood swings out of the ordinary (of course there are better days than others, as everyone else). The worse thing is that I can feel it coming. I start to feel a little down, and I just know in the next couple of hours or the next day, I will get this depressed episode. I just cannot do anything about it, I don't know what causes it, and I find it very hard to talk to anyone about it because first, I don't show it and second, everyone portrays me as a calm and happy person... since when I have an episode, I just put a smile on my face until I can get home and let it all out. Also, whenever I am not having those symptoms, I just don't bother thinking about it, because I don't want to remember how I feel at that time. I would like to know if anyone get these symptoms too, if there is any diagnosis possible and, mostly, if there is anything to do about it! The more times go, the more it ruins my quality of life. I thought it would stop somehow, but it doesn't at all. Can anyone please help me on that? I've had an episode since yesterday afternoon, but it is starting to settle down right now... I just hope it's not coming back this afternoon. Thank you in advance.
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