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  1. more macklemore less robin thicke make it happen

  2. watching me some House of Anubis and trying to think of some ideas for writing hur hur
  3. I myself am very lazy, but I do swim occasionally, and walk my dog every day. Even just walking my dog once or twice a day makes me feel better sometimes. Exercise is known to reduce depression symptoms. I've been trying so hard to start exercising more, but I'm just too darn lazy! Lol! - Michelle
  4. Hi Frannie! I have nothing but good things to say about this website, hopefully it can be of support to you! There are lots of wonderful people here, and now you're one of them how exciting! Lol. Welcome! :) - Michelle
  5. writing is hard :'(

    1. jmg


      Indeed, writing is hard.

  6. I need some help D':

  7. That's What's Up - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes <3

  8. Hi biccy, welcome! There are plenty of wonderful, non-judgemental people here at the forums and I hope that this can be of great support to you as you recover! Stay strong! - Michelle
  9. I do that all the time! I recently used to do it a lot in high school, especially when I was forced into group discussions for grades. Just saying things for the sake of the grade. It's NOT the worst thing ever, though it feels like it. I've sort of learned to laugh it off. Chances are the people won't remember it the next day since they're too busy with their own lives. Besides, there will be other conversations! I'm sure your comment wasn't inane or stupid. :)) - Michelle
  10. Lack of focus and concentration and insomnia for me! - Michelle
  11. Welcome! We certainly could use a good wise person like you here! :) - Michelle
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