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  1. I was prescribed Welbutrin for depression and anxiety.
  2. So I'm new here. I was recently prescribed an antidepressant, I have just started treatment. I admit that I'm skeptical about any form of therapy because the cause of my depression is something that isn't "just in my head" as I've been told. I believe it's a real issue and affects my life in such a way leaves me depressed. Not sure about going into detail about it, not because of embarassment, but because I keep getting told the same thing over and over and it just feels like everyone either lying in an attempt to be polite, or they just don't know what they're talking about. I may have the problem but maybe my therapy is less about "thinking differently" and more about accepting it for what it is and hopefully move on with my life...no matter how unfulilling that life is going to be.
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