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  1. How do you ever find the time or energy to exercise? I get off work at 3:30, it takes me 40 minutes to get home, then because I am so drained for the day I fall asleep. Even if I wake up and have time to exercise, I just don't ****ing feel like it. I'm a teacher, and an introvert, all the social energy for everyday drains me to the point I want to quit/ die. I'm only doing teaching as I apply for jobs in other fields.
  2. I feel horrible right now. Most days I can manage, but I checked Facebook today and now I feel like crap. A few months ago I failed out of med school it completely destroyed me, I've been trying to look forward to the future but today I checked FB and saw all the people I use to be in classes with moving on to residency, getting married, basically succeeding in life while I am failing. I have plans for the future, im moving on but it still hurts to fail like that and i still see myself as a failure, and FB is such a horrible site it basically triggers depression to see the lives other people are posting about, even though the things they post about are edited to look positive all the time.
  3. I feel like crap, I feel like a failure because I am a failure. The fact that I’m a failure isn’t what is bothering me though, it’s the fact that I’m not strong enough mentally or emotionally to pull myself out of this hole, that bothers me. Normal people reflect and move on. I hate myself for being weak and flawed.
  4. Oh god, this thread is really hitting home. I have no motivation to do anything, even in the face of horrible consequences. I am suppose to be studying for the biggest test of my life, but the lexapro makes me not give a **** about anything. I actually thought to myself the other day, well If I get kicked out of school and become homeless I would need a good coat, some warm boots, and gloves. Like I didn't give a **** about the thought of being homeless in the middle of winter. I talked to my psych about this and he said keep trying the escitalopram for a little longer, okay, but I really need to find motivation or get off this BS medication.
  5. Haven't done much today, took an exam at 9 am and lay in bed all day. Today is the end of my second year in med school, our class is having a picnic tomorrow to celebrate and since I have social anxiety disorder my therapist suggest I go and try to stay for 1 hr. I'll probably chicken out or go and stay for 5 minutes
  6. I have a question when you " halved" the medicine did you break the 300mg pills in half or did you get a new prescription for 150mg?
  7. The weight loss was mainly from appetite suppression.
  8. As far as generics go, the ones made by Actavis are by far the best. In my opinion
  9. Wellbutrin gives me energy, and it does so without me eating. I have lost 10 pounds in a month with this pill, which is good, but that may be a little too fast for weight loss.
  10. Well, I'm down 5 pounds in about the last 2 weeks since starting Wellbutrin ( again) . I wonder though if its the medicine or the new diet I'm on where I have incorporated a lot of fiber. Probably both, but I do not get hungry easily nowadays
  11. I have mixed feeing right now. I feel better because I didn't fail the med school class I thought I failed, my SAD is getting better as the days get longer, and I'm losing weight. But at the same time I'm scared for what the future holds, I'm lonely ( constantly), and I really have issues I need to deal with, the most detrimental issues being the trust issues I have, I've been hurt so many times its impossible for me to trust people.
  12. I feel like complete crap, usually I feel okay and I can keep the depression at bay but it comes back usually after something traumatic. I'm a 2nd med student and I think I may have failed a course by 2 points, ill have to remediate this summer and if I fail another course this year Ill have to repeat the entire year I've never failed anything in my life but this path is so brutal it makes me think really negative thoughts about not just my academic performance, but everything, my body image, the fact that I have no friends, the fact that I'm almost 27 and still a virgin, etc
  13. In order to pass this course, I need to make 80% on the next exam, now med school exams are ridiculously f'uc'king hard, and the class average is usually around 75% on exams, even though the class is filled with kids who have made Mostly A+ all through HS and college. If I fail this class, it would greatly reduce my chance of getting a good residency. Plus it would just reinforce the thoughts that I don't belong here.
  14. Yes I am already in med school, second year student.
  15. I feel like s'h'i't today. Failed a med school exam and on the verge of having no future.
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