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  1. It's been nearly 4 months for me. What does it mean when a person stops doing self care? I do brush and floss my teeth daily and comb my hair.
  2. I can relate and was researching natural treatments for it today in fact. Just ended a difficult cycle and feel balanced today, thankfully. I do hope you get better.
  3. I'm having some troubles...am experiencing emotional abuse from family from whom I rent an attached apartment. I want to move and have my own life and space, but low income wheelchair accessible apartments are hard to find in my area. I would appreciate your advice and prayers.
  4. Hello, have you ever tried dietary changes? juicing? green smoothies? The hallelujah diet website may be a good start. Forgive me if that's not helpful, but I do hope you find relief.
  5. Quentin, I too have CMT. There aren't many of us with it so I'm always surprised to see it mentioned.
  6. Showered again today. I want to make Wednesday and Saturday my shower days.
  7. I just went 2 1/2 months without a shower. Had one yesterday. It went well. Did it by candlelight only and just took my time focusing on the simple things I like about it--feeling the warm water, the scent and feel of the new shampoo and conditioner, etc. I focused on the positive things rather than the characteristics of my body I am unhappy with (helps I can't see them as well in candlelight).
  8. I would let the manager handle it. If it keeps happening, keep telling the manager. Don't confront the tenant yourself. I have done this a couple times out of anger and it made me feel bad about myself for getting upset. I felt like the crazy one. It's not worth the anguish. Meanwhile, do what you can to block out apartment building noise. Run a fan or white noise machine, listen to headphones, play your own radio or tv, etc. But I think the manager will take care of the problem eventually.
  9. I hope you are having an amazing day! : ) ღ Lindsay

  10. sighidk, you are not the bad things that you say about yourself (but I understand that's how you feel). Maybe you could do some things to practice self-care. Go get your hair done and have a good look in the mirror when the stylist is done.
  11. I'm not sure if this suggestion will be helpful to you, PeacePilgrim, but this is what I do. I made a schedule and designated Tuesdays and Fridays as my shower days, and so far I have been holding to it. Prior to that I would go weeks without a shower sometimes (a whole month after Christmas). When I shower I try to make it more enjoyable by doing it by candle light (don't like to see my body in bright light) and playing native american flute music. I too have mobility issues due to disability and showering takes up much of my strength. I try not to task myself with too many other things on those days and do it first thing when I get out of bed. It is getting easier to shower now. This schedule works for other things often neglected while depressed. I also set aside a day for laundry, taking out the garbage, grocery shopping, and 2 for exercise. Hopefully you can get your shower set up so it is safer for you. Take care.
  12. I'm sorry that you are hurting. I will pray for you. Please take good care of yourself (because you deserve it) and don't worry too much about your future. Just put it in Heavenly Father's hands. Jesus bore the burden you are feeling now. You are young yet and everything will fall in line. Life is a very precious gift and out of all of eternity you are placed here right now. Use the time to praise the Creator and appreciate the beauty in His creation. Much love and hold on...you will be well.
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