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  1. For those that take CNS stimulants for whatever their illness is, what are some of the physical signs to be worried about? I am mostly interested in physical issues and not the mental issues. I can "over worry" at times so it's good to get a feel for what is somewhat common and for what isn't. I've had two symptoms that have crept up in the last 2 weeks or so and figured I'd get some opinions on it. 1) Around the sternum area I feel a light pressure at times It leaves immediately. It's like if someone lightly placed their finder on my sternum and then took their finger away. I can "over worry" about things at times so my first inclination is to go to heart problems/issues. haha But it could be something to watch out for I guess. 2) Also, I get a quick dull pain on my right shoulder blade every once in a while. It doesn't last more than a second. It could happen a few times during the day. Are these symptoms common to anyone? What are some things to look out for that could be potentially life threatening? 3) These symptoms seem to come out when I drink coffee, usually after a cup and half. Could this be making things worse or the culprit. Also, if you feel like this isn't anything to worry about please do give your opinion. Like I said, I tend to over worry so it's nice to get advice of all types. Lastly, I'm pretty proactive on things like this so if it becomes a concern I will definitely go see a doctor. Right now they aren't and figured I'd ask you all.
  2. I was on this combination as well at one time. Abilify works really for many when it comes to depression, it helped me out in many ways. I don't remember any bad side effects with these two. Cymbalta, Pristiq and Effexor are some of the meds in this category with Cymbalta and Pristiq giving me much less side effects than the Effexor.
  3. So it was giving you insomnia or at least enough not to get a good nights sleep? That would be a good enough reason to come down after 3 weeks. And as far as your startup effect and Wellbutrin, I agree about the headaches. I had them also when I started. Mine was a dull persistent headache for a week or so. Honestly, I can't tell much difference between 150mg and 300mg of the Wellbutrin. As far as side effects, Wellbutrin had the least amount for me. But I am sure everyone will react to the meds a bit differently. There really isn't much out there for fatigue, lack of energy due to anxiety/depression. Most do the opposite I've found. If you need a more energetic medicine I would consider a low dose of Abilify, like 2mg or maybe even half that, 1mg. Abilify at that dose should get rid of any tiredness. And it will work faster than an anti-depressant, which I think is a plus. I responded to it after just a week of being on it. Don't read too much about the side effects, all of these meds have it. I've taken many meds and none have been life threatening. All have been fairly safe. I know it's a AP and many would disagree but if the depression is affecting you to the point of not functioning then I would only worry about getting that fixed. Otherwise it might get worse. Abilify could give you anxiety b/c of it's energetic effect but try to get through it. Maybe ask the pysch for something you can take for the first month only if you have a panic attack or really bad moments of anxiety, like buspar or something similar, just for the first month though as you don't want to add anything else at this time.
  4. How long have you been on Ciplralex? If it's been at least a couple of months then that might not be one the issues. Usually SSRI's cause this type of feeling more than a DRI (bupropion). That's not to say bupropion can't make you feel this way, it can. First, this is my opinion and opinions and symptoms can vary so just realize that. As far as feeling the energy bottom out? That's actually pretty normal I've noticed. The Wellbutrin gives you a boost for a few weeks then that's it. It does it to me. I feel super energetic for a couple of weeks or so then that goes away. So that's not uncommon and I wouldn't think much of that. Other medicines do this as well. For example, Abilify works like stimulant for about a month, then the symptoms plateau for me. The Abilify still helped though, it just didn't give me that super energized feeling. So what you are experiencing is normal IMO, as far as it working *really* good in the beginning. When you start to combine medicines it can get very complex and you'll never know if it's a combination of the medicines or just one. I know this from experience, I currently take 3 different medicines and probably will the rest of my life. A good question to ask is what do you want the Wellbutrin to help with? What symptom of your depression are you having that you want to be helped with? (or whatever mental illness you are dealing with, I just assume it's depressive). Pick one symptom that bothers you the most and see if the Wellbutrin helps in any way at all. Unfortunately, you'll need to at least give the Wellbutrin 8 weeks to see if something helps. Many say a lot longer than that but I don't have the patience to take meds that don't help me for 6 months straight. So I always give them at least 2 months before I say, "this isn't helping any". That one of the biggest complaints about most of these medicines. They take way too long to see any results. It's also why it makes finding the right med tougher to find. But again, what I would do is pick out one symptom you are having and really be honest with yourself and see if it's helping. For example, if one of your symptoms was anhedonia. Notice week to week if you start to gain interest in something that you use to enjoy doing or activities that are enjoying, like reading about astronomy or showing sexual interest in girls again. If there's no strong impulse to do these things after 8 weeks it's probably not going to help you much. You'll have to add to it or try something else. But I don't know your symptoms and how severe they are. If it's anxiety (which is just as horrible as depression when it's severe and many times leads to a depressive episode form what I've heard), try to notice if you stop obsessively worrying about certain things or however your anxiety symptoms look or feel. Sorry, kind of a long response but hopefully it will help some. You'll need to at least give another week or so before you notice anything IMO. You could be still going through the side-effects stage of the medicine. Sometimes the side effects can last up until a month I've heard.
  5. I am on 200mg SR and it works just as well as 300mg. But honestly, it's best for you to see if 300mg is a bit better IMO. You have to experiment on your own to see what the different dosages do for you as many doctors will just keep you at a dose until you say you need an adjustment. Not all but many will. For example, the other med I take improved drastically when I switched to an extended release as opposed to the IR (immediate release) and I asked for that so it's good to be aggressive if you are not feeling well. But if you are feeling fairly good it's not good to be so aggressive as you can screw your meds up. As long as you've been on the 150mg for at least 5 or 6 weeks I'd say try it out. I think part of the reason they say wait a week is the the risk of seizures at anything above 150mg, though I could be wrong about that. It does increase with higher dosages, especially 450mg and up. I think the XL is suppose to help decrease that risk as it doesn't give you a lot immediately. I'd be on XL if I could afford it, it'd probably work better for me.
  6. Hi, Luckily, I've been doing great and haven't had any type of issues with my unipolar depression since March so this isn't for that type of advice. What I am curious about is for long time users of bupropion, has anyone ever had issues with bupropion from the Labeler / Supplier, Solco Healthcare U.S., LLC? I had been taking bupropion from the Sandoz supplier for a little under a year. But the pharmacy I go to sort of gets new stock in and the supplier sometimes changes, which was the case on the 1st of this month. I didn't feel any symptoms until a week later so that kind of makes me feel this might be more viral but I don't know for sure. I ask this because I am not feeling very well and I want to make sure it's not the bupropion that's doing it. If it's viral it'll run it's course, I'm not concerned about that. But It feels very similar to the start-up effects of when you first start taking an anti-depressant (I've taken dozens over the last 10 years so I know the feeling pretty well)...body aches, body temperature feels "off" but you don't seem to have a fever, occasional chill bumps and a persistent dull headache, it's a dull headache, nothing severe or painful. It's mostly body aches and dull headache that will not go away though. I've had it for about 6 days now and it won't go away. Anyway, I remember feeling this way on many types of antidepressants like Effexor, Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro etc, etc.. I've crossed out allergies and there is always a possibility it's something viral (very well may be). But it's been with me going almost one week and started to think about the switch over to the new supplier of my bupropion. Like I said earlier though, I had been taking it for at least 5 days or so before I got these side effects so that makes me think it could be viral as I don't think it takes that long for the side-effects for a med to kick, right? It's been some time but I was thinking it's pretty much right away when you get those side-effects. I figured I'd ask here as this is the best place to ask b/c we all have to take this stuff to get better or hopefully better so we know the side effects better than anyone else, including the psychiatrist. I do know Solco Healthcare is own by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical and they've had issue with quality control so it made me start to think about it a little bit. Hopefully it'll past soon as I do not touch anything or discontinue any of the meds as everything is going well, they have been since March.
  7. Hello! I apologize! I understand very well what you all are going through and feel like I should help and give any good info that might help you ASAP. So sorry! I need to change my email address on here so I get notifications of replies, will try that after I post this. @SSRI I have no experience with Agomelatine. Sorry! My post was way back in February so lots has happened and I've learned more about my depression and what helps and what doesn't. In my opinion, forget those dopamine agonist. If you have treatment resistance depression w/ anhedonia (I can't speak for other types) you need a CNS stimulant and maybe take something like Wellbutrin along with it. But the CNS stimulant is key. There are a lot of bullshit articles on how stimulants are *bad*, mostly in the media. But, taken as prescribed, they are safer and 10x's more effective for people with TRD. If you feel as like it's more of a dopamine problem, then a CNS stimulant is probably as good as you get. Make sure you take the XR type though. Those work like any other add-on or AD like Abilify, etc... The IR Immediate Release type isn't consistent enough to fully do the job IMO. In my case, I am 100% sure it's low dopamine that's cause my TRD/anhedonia as well as some other symptoms like severe concentration issues and loss of all emotions. If those symptoms sound close to what you are experiencing you need to find a good psych that will listen to you and prescribe what works for you. That being said read this article, it's a decent article and has some good points: https://mentalhealthdaily.com/2014/03/13/taking-adderall-for-treatment-resistant-depression/ The article does makes a good point of how "not everyone should be on a stimulant for depression." so there are cases where it's not going to work. Nothing is perfect. But your odds are better with one if you have TRD w/ low dopamine/ahedonia. I know b/c I have suffered from it for 8+ years with hardly any help. It's not a coincidence that I just starting feeling well again almost as soon as I was prescribed one. Just my opinion, but I do not think the type of CNS stimulant matters, as long as it's works similarly, so I wouldn't get hung up on finding the right stimulant. Finding the right dosage is important though so it'll be trail and error. Watch out for caffeine and drink very little, it will cause it not to work well...just my experience.... I wouldn't recommend Pramipex as I don't know enough about it. But if you are looking for a med that will help with your dopamine issues / ahedonia then again, a stimulant is as good as it gets. It'll get you well in my opinion. It's eliminated my concentration issues, anhedonia and my loss of emotion within a a few weeks of finding the right dosage. Even at low doses I saw an improvement. Hope that helps and you get well soon. Took me 8 years until a pysch decided to prescribe this type of med for me. I should have been sooner but happy I found something. For anhedonia, it's the only answer IMO. I stress my opinion. But two things or it won't work...take as prescribed (that's very important, never take more than prescribed) and be patient and find the highest dose that doesn't cause side effects. Hope this helps!
  8. Reading helps, it's the main thing that has helped me as far as natural things. I am hesitant to say any type of reading though. I have exclusively read mostly math textbooks (it doesn't matter what level it is) and then do some problems after I'm done. Recently, I switch over CAD drawing exercises using AutoCAD. It could be the problem solving combined with reading, I'm really not sure.....or, it could be a simple as reading a book so definitely try it. And it's very important that it's a long reading session as well, short times have never really helped me. I spend hours reading doing problems now. Of course, when I was really sick, forget it, it never would have happen due to the anhedonia. That's the death of every bit of your interest...it doesn't matter how "strong" an individual your are, it's the death of an individual too. Reading can help though!
  9. Stay away from it, as far as you can. You will end up spending your time on social media and not working on whatever it is (meds/emotions/etc) you need to be working on. And it's mostly all negative as well, imo. That being said, there are good parts of the internet like this forum. It's always nice to be able to have a place at anytime to share your thoughts, you can't do that any place else. Plus, you get to see/hear all of the other people that are going through hell as well, makes you realize you are not alone.
  10. Hi all! I will have to take the time to read through the various posts when I have time (currently busy with college courses). I remember when the Anhedonia forum was first created so glad to see it still going. I had severe anhedonia from around 2012 through 2016. I remember I told my psych that I felt like it I had reached an end, as far as getting any worse around the end of 2016. Then, from 2017-2019 is has slowly been fading. Unless you have a really good psychiatrist (like I presently have) I think it's something that is not easily fixed with medicine. There are 3 meds have shown to help me, from least to greatest of help: Abilify, Modafinil and stimulants. The issue with stimulants is that most doctors will not prescribe them unless you've been suffering from it for many years and then they still might not. They've help me better than anything else. Note, I found at low doses to be effective, only if it's a light stimulant effect. At higher doses and stronger stimulant effect, it seems to make matters worse, so the dosage is sort of an art, you have to play with it......That and time is the only thing that has seems **** the anhedonia. It's a horrible symptom of depression, that you all are suffering from so I definitely hope you all get some relief soon. At this point, my interest level has slowly started coming back. I spend sometime hours in my studies where that would have been impossible just a year or so ago. One thing though, and it's just my opinion but I think I'm right about this. The anhedonia will not won't last forever. It might be almost a decade lost like in my case (or god forbid longer), but it will eventually start to fade and go away. It just takes a long time for many. But again, those 3 meds all helped me so if you take meds, definitely give them all a try and play with the dosage as much possible before moving on. Hopefully this info helps somebody!
  11. Hi BB33! Glad to see you are trying something to help with your depression. I currently take 200mg of Bupropion immediate release. Honestly, I would at least wait a good 4 more weeks to see if you feel differently. One reason I say this is that I always experienced "startup" effects form the Bupropion at 300mg. But these "start up" effects fade away from me. Example of effects for me were increased libido and energy. These usually last about 1-2 weeks for me, then go away. So be aware of that is all I am saying, not that that will happen. And also, it might happen and you stay feeling energized all day, everyday. I hope so! I would add, t hat I have had treatment resistance depression since 2011 (but thankfully I'm responding to a combination of meds at the moment) so I might not be a good example of the average user taking anti-depressant, many benefit from it. But if you don't respond, realize it's perfectly normal and you need to try something else. Let's hope you respond to it though! I wish you good luck, Bupropion has literally no side-effects for me so I think of it as one of the good AD's. 🙂
  12. Yes, I agree with Lynn1954. Give that 20mg a lot more time before you go into 'panic mode'. Also, and this comes from experience of taking meds for almost 10 years. For some, like me, there's more than one med that will work for you. So don't think, that if for some reason the Lexapro doesn't work for you, there isn't a replacement because there is for many. Hopefully you'll get some relief over the next 7-10 days!
  13. Don't worry, you'll lose the weight over time. I gained 40 pounds over a 5 year period taking various meds (including Pristiq).When I came off my meds for a few months at a time I'd eventually start losing some weight. Of course, I limited my calories and walked some everyday just to make up for what I went over. Personally, I think your body is just being a little stubborn and it's taking some time. But don't worry, if you stick to a plan and don't over eat every meal you'll start to lose again. In fact, I've losed 20 pounds over the last 7 months by limiting my calories and switching meds. Effexor actually is helping me lose weight as it is decreasing my appetite I've noticed, I've lose 5 pounds over the last 2 week...crazy...don't worry though, give it some more time.
  14. Hi again. :) Most of my initial side-effects have gone away and Effexor is working pretty well for me. At 100mg I feel like I need just a little more and at 200mg it's a tad too much and makes me tired during the day. 150mg would be probably perfect. Only issues is 1) I have them in 100mg tabs and 2) Where I go and see a psych there is no way I can get in to get him to prescribe me 75mg dosages. It must be a medical emergency and this isn't one. So I was wondering if anyone had taken their dosages "unevenly". For example, might nightime dosage wouldn't change, I would take 100mg at night but my morning dosage would be only 50mg. This way I know it would cut out all of the tiredness. The other option is take 50mg at night and 50mg during the day. And I can do that, but would rather take 150mg if possibly. So, anyone else do something similar like this or do you all take your dosages evening throughout the day/night? If not, do you think there's anything that I should be concerned with, as far as taking it at different dosages over a 24 hour period? Thanks!
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